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Why, you are wondering, is there a very thin see-through ashtray attached to the cover of this, the first MONTHLY issue of One Two Testing?

Surprise, it's not really an ashtray at all. It's a felix disc... a revolutionary concept in recording developed by Felix Edison who, in the 1820's... oh... it's a FLEXI disc, a revolutionary concept in recording with two sides of stuff on it.

On side A you'll be able to enjoy a demonstration of the very wonderful Yamaha DX7. This is a revolutionary concept in (shuttup)... this must be the most talked about keyboard of the year but for the first time you get a chance to hear it for yourself. And on page 10 we start an indepth review of the DX so you can listen and understand.

On side B we track down Kajagoogoo in their London rehearsal studio, attempt to ignore Marillion practising in the next room and ask for a few tips on sound and playing. On page 48 you can read how they do it, on our free flexi you can hear how they do it. You can also catch hacks mumbling ineffectual questions and tripping over the drum cases.

Other than that, it's just one more incredibly good issue. And another one same time next month.

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One Two Testing - Nov 1983


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