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Beat The Sequencer

Quick Draw Sequencer

And now for something completely different - how about a little game of chance using the 4780 Sequencer!

Prepare the sequencer by sliding the CLOCK switch fully up into the "run" position and setting the "rate" control fully CCW. Also connect one end of a medium length (8 - 12") control voltage patch cord to the "load" input jack. Now, notice that touching the probe on the free end of the patch cord to the pulse trigger output jack causes the sequencer to begin counting and that it will go through only a single cycle before stopping.

The object of the game is to start the sequencer as above and then move the probe to the last stage output in the SEQUENCE box quickly enough to cause the count to cycle rather than end. Now try it again, this time shooting for the 11th stage rather than the 12th. And again going for the 10th, 9th, 8th and so on.

As your skill increases you can increase the clock rate for a greater challenge and a bit of audio theatrics may be added by connecting the control voltage output to a VCO.

Hank Jones, Mesquite, TX

Who knows - maybe the PAIA 4780 will start showing up in Las Vegas!
- Marvin Jones

Marvin got to jack #6 on his first try before the clock caught him.
- Linda Brumfield

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Polyphony - Copyright: Polyphony Publishing Company


Polyphony - Feb 1976

Donated & scanned by: Retro Synth Ads

Feature by Hank Jones

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