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This month we have rather a mixed bag for you. As always our aim is to expand your recording horizons, which is why we have included features on a mobile studio, a novel pick-up device for wind instruments and the article on synchronising devices such as sequencers and drum machines to tape.

This latter topic is due recognition of the changing nature of recording. With the facility now to link several instruments together and run them all at the same tempo, repeatedly, the need for extra tape tracks is reduced. Such a system lets you hone your musical parts to perfection before committing your efforts to tape, giving you first generation recordings with the maximisation of quality which that implies.

This technique though is only applicable to people making use of drum machines, synthesisers etc. it has little impact on recording bands whose instrumental line-up remains predominantly 'acoustic' (or should I say 'non-electronic').

HSR recognises the importance of both parties and shall endeavour to support them in the content of its pages. Previous issues have not covered the machines actually used to create the music, but that's not really our domain... or is it?

Recording techniques are developing so much that the technology of the devices used to record is becoming more a part of the medium itself. HSR's role may be to cover such aspects and make our readers aware of how best to obtain a good recording of a device. What do you think? Let's hear your opinions on this important development please...

On a different tack, this is probably an opportune moment to explain the intentions behind the HSR Projects that have begun to appear in the latter pages of the issue.

Every project in future will be designed to fit into a standard 19" rack-mounting case (where applicable), so that readers with a penchant for DIY can build up a useful range of signal processors and accessories for their home studio. The HSR Headphone Amplification System (July 1984) and this month's Patchbay unit give you a good indication of where we're heading in terms of construction projects.

Finally, judging has been completed for the HSR/Soundcraft Mixer competition and the prize presented to the winners, the results will be published next month.

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C-ducer Saxman & Sax FX Unit

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Home & Studio Recording - Sep 1984

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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Editorial by Ian Gilby

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