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APRS Preview 1975

Dramatic changes have taken place in the recording industry since the last exhibition organised by the Association of Professional Recording Studios. The emphasis is still swinging away from the large professional studio complex to out-of-town studio locations and studios that make a living from broadcast recording.

Cassette are cartridge duplication is still growing as cassettes (especially) gain greater acceptance in educational mediums. This year there are numerous new products from equipment manufacturers and distributors on display and as ever the exhibition provides an opportunity for the Recording World to meet, do business and exchange ideas; June 19-20 at the Connaught Rooms, London WC2.


Ampex make professional recording machines that have gained almost unrivalled popularity in the last ten years and they'll be exhibiting the wide range of recorders and ancillary machinery they produce.

They've something a little different to boast about this year. One of their machines was used for recording "The best engineered single of 1974-75". This was "I Honestly Love You" by Olivia Newton John and the track was recorded by Simaen Skofield at Central Sound Studios last year.

Alice (Stancoil)

Alice will be at the APRS exhibition in full force this year, with all three units of the Stancoil company fully represented.

Alice broadcasting will be displaying their range of broadcasting equipment, including modular mixing consoles, turntable units, rack ancillary units and audio switching matrices.

Alice Mixers will exhibit their established range of mixers for studio, location and film work. This includes the AM modular range, the SM transportable range and the budget range for small mixers — including a very tasty redesigned version of the AD62 mixer, rechristened the Alice 62-3 stereo.

Last but not least is Alice Instrumentation, who will display their first product, the Alice audio noise measuring Test Set.

Amity Shroeder

Small studios which would like to expand their facilities to 8, 16 or 24 track strength but lack the required capital will be interested in the Amity Shroeder professional wide tape transport. Built up from individual assemblies on a precision casting with a ribbed back and machined to extremely fine tolerances, the tape transport's measurements are 25.4/50.8 mm (1"/2"). The spool motors are D.C. printed circuits, are all I.C. controlled.

Beyer Dynamic

Beyer Dynamic will be exhibiting their fine range of microphones at this year's exhibition. Chief among these is the M201. This model is equally well suited for use in recording or broadcast, and owing to its hypercardoid characteristics, it is impervious to unwanted noise even under extreme acoustical conditions.

F.W.O. Bauch

Stands Number 1 and 2 at this year's exhibition will display F.W.O. Bauch's broad selection of proven products. These include the Studer range of recording equipment, which numbers among its recorders, a quadrophonic recorder, a compact 24-track recorder and a quadrophonic 16-track mixing console. Neumann condenser microphones and disccutting equipment will also be shown, along with a variety of EMT gear and the Universal Audio Limiter UA-1176LN.

Other exhibits include a Tektronix lighting amp, Switchcraft QG Audio Connectors, an Allison Research kepex keyable program expander and a Gain Brain limiter, ARP synthesisers, Klein & Hummel monitor loudspeakers and parametric equalisers, ITI parametric equalisers, Magnetic Reference Laboratory, precision test tapes, a Gotham digital delay system, a Lexicon Varispeech tape time expander, Danner faders, Seydel faders, and Albrecht magnetic film recorders.

The M341 from Cadac


It's the new "E" range of consoles, developed specifically with an eye to the medium priced market, that will occupy pride of place at the Cadac stand this year. Offering all the facilities normally associated with larger studio consoles — such as a very broad spectrum equaliser with triple independent mid-ranges covering nine frequencies to the automation for interfacing with most makes of tape machines for sync overdubbing, the "E" range should be an attractive item for those with modest budgets.

An example of Cadac's portable console, an improved version of Cadac's monitor system, a new studio monitor power amplifier with integrated crossovers, and a studio digital clock system providing real and elapsed time indication, as well as their very popular gyrator, will all be on view.


The lion's share of attention at the Calrec stand will undoubtedly be directed toward their range of capacitor microphones, and the new internally powered versions in particular. These versions give in excess of 1000 hours use on one 1.5 V Mercury Cell, without the use of electret capsules. The capsules for this range are completely interchangable with all capsules and pre-amplifiers in the Calrec range, as are the extension tubes and accessories.

Calrec's recently developed new generation of broadcasting and recording control equipment will also be on display. This "L" series are a source of special pride for Calrec, who claim that this new series (for which they already hold orders from a leading television network) represents the state of the art in electronic and ergonomic design.


It is the Gauss range of proven recording equipment which will dominate the Cetec stand at this year's exhibition. Chief among them will be the 1200 High Speed Tape Duplicating System. The Gauss Q.C. 1250 quality control machine will also be on display, as will the Full Range, Bass and Horn Loaded loudspeakers.

The Gauss 4000 Mid-Range Horn Compression Driver will also be on display.

Hayden Laboratories

Hayden's Nagra IS Tape Recorder

This year's exhibition will feature the debut of the Nagra IS Tape Recorder from Hayden. Smaller than Nagra's IV series, it is designed for use in situations which necessitate a light, compact recorder. Even with its compactness, the IS fulfills the highest requirements of broadcast volume and sound recording users, and also boasts three motors which thus offer high speed spooling capability.

C.E. Hammond

The wide range of products marketed by C.E. Hammond will be amply represented at the exhibition this year. Lamb Laboratories Mini-Studio, acclaimed as the first truly portable studio recording kit, will be on display. Consisting of a high speed A77 Revox tape recorder, the Lamb four-channel stereo mixer (reviewed in our April issue), four Beyer mikes and four stands, with two booms, the Mini-Studio should attract a lot of attention.The Revox A700 Tape Recorder, and the Phase Linear models 400 and 4000 will all be on display.

Hayden will also be displaying a number of Kudelski accessories suitable for Nagra recorders.

Also for the first time, Hayden will be showing the new Sennheiser range of phantom powered condenser microphones. This new range is equally at home in the studio or in mobile facilities. Although similar in physical appearance to the Sennheiser AB powered range, this new range eliminates the need for phantom powered adaptors.

A complete "master and slave" cassette tape duplicating system from AEG-Telefunken Milan with special attention to the requirements of the medium-sized tape duplicating operator will be on display, as will a number of AEG-Telefunken tape recorders.

Jackson Recording

You name it and it's quite likely that Jackson Recording have it. This year's exhibition will find Malcolm Jackson at the stand, willing to discuss both studio installations and equipment, and also running a competition to find the most unusual piece of recording equipment.

The long list of exhibits at the Jackson stand includes Studer, Ampex, Scully, Brenell, MCI, Uher, and TRD machines, a variety of limiters, compressors and expanders, equalisers, mixing consoles, microphones, and a whole range of video equipment.

Jacques Levy

Distributors for Audiosonics and Emidiscs, and Capps Mastering Styli for Neumann, Westrex and Lyrec cutter-heads, Jacques Levy will also be exhibiting the Pultec EQP-1A3 equaliser. A passive equaliser with a push-pull amplifier, the EQP-1A3 boasts 4 low and 7 high boost frequencies, as well as shape control which features high boost curves, variable from sharp to broad, with no loss.

At stand number 37 Jacques Levy will be showing the Reverbertron from Fairchild Electronics, and the Fairchild "Auto-Ten" Attenuator, the model 663 compact Compressor and the Smiths range of Timers and stop watches.


Brand new, and a source of considerable excitement for Klark-Teknik, are the Teknik SM2 Stereo tape recorders. It's a fully professional, servo-controlled recorder, with a variety of remarkable features, including variable speed capstans. Keep your eye out for a broadcast version in a metal cabinet, as well as a studio version in a wood console.

Klark-Teknik's Graphic Equaliser

Klark-Teknik will also exhibit their proven graphic equalisers. All three ranges — the 27s, the Dual IIs, and the IIs — will be on display. In addition, the new Professional Graphic Control Unit will also be displayed for the first time.


The Lockwood stand will feature the complete range of Lockwood High Quality Monitoring Loudspeakers, including the Lockwood Major and the Universal Major, the latter supplied with an optional Universal Mounting Saddle.

The Miniature Monitor, specially designed for high quality monitoring in restricted areas, will also be on display, as will the Academy models, which satisfy the demand for domestic listening and yet boast all the advantages of a professionally engineered reproducer. The specifications of Lockwood's new models will be released during the exhibition.


The complete range of Amcron Power Amplifiers will be shown at this year's exhibition, and chief among them is the new M600 which provides power up to 1500 watts. Also on display is the D150 an updated version which is DC-coupled throughout, boasts a new and improved heatsink design, and can operate into power load impedances on one ohm. The result of this is a greatly improved Bass end, and Macinnes reckon the improved model qualifies as a "Baby" DC300A.

The DC300A and D60 amps will also be exhibited, as well as the VFX-2 Electronic Variable Crossover, and the RTR 25 inch Bass driver, which claims a free aid resonance of 12 Hz and handles several hundred watts of power.

Rupert Neve

The economies necessary to us all are reflected in Rupert Neve's stand this year. Compactness, flexibility, versatility and mobility are the theme, and their 8034 20 channel four group multi-purpose sound mixing console, equipped with metering and monitoring facilities for up to 16-track recording, will be the main attraction.

Also due for a good deal of attention are the Melbourn and Kelso transportable sound mixing consoles. Employing the Neve 300C slimline series modules, the Melbourn offers 12 channels and a choice for equalisation, while the Kelso provides ten channel with LF and HF controls.


Midas produce three main ranges of modular system mixers, covering the specific requirements of broadcast, recording and sound reinforcement.

The approach adopted is to design a basic mixer to full recording specifications, with a range of versatile modules suitable for applications varying from classical music recording to live sound reinforcement.

The Midas 8-track portable mixing console

The portable range system has bass presence and treble equalisers with switched presence frequencies and a bass cut filter of 18db/8ve slope. Penny and Giles faders (type 1820) and Bell VU meters are standard.

Midas' range of studio modular systems offers modules incorporating parametric equalisers, 8 or 16 track routing, Penny and Giles conductive plastic track faders and full monitoring facilities.

The comprehensive Midas range of studio modular systems are suitable for the most elaborate recording productions.


3M will be out in force this year. The Scotch 250, 262 and 206 professional recording tapes will be on display, as will the 3M M79 series of multi-track recorders, and a range of complimentary equipment which includes wow and flutter meters and recorder test sets.

Also on display will be equipment from Automated Processes Incorporated, for whom 3M are the U.K. agent. MagLink and Minimag synchronizers and a range of mixing consoles will be on display.

Attracting special attention will be the new API Automix, an automated mixing console which costs no more than many manual consoles.


The wide range of Turner products will all be represented at this year's exhibition. The professional power amps first introduced a year ago will again be on display. The A500 and A300 monitors, which feature new techniques to ensure low distortion, wide power bandwidth and low noise and crosstalk, and the B300 and B200.

Turners TPM modular mixer

Mixers exhibited include the TPM Modular series and the TPS non-modular series, devised for use in medium sized studios. They are equipped with full sub-grouping, monitor and intercom facilities, and each mixer in the series offers up to 24 channels. Turner's loudspeaker systems, which comprise modular multi-frequency units, providing high quality monitoring with low distortion at high power, and feature Gauss and J.B.L. drivers, will round out the Turner display.

Scenic Sounds Equipment

This year's exhibition marks a year of expansion for Scenic Sounds. While they exhibited only two ranges last year — Aengus and DBX — this year finds them with a stand full of goodies, as well as last year's attention grabbers.

The new lines include Allison Research's MLH automated mixdown system, a new 621 Parametric Equaliser and a Dynamic Sibilance Controller from Orban Parasound, the Schoeps range of Studio Condenser Microphones.

An added plus for Scenic Sounds is the acquisition of the U.K. marketing rights for the American Westlake Audio acoustical design service.


Shure will be displaying a brand new range of sound reinforcement components and accessories at this year's exhibition. The "SR" series includes a master audio console, a power amplifier, an electronic crossover, an extended range speaker system, a portable speaker column, an all-weather speaker column with a wallmounting facility, carrying cases and an extensive range of accessories. An additional advantage will be 240 volt versions, the delivery of which will commence in the autumn.

A Stereo Transcription Pre-amplifier, Model SE22, ideal for professional broadcast and recording usage, will also be exhibited, as will the SM82, a line-level unidirectional mike for broadcast applications. This last item is an addition to the established range of Shure Electronic Microphones.

Soundcraft Electronics

Soundcraft Mixer

The established Soundcraft range of two and four track recording consoles and a specimen of the new Mark 5 modular range of desks (which offer up to 32 input channels and 24 outputs) will be the highlight of the Soundcraft stand. The Mark 5 contains full studio facilities, including comprehensive equalisation and channel routing facilities.

The "sixteen into Eight" is of quasi-modular construction and offers four band EQ with variable bass chop, three cue sends on all input and monitor channels, and a flexible limited on every output. The inputs can be routed directly to the monitor mixing, providing the console with a 16-track capability with a minimum of repatching.

The American made Waters range of conductive plastic faders and audio controls will also be displayed. Soundcraft have the exclusive U.K. agency for Waters products.

Also in attendance at the Soundcraft stand will be Stephen Court of Dennington Acoustics, who will be available to answer questions.

Studio Republic

Studio Republic specialise in bulk duplicated cassettes, with runs of anything from 50 to 5,000. Although they specialise in educational material John and Wendy Bales will be on hand to discuss the full range of services they offer, which includes studio facilities, so that a customer may come to them with a script, which they will turn into a finished order. Studio Republic also offer unrecorded cassettes of any length.

Theatre Projects

Chief among the exhibits at the Theatre Projects Stand will be the Altec range of equipment. They have introduced a new Studio Loudspeaker system, the 9849A, a compact 60 watt speaker measuring 24" x 20" x 15".

Also on display for the first time is the 604-8G 15" Duplex Speaker, which handles 65 watts and follows in the footsteps of the well established 604E.

The new Altec 9440A amp from Theatre Projects

Altec's first new amp in several years, the 9440A, weighs in at 250 watts per channel at 8 ohms 1 KHz, at less than 0.01% THD should prove of great interest.

General Sound Components will also be on display, including the 808-8A frequency driver, the 511B Sectoral Horn cone loudspeakers - including the 421-8H 12" 100 watt bass driver and the 417-8H 12" watt driver — and a selection of crossovers and high power drivers.

Trident Audio

A new Parametric Equaliser will occupy pride of place at the Trident Stand this year. A compact 1¾" x 6" x 19" unit, it provides extensive curve bending facilities covering the audio spectrum and including Hi-Pass and Low-Pass continuously variable cut off filters with slope controls up to 22dB/Octave and a 3-band equaliser offering +15 dB Peak/dip control with variable bandwidth and sweep frequency selection.

The Trident B Range Console

Trident manufacture the A and B series of recording consoles, which offers a wide range of facilities suitable for the professional studio, whatever the quality or budgetary concerns may be.


This year's exhibition marks the first appearance of the new Thunderbolt loudspeaker system from Vitavox. The outcome of intensive design research by the Vitavox research department, it marks a watershed for them: This is the first design carried out specifically for use by groups.

Cornel, who hold Vitavox's French agency, will make their first appearance at an APRS exhibition this year.

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International Musician - Jun 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

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