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AMII Photo Review

A look at the aftermath ot this year's Trade Fair

A brief look at the highlights of this year's AMII Trade Fair


James How: A spokesman for James How proclaimed the Trade Fair "very satisfactory this year. The main thing was meeting new contacts, and this we certainly did." Interest was shown in the Rotosound guitars, a new venture for James How, as well as the RS 55 Super Bass strings. Their popular gauge selection is now available in selected sets on cards and this also drew a good response.


Rosetti: Rosetti's Pete Tulett reported a "fantastically successful" Fair, with a great deal of interest being shown in their new Sapphire range of low-priced amplifiers and disco units. This line includes a 10, 30 and 50 watt combo, a 30 watt slave or P.A. amp, and 20 or 30 watt disco system, in the Simms-Watts range, the new horn cabinets created interest, as did the new Epiphone guitars.


Yamaha: "It's been a very good show," Yamaha's Rich Brown told us, "and we've taken a lot of business which is very encouraging. Our new range of Yamaha amps have created the most interest, although the Yamaha electric and folk guitars have also gone very well. We've been busy all the time."


Top Gear: "Amazingly better than last year," was how Top Gear's Rod Bradley described the AMII Trade Fair this year. "We did a lot of business, and particular interest was shown in the new Top Gear TG55 synthesizer, as well the Guild acoustic guitars and Peavey amplification." Among Top Gear's new lines on show this year were a new selection of Earthwood strings by Ernie Ball and two new Peavey combination amps


Sola Sound: "Very good. I was very pleased," was Larry Macari's reply when we asked him how the Sola Sound stand fared. "We've had a terrific boost from the VAT cuts, " he added, "and we sold more effects pedals this year than we ever have. There were also a lot of foreign visitors this year. All in all, the Fair was very well attended." As well as taking a lot of orders for the new Mini-phase unit, Larry did well with the Fuzz-phase and Supa-Reverb units.


G.M.S.: Things went well for General Music Strings, according to Peter Stein. "We've done fairly well this year, " he told us. "On the export side, there have been a lot of new enquiries, as well as orders." In addition to extending their range of Monopole strings, they also introduced a new Picato line, called "Westerner" strings, wound with bronze imported from America.


Summerfields: Summerfields did well this year, according to Maurice Summerfield. "We've had a tremendous reaction from the Tama Star kits, " he told us. "There's also been a lot of people interested in our CSL and Ibanez guitars. I don't think there were as many people here this year as in previous years, but the ones who came were in the mood to buy."


Baldwin: Baldwin had a lot of visitors at the Waldorf where they showed the full range of Sho-Bud pedal steel guitars, Gretsch guitars, drums and amplifiers, and the Baldwin range of keyboards. According to Baldwin's Helen Saward, the Gretsch Tri-Tom kits did very well, as did the Gretsch Expander amplifier. On the keyboards side, The Fun Machine caught a lot of people's attention


Carlsbro: Stuart Mercer of Carlsbro told us "We've had a very good show this year. In fact, we've had a 25% increase over last year, so we're very pleased. Our main selling lines were the new Scorpion combo amp and a new bass bin with a Stingray amp unit built in. Of course, since last year, we've restyled all our amps and cabinets and they've produced a good response as well."


Premier: Premier's attractive display gained a lot of interest. "An excellent Fair," said Rex Webb. "We've had a lot of visitors from both home and abroad which confirms our belief that there is still a lot of life in the percussion business. " Among Premier's new lines were the 717D kit, a new snare drum, new Premier chimes and a boom arm cymbal stand.


Fletcher Coppock and Newman: "It was a good show for us," John Newman told us. "The sales and dealer attendance were up on last year. Sales were particularly good on the Kimbara range of guitars, which includes the new basses. The Trade Fair also saw the introduction of the Kent drum kits, which were very well received and drew very good sales."


Cleartone: The Trade Fair went "Extremely well," according to Cleartone's Keith Tonks. "We had an extremely good week," he added, "and particular interest was generated in our new range of Latin Percussion instruments, and our brass and woodwind line." Slingerland drums were also very much in evidence, as was the complete range of pre-packed guitar and amplifier accessories.


Hohner: "Excellent," was Laurie Westell's reaction to the Fair. "There is just no comparison with last year's Fair. It was definitely a good move back to London, as far as we're concerned. We're still getting orders now as a feedback to the Fair."


G.E.M.: When asked how G.E.M. fared at the A.M.I.I. Trade Fair, George Simpson replied "It went very well. Everything went well, alright?"


Sharma: "Not bad, but we didn't do it all," was Keith Hitchcock's initial comment on the Fair. "I don't think anyone did this year. But we have had a tremendous response since the show. Some lines which we were thinking about phasing out have done very well. It would be hard to say which of our products did the best."


Kemble Pianos: Carl Spencer was well pleased with this year's Fair. "We ran three or four shows a day, featuring our GX1 three-manual, and the audiences were always full. Our new small models, the BK2 and BK4B, and the new BK5B also did very well." A three year guarantee was also announced on all the Yamaha electric organs.


Elka-Orla: "It was a very good Fair for us," Nando Fabi told our reporter. "It was our first time at the AMII Fair, and we had lots of visitors and substantial orders for our Rhapsody, Notturno and X55 models."


WEM: Tony Wilson from WEM was pleased with this year's Fair. "We've done much better than we expected. Perhaps there was a slight lack of attendance, but we've certainly done a lot of business," he told us. "I've noticed a general turn towards combination amps recently, and with this in mind, we've increased our Dominator range." There was also a lot of interest shown in their new Aggressor cabinet and X39 reflex bin.


Leslie: Ray Hammond, manager of the Leslie division of Hammond, reported the Fair as "Not awfully busy, and not so many people as in previous years, but everyone who came wanted to talk business. Even though the attendance was smaller, a lot of business has been done." Ray told us there was a tremendous reaction to the new Leslie 125 home cabinet, which is a 50 watt unit replacing the old 125 model.


J.T. Coppock: "It went very well indeed," John Lomas of J. T. Coppock told us. Among new exhibits on the Coppock stand were the Snoopy electric piano which created a lot of interest, and the Talisman organ which is available in two combinations: with an amplifier for home and dub use, or without an amplifier for groups.


Orange: This year's Trade Fair was a "colossal success," according to Orange's Cliff Cooper. "We had interest from all over the world for the new Digital Computer amp, and the Jimmy Bean amp went down extremely well." On the effects side, Orange did well with the Jimmy Bean voice-bags and the Morley range of foot-pedals.


Reslosound: Don Underwood was extremely pleased with the results of the Fair. "It was very good indeed. We did brisk business all the week and had plenty of intelligent enquiries, most of which have borne fruit," he told us. Of particular interest on the Reslosound stand, apart from Miss Romford, were the 1750 electronic organs and Cabaret radio microphones.


Woods: "The Trade Fair went very well," a spokesman for Woods of Bolton told I.M. "We did quite a bit of business, notably with the Festival VB, Winner 45 and Knockout organs. "


Rose-Morris: With a well-designed and efficient stand, Rose-Morris had good reason to be proud of their performance at this year's Fair. A spokesman told us that "The lines which went especially well for us this year included a number of new products from Marshall, and particularly the 50 and 100 watt transistor combo amps, and the new monitor cabinet." Holton brass and the newly acquired MXR effects range also went well for Rose-Morris.


Hammond: Hammond's Keith Beckingham, although not too happy with the current VAT rates on instruments, was "very satisfied with the Fair. We were in the Connaught Rooms and also had facilities at the Hilton, where about 98% of our dealers visited us." Among Hammond's new lines were the Monarch, the Phoenix 1200, and a new Hammond synthesizer.


Farfisa: Things were a bit quiet, according to Farfisa's Dickie Wren. "We found it a very quiet Fair," he told us. "Dealers were very cautious. It's been very disappointing."


Hornby Skewes: Gordon Forsyth of Hornby Skewes was very pleased with this year's Fair. "One good thing that's worth noting, " he told our reporter, was that someone came up and said 'They're not copies — they're Kasugas.' I think that says a lot for the Kasuga range." Among the newer models were the hand carved SG 1800 V and LG 2000 V. A lot of people also went for the Neutschman old English classical guitar reproductions.


Selmer: Selmer did extremely well at the Fair, according to Peter Pulham. "We did very well" he told our reporter, "considering we were under a separate roof. The most pleasing aspect was that we were able to play live music which is what it's all about." Particular interest was shown in the Lowrie organs, Gibson guitars and Pearl drums which made their Trade Fair debut. "The Pearl drums went down very well. In fact, we can't get enough of them."


Cardiff Music Strings: Alan Marcuson of Cardiff Music Strings was very pleased with the Fair. "It was one of the best we've had," he told us. "The new launch of Sound City strings went exceptionally well, as did the Kay guitars and microphones."

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International Musician - Oct 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

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