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Bob Dormon's Musos' Guide to 1995

Article from The Mix, February 1995

My Dad used to say to me, "There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy". Why he called me Horatio, I'll never know, but he often mentioned Shakespeare, a local pub, so maybe it was the beer talking. Nevertheless, it's a good quote, 'cos most of us are cynics at heart, especially if you've been in this business for a while. But what about the other side of the bard...? Musicians, like all creative people are generally credited with a spiritual nature. Most folk get into things mystical about the same time as they learn how to tune a guitar... or tune to an E (what do you mean Bob? Ed). Music is a part of so many cultural and religious events, it isn't really surprising that creative people are sooner or later going to show some interest in the philosophy and theosophy that is mankind's heritage. I can't deny that I've been influenced by some of these ancient ideas and beliefs and their use in the plotting of human destiny, and I have Reina James-Reinstein to thank (author of the Picadilly book Don't Blame Me, I'm a Gemini – Astrology for Teenagers, and daughter of the illustrious Sid James). For it was she who introduced me to the finer points of psychological astrology. And so, it is with great pleasure that I give you my Musos' Guide to 1995.

CAPRICORN (22nd December – 20th January)
Giacomo Puccini (22/12/1858), David Bowie (8/1/1947), Annie Lennox (25/12/1954)

This year, Uranus, currently languishing with Neptune in your own sign of Capricorn, makes a brief foray into Aquarius during April and May. This may well give you a fleeting glimpse of what lies ahead, as your sign has had a perplexing time, with moments of mental clarity often being clouded by just plain dreaming. Early Capricorns have already been through the mill, but those born later will no doubt have been experiencing perplexing changes in mood and motivation. Looking ahead, 1996 brings about a new cycle for you, as the beneficient Jupiter will enter your own sign. In the meantime, aspects between Jupiter and Saturn during 1995 won't allow you to drift any longer.

Your Solar chart for 1995 highlights the more sensitive side of your nature, that you are so keen to hide. This is perhaps a good time to express those feelings in your music, as you will be able to empathise with the experiences of those around you and be less of a slave to your ego. Saturn, in the area of communication and learning, makes a friendly aspect to your Sun, offering the chance for you to work and study steadily and consistently. New influences will broaden your perspective, which could see you learning a new instrument or refining your writing skills, and generally working towards an honest and mature creative vision.

AQUARIUS (21st January – 19th February)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27/1/1756), Philip Glass (31/1/1937), Bob Marley (6/2/1945)

For Aquarians, 1994 was definitely an improvement on the decade thus far, with the emphasis being on self-esteem and recognition. Recently, your humanitarian nature has been overshadowed by your ambition, as you have struggled long and hard to make it to the top of the heap. Friends may well have been surprised by your ruthlessness, as you became more intoxicated by 'the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd'.

However, 1995 will allow you to shrug off some of the more materialistic attitudes that have seemed so out of character. It won't all be plain sailing 'though, as from late January to the end of May, Mars is in your opposite sign of Leo. The implications are that your close relationships and partnerships are likely to be troublesome. Mars isn't noted for tact, but the positive side of this aspect is that any grievances can at last can be brought out into the open. If you're in a band, then it may be time to wave goodbye to that closet heavy-metal guitarist who solos all over your keyboard chops.

Indeed, change is very much on the menu this year, as your ruler Uranus returns to Aquarius on April 10th and gives you an extra push for liberation. These influences, combined with the Solar eclipse in April in the area concerning your home-life, suggest upheaval. Perhaps you'll be considering a move, having been singled-out as the star of the show by a management company. These are not going to be easy decisions to make, but the urge for change may be too strong to resist.

PISCES (20th February – 20th March)
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (18/3/1844), Nat 'King' Cole (17/3/1919), Sandie Shaw (26/2/1947)

Last year Saturn moved into your own sign of Pisces, and although Saturn has a bad reputation for depression, you were cushioned from this by the marvellous aspect that Jupiter made to your Sun. No doubt there's been an enthusiastic response to your inspired musical vision, and your persistent hard work has not gone unrecognised.

In 1995, armed with a renewed sense of self-confidence, the satisfaction you get from your work will enable you to face Saturn's continued transit through your sign with gusto. Those born after the 27th February may still struggle, as nothing will be achieved overnight. Ask an early Pisces, as they've already been through it!

This year, Jupiter has moved onto that area of your solar chart relating to career and ambition, which seems entirely appropriate. Recently, you've done a lot of soul-searching in order to find an outlet for your creative expression. You've been exploring alternative ways of turning your dreams into reality; possibly embarking on a period of study or teaching – a really positive way to bring you out into the open, both creatively and socially. Pisceans frequently isolate themselves when problems arise, and the more unhealthy aspects of the rock'n'roll life-style can become part of your daily diet. Things have been tough, but you should now be feeling more accomplished. The lesson to be learned this year is not to shy away from your responsibilities; you will not be able to drift off into another Piscean daydream this time. It's likely that you'll have the daunting prospect of having to deal with authority figures (such as record companies); a chore that a delicate, creative individual as such as yourself usually avoids. Negotiations will be long and drawn out, but your passion for music and the work you do now will ensure the respect of others. All you have to do is learn patience. It's a gift, and with it, the world is a friendlier place to live in.

ARIES (21st March – 20th April)
Johann Sebastian Bach (21/3/1685), Pierre Boulez (26/3/1925), Aretha Franklin (25/3/1942)

Being an Aries means you're always right. How could things be any different? It's inconceivable really. Yet your chums in the zodiac are inclined to think along similar lines about themselves. However, you could surprise them all and admit that maybe your guitar is out of tune with the rest of the band! But don't worry, it's only temporary, as Mars journeys through the area of your Solar chart associated with fun and games until the end of May. Your desire to be noticed will be amplified around this time, but your usual aggressive instincts will thankfully be curbed. You'll be wanting to enjoy yourself and probably won't have the discipline to stick at any one task.

Jupiter makes a lovely aspect to your Sun throughout 1995, so you won't be short of ideas. In fact, you could well exhaust everyone with your experimentation. A heightened interest in music from different cultures will help satisfy your massive appetite for stimulating sounds and rhythms that will influence your writing. Not everyone will be able to keep pace with you, and you may feel you're in a different league to your muso friends, as they struggle with your latest opus in 7/8 with 8 key changes! But music would be pretty dull if it weren't for experimentation, and during the summer – when you've finally settled down a bit – you are likely to meet like-minded individuals that are up to task.

If you've felt your efforts have been taken for granted in recent years, then 1995 should offer some relief. There'll still be moments when you feel you're swimming against the tide, but the favourable aspects beginning in October come to your aid. Around this time you could see your work being published for the first time, or you could begin touring. Either way, this year will gear you up for the tasks that lie ahead in 1996.

TAURUS (21st April – 21st May)
Erik Satie (17/5/1866), Sergei Prokofiev (23/4/1891), David Byrne (14/5/1952)

Mmmh, seems like you might have overdone it a bit in 1994, and while you may have some marvellous toys to show for it, you'll have to put them to work to earn their keep. Planetary activity suggests that this may be a good time to consider going into partnership with someone and pooling your resources; even the bank manager will be more open to your schemes. The pieces begin to fall into place over April and May, as the Solar eclipse in Taurus on the 29th April and the return of Uranus to Aquarius will leave no stone unturned as you strive to fulfil your destiny. You won't settle for less as you crave freedom of expression in your work, no longer able to tolerate the restrictions that have obstructed your creative endeavours. Many of you will be tempted to buy a serious MIDI computer set-up in order to expand your horizons. Seasoned users, meanwhile, will be drawn towards the Internet and E-World, discovering new communities of like-minded people.

Multimedia will definitely fire your imagination, and what may have been a dream could well be within your grasp, with some careful planning. This is just the sort of new departure that a Taurean loves; patiently mastering the tools at hand, in order to produce something of beauty. The other good news is that Pluto eventually leaves your opposite sign of Scorpio in November, and won't be back for another 250 years! Late Taureans are still reeling from the effects of this powerful transit, as their lives have changed beyond recognition. The fireworks are over now, so it's down to you to show your natural gift for music in a new and original light. Just remember not to let your enthusiasm for action interfere with the task of solid and steady preparation.

GEMINI (22nd May – 21st June)
Edward Elgar (2/6/1857), Miles Davis (25/5/1926), Prince (7/6/1958)

Early Geminis must have found 1994 to be uphill work. But the struggle continues in 1995, especially for those born after the 8th June, as Saturn slowly wades his way through the area of your Solar chart concerning career and status. What you're up to now may not have all the glamour attached to it that you crave, and indeed you could be feeling very much the dogsbody. If you're working as a tape-op or for a management or record company, then the realisation that there's no such thing as a free lunch is no doubt biting hard. Like the vast majority of us, you're going to have to work hard to get what you want. Your natural charm probably got you the job in the first place, so now it's up to you to climb the ladder through continued effort... or sell double glazing instead!

Jupiter, in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, duels with your Sun throughout 1995, and as a result you're likely to be very much the party animal this year, as you'll have a tendency to over-indulge in anything that takes your fancy. Another manifestation of this transit is the feeling that you know it all. You'll have to keep yourself in check, as this arrogance will not be well received, particularly as there are people around you that are willing to help you further yourself. You need them at the moment, and their experience is invaluable. So, if your band is on the verge of a deal, don't think that you can negotiate the contract yourself. Get a lawyer, or you'll get into trouble. November is a tricky month, so make sure that you have the day off on the 11th, or at least keep a low profile as you might not want to listen to any more advice from well-meaning individuals. It's not all doom and gloom 'though, as a feast of aspects in April will inspire you, offering an insight to the tasks that lie ahead in 1996.

CANCER (22nd June – 23rd July)
Gustav Mahler (7/7/1860), Richard Rodgers (28/6/1902), Neil Tennant (10/7/1954)

For many years, a lot of Cancerians have been behaving in a similar fashion to the crab their sign represents; scuttling from side to side, yet not making any real progress. 1994 opened a few doors, and you were at last given an opportunity to express your sensitive and creative nature. 1995 will continue this trend, but now you've got to put all those ideas into action, and try not to be sidetracked by relationship difficulties.

Affairs of the heart have been high on the agenda, and have been hard to maintain, due to Neptune's influence wooing you into a romantic and idealistic view of your relationship. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of things get swept under the carpet until Uranus storms in with his size 12 Dr. Marten boots, bringing to the surface all the unspoken tension and frustration you've pent up. Both planets occupy that area of your Solar chart dealing with relationships, and have wreaked havoc with your emotional stability for some time. Queen's 'I Want to Break Free' was probably written for someone like you, and what happens in April will certainly put your loyalty to the test. If everything really is rosy in the garden, then you should use this time to assess your needs and make the necessary changes. Soon, Uranus will be in that part of your chart dealing with death, sex (and other people's money). This can be a period of financial instability, especially if you're dependent on a partner ('other people's money'). Hence, your source of income may well change and indeed, as Uranus is full of surprises, this could be a time when you actually inherit some money ('death'). Another surprise may well lie in the trouser department ('sex'). Uranus loves to experiment, and there's every chance you'll end up in bed with your band's androgynous lead singer. It'll certainly satisfy any 'queries' you had about such things, but you'll lose interest quickly and give up drinking snakebites for a while.

Over the past year you've been influenced by many things, and have been able to construct a healthy approach towards your work and your goals. Saturn will urge you to study, and perhaps you'll develop an interest in ethnic musical styles. Your ideas will still need some nurturing if they are to develop their full potential, but you must remain open-minded, let your philosophy be your guide and not your strait-jacket.

LEO (24th July – 23rd August)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (22/8/1928), Madonna (16/8/1958), Whitney Houston (9/8/1963)

1995 is the year you've been waiting for. Leos love to have fun, but 'crisis' has been your middle name for some time now. 1994 was a definite improvement, as you had finally dealt with a demanding relationship that was sapping all your energy, and were at last able to concentrate on yourself. During your struggle for independence your finances no doubt suffered, and you may have had to move in order to meet your obligations. But this year you can unleash your creative potential that has been on hold for so long. Until the Spring, Mars in your own sign of Leo may well frustrate your efforts, as things may take longer to materialise than you'd like. If you're a singer, you could be blighted by a heavy cold – admittedly, not unusual at this time – but it may take longer than normal to shake off. However, the Solar eclipse together with other potent aspects in April will probably convince you that you're James Bond (or Tank Girl)! Indeed, the signs are that you will win the confidence of many with your strength of conviction, reinforced by your overall satisfaction with the new course your life is taking.

While your creative juices flow with fervour, thoughts on your own mortality may well fill your mind. You've been through the mincer, but are stronger for the ordeal. Your perception of who you are and your place in this world is brought into sharper focus right now, as you will find that you cannot rely on others for the support you may have taken for granted. Perhaps now is the time to consider taking home-recording more seriously. Although there may be plenty of opportunities for you to stand in the limelight this year, having a facility that frees you from relying on others is an excellent way of using your creative energies, especially if you find your fellow musos unstimulating. Finding the money could be a problem, so be modest with your outlay; what you learn in the process will be invaluable however humble your set-up. Experimentation with music will be second nature to you right now, and you are bound to have many admirers. If you're attracted to studio work, then your innovative approach will have them queueing round the block for your Midas touch. Whatever else happens this year, you're going to have fun and a few surprises.

VIRGO (24th August – 23rd September)
Gustav Holst (21/9/1874), Leonard Bernstein (25/8/1918)

This year will be quite a paradox for you. Jupiter invites you to 'wake up and smell the coffee', while the world weariness you feel from the influence of Saturn, would have you stay in bed all day. Perhaps the best course of action would be to try and improve the quality of your home life, as your relationships with others are likely to be fraught with tension. You'll definitely be in the mood for enhancing your lifestyle, but as others may not be as co-operative as you would hope, you may have to limit your grand designs or wait until next year, when you'll be feeling a lot more secure, both financially and emotionally.

Generally, people close to you in work and play will be a lot more demanding than usual, and it will feel like your needs always come second. As a musician, you may find that the direction you want your music to take may not meet with the approval of your associates. If you're a multi-instrumentalist, you might find that your skills mean that you're not playing your chosen instrument in the band you're in. Virgos are gifted communicators and your natural ability to master an instrument could well leave you feeling that others are having all the fun while you plug the gaps left by their shortcomings. It may not be the most cheery outlook, but going through the motions will strengthen your resolve so you'll be able to take full advantage of the powerful and beneficient aspects that touch you next year.

LIBRA (24th September – 23 October)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (12/10/1872), George Gershwin (28/9/1898), Chuck Berry (18/10/1926)

It's probably fair to say that 1994 included a few sleepless nights and heavy-duty binges as you've wrestled with the problem of satisfying your craving for security. Unfortunately, becoming an expert in the 'search for oblivion' will not leave you any the wiser in finding answers to your fundamental human needs. Your friends may well be impressed with your capacity for a 'good time' which is so typical of your sign, because being a Libran, you always try to look on the bright side, no matter how much you may be hurting inside. But enough of this pretence, come on now, be honest with yourself and start to clear out those cupboards of disappointment and get more in touch with what you want rather than try and dodge the issue. This is really the time, and if you haven't started already, you soon will.

Uranus forms a stimulating and truly transformative aspect to your Sun during April and May and the Lunar eclipse on the 25th April suggests that changes are most definitely afoot. So much of what happens to you this year will set the stage for the future. The disorientating influence of Neptune will still have those born after the 15th questioning what they're doing here, but the question you really need to ask yourself is 'am I being too idealistic?'. It takes at least ten years to become an overnight sensation, so setting yourself impossible goals will always end up as an impossible dream. There's nothing wrong with ambition, but if you take a more honest and mature view of your capabilities, then you have a much better chance of succeeding.

That said, 1995 is going to be great year for you. Really. There's every chance you'll be able to break out of bad habits and make some new and interesting friends. You'll be able to reach a lot more people, and your enhanced open-mindedness ensures that you won't be put off by the negativity of others. You'll want to try things first hand and form your own opinions. As a musician there's nothing better than extending yourself into new areas, but in the process you may find yourself infatuated with the works of someone you 'discover'. What you learn will be very useful, but just try and remember who you are. There is, after all, only one Eddie van Halen!

SCORPIO (24th October – 22nd November)
Domenico Scarlatti (26/10/1685), Lulu (3/11/1948)

1994 was quite a corker for Scorpios. It seems like you finally had the courage to get off your arse and do something about your life. The rewards are obvious, as you are no doubt a good deal happier than you have been in the more recent past. Now that the dust is settling, 1995 invites you to capitalise on your efforts and invest in your future. A decent recording facility is likely to be a priority for many of you, and now that you have the resources, there is no need to hold back any longer. Saturn is well placed to your Sun, so that all should run smoothly if you make a start now. Any problems are likely to be because of the antagonising aspect that Mars makes during the early part of this year. There may be a few delays which you'll find unbearable, as you are so highly motivated at the moment. But you'll live, even if your ego suffers a little.

Being so self absorbed you may neglect those closest to you, so watch out! You Scorpios have a knack of keeping your cards close to your chest and leaving others in the dark. This may prove too much of a strain for a close partnership, be it with a co-writer or lover. You'll have to come clean or accept the consequences. April is going to be quite a month for all of us, but mark my words, you won't be able to sweet-talk your way out of this one. Having achieved so much recently, there really is no need to indulge in those feelings of vulnerability that are so typical of your sign. Confidence should be your middle name right now, so don't sacrifice what you've worked so hard to build up, by slipping back into old habits that no longer have a place in your life.

SAGITTARIUS (23rd November – 21st December)
Ludwig van Beethoven (16/12/1770), Scott Joplin (24/11/1868), Sheila E (12/12/1957).

Can you remember the last time a Sagittarian bought you a pint? No, me neither. It's because they're so busy trying to become the next Prince or Madonna that they forget these social niceties! However, in 1995 planetary phenomena suggests you could see your Sagittarian chum boldly going where no man has gone before, in other words reaching for their wallet or purse! Indeed, you'd need a drink to get over the shock. So why such outrageous behaviour in public places? Well, it seems that 1995 will bring about a more festive mood in Sagittarians. Last year didn't see you on the Brit Awards as you'd probably envisaged, and the huge effort that you invested in your work seemed dogged by domestic tension. Basically, you've had to work so damn hard that all the fun was taken out of it. This year is an entirely different story. Now that you've accepted that you're not a super-human and your plan for world domination still needs some work, actually living a little seems a very attractive and long overdue alternative. Jupiter, your ruler, is in your own sign for all of this year, and gives you the opportunity to discover more about what makes you tick. Personal growth and a greater appreciation of your own spiritual nature are all prevalent at this time. The discoveries you make about yourself and the emotions that have shaped your personality, will help you understand that some of the difficulties you've been experiencing stem from your own naivety. This might be hard to take right now, because when it comes to blaming someone, Sagittarians are the best in the Zodiac. You'll have to learn to take responsibility for your actions, so that when the breaks do come this year, your confidence in your abilities doesn't get construed as arrogance. Be patient in April, or you'll be spending your time down the pub talking about what might have been until November, when you really will have something to talk about.

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The Mix - Feb 1995

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Feature by Bob Dormon

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