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With a major redesign, an increase in size, and the appointment of new Editorial staff only twelve issues past, this may not, perhaps, seem like the obvious time to be again thinking about changing the direction and look of the magazine. We know that those changes met with unanimous approval, and our upward circulation figures certainly suggest that we have strengthened our position as the most highly regarded magazine of its kind in Europe - if not the world. So we've no intentions of rendering the magazine unrecognisable. We've simply made the decision to change the logo to MT as from next month, to reflect a new emphasis.

Why the name change? Well, we call it MT, you call it MT. It has become, simply... MT. But it remains the music technology magazine and will maintain its position at the cutting edge of technological development in music.

Why the change in emphasis? Well, something's been happening recently; something which anyone with their ear to the ground will be aware of, but which seems likely to take the rest of the world by storm. Sound, it seems, is no longer enough. Every day we are barraged with reports of exciting new developments in multi-media systems, video technology, controllable lighting systems, the technology surrounding club culture - and of course ever more powerful computers. As humans we experience the world as a multi-sensory environment, and this has been reflected in the technology which provides us with so much of our enjoyment.

From our vantage point on the magazine, it has become very clear that, though revolving primarily around music, the activities of many of the people we speak to - and that includes a good proportion of our readers - involve other aspects of technology which do not lend themselves to division by convenient lines. Especially not those imposed on them from the editorial pens of the magazines they read.

So what is being suggested here..? An all-new magazine with more interest in video imagery than sampling technology? Interviews with club DJs rather than musicians? Not at all. MTs traditional area of coverage, refined and perfected as it has been over the years, will remain perfectly intact. The new areas of coverage will come as additions to the magazine, complementing its established role as the country's leading hi-tech music journal.

MT is simply responding to its changing environment a little bit sooner than others in the field. But where we lead, they will surely follow - as they always have.

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Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Music Technology - Jul 1993

Editorial by Nigel Lord

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