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A few years ago, carrying around a delicate micro, a synth and a multitrack tape machine on your own would have been quite a handful. Then came the big swing towards producing smaller keyboard instruments, followed by the first 4-track cassette recorder — the Teac Portastudio. Several companies including RSD, Fostex, Yamaha, Cutec and Clarion have also recognised this potentially lucrative area of home recording. Meanwhile, although micro chips were being used in a growing number of synths, there was little chance of tucking the full system under your arm and taking it wherever you went.

Two new products are destined to open up this 'compose-record-anywhere' concept — the Roland MC-202 MicroComposer and the Fostex X-15 Multitracker. Both these instruments will be featured with other micro-composing machines in a special 3-day event in London during August, where I'll be giving practical lectures on this fast developing area of music-making.

Our MicroMidi link is the first interface of its kind to be made available. Manufacturers of MIDI linkable instruments should contact us about our MIDI development program.

Finally, our last reader survey listed Keith Emerson as one of the most important musicians to interview, so you'll find Keith's valuable contribution quite lengthy, but very informative. As one of the great Rock composer/players of our time, his diverse writing skills can be an inspiration to us all.

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