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Fast Forward

No hype, no waffle — just tomorrow's products today

Article from The Mix, June 1995

The latest products previewed

PRODUCT Beyerdynamic MCE 83 TG

PRICE: £233

This black electret condenser mic with cardioid characteristics, wide frequency range, and a robust body is suited to both vocal and instrumental pick-ups. It is designed to fulfil the needs of the home or smaller professional studio.

More from: Beyerdynamic (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Studiomaster Diamond DM

PRICE: DM01 - £211, DM02 - £440, DM03 - £339

The Diamond DM range of professional DJ
mixers are the latest Studiomaster
 products that are specifically designed for
 club applications. They offer plenty of 
inputs, full monitoring facilities, good 
quality faders and many other features, 
including channel EQ on the DM02, and a 
sampler on the DM03.

All models are 19" rackmount with an 
internal power supply. All line inputs are on
 standard phono-(RCA) connectors, while 
mic inputs are on either jack or 3-pin XLR

More from: Studiomaster (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Soundcraft DC2020


Soundcraft has announced the launch of their latest challenger in the post-production market. Available in 24, 32 and 40 channel in-line formats, the DC2020 has semi-parametric EQ, six flexible auxiliaries, and the unique Soundcraft 'floating bus' routing system.

The C3 (Console Control and Communication) automation encompasses fader and mute control, machine transport and record controls, on-line mix editing and project management, with facilities which will appeal to the commercial post-production facility.

More from: Soundcraft (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Yamaha RY8 Rhythm Programmer

PRICE: £225

The RY8 portable rhythm programmer features 61 kits and 128 AWM sampled voices, covering a wide range of acoustic, electronic, ethnic, and percussion sounds. Other features include a guitar input and tuner, and a range of fully instrumental accompaniment patterns.

More from: Yamaha-Kemble (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Electro-Voice Precision Series Power Amps


The new line includes the P3000, P2000, P1250, P1200 and P600. The figures refer to each model's output power at 20Hz-20kHz/THD <0.1% when bridged into 4 ohms, except for the P1250, which offers the same performances as the P1200 but incorporates a built-in processor.

While the powerful P3000 and P2000 are designed for high-performance concert sound reinforcement systems such as the EV MT-4, MT-2 and DeltaMax, the P1200 and P1250 are a good choice for smaller PA requirements, or fixed installations where very high power is not required but impeccable audio quality remains important.

More from: Shuttlesound (Contact Details)


PRICE: £3,550

Measuring just 82mm high by 146mm wide, the unit is small enough to fit inside PCs, and specialist studio drive equipment for professional multi-track recording. The unit comprises five removable hard disk drives, which can be configured to offer PAID 3 and 5 level support.

TEAC's mini-PAID drive provides on-line storage, back-up and fault tolerance for uninterrupted availability of data. When a problem does occur, the system recognises it with both visual and audible alarms. The TP-405 uses a standard fast SCSI-2 interface, for connection to a PC, Macintosh, SPARC or other host computer. On screen, the system appears as a SCSI direct-access drive. Up to seven disk array units may be connected in a daisy chain.

More from: TEAC (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Piranha Cables

PRICE: From £8.51 (2 metres)

A new name in cables, Piranha manufacture a comprehensive
range of high quality cables for musicians, studios and hire
 companies. All are made using oxygen-free cable, with high
 density spiral-braided shield for good hum and noise rejection, 
and extremely flexible PVC covering. They're available with 
black Neutrik connectors, or on 100 metre reels. Standard
 colour is black, but red, blue and green can be supplied at no extra cost. Instrument cables feature a single oxygen-free 
conductor, while microphone cables are two-core, and quad
 cable is also available.

PRODUCT Audio Technica Studiophones

PRICE: £119.95

Audio Technica have announced two new products to add to their substantial range. These are the ATH-M40 and ATH-D40 studiophones.

The ATH-M40 is designed specifically for the professional monitoring and mixing market. It has flat, extended low frequency response to 5Hz, which is designed to ensure an accurate and precise sound reproduction.

The ATH-D40 features an enhanced low frequency response from approximately 20Hz - 500Hz, which makes it an ideal studio phone for use with predominantly low frequency sound sources, such as bass and drums.

More from: Audio Technica (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Neumann KM 184 Condenser Microphone

PRICE: £628

This new miniature studio condenser microphone rides on the reputation of its predecessor, the KM 140. The cardioid pressure gradient transducer exhibits smooth frequency curves, for frontal and lateral sound incidence, providing a coloration-free transmission radius of 270°. Transformerless 'fet 100' hybrid technology ensures exemplary performance specifications for a modern day studio condenser microphone, including a 21dB improvement in dynamic range compared to its predecessor, 138dB (<0.5%THD) maximum SPL handling, a 69dB (CCIR-weighted) signal-to-noise ratio, and an equivalent self-noise level of just 25dB (CCIR 468-3 weighted).

More from: Georg Neumann (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Rode NT2 Condenser Microphone

PRICE: £499

The Rode NT2 features selectable omni and cardioid polar patterns, a -10dB
pad switch, a switchable high pass filter and gold plated output connector
and internal head pins. All wiring is of audiophile grade, and the large 
capsule features a gold plated membrane. The NTSM suspension mount is
also available separately from HHB at £69.33.

More from: HHB (Contact Details)

PRODUCT Soundtracs Solo Logic Display


This proprietary software package for Solo logic desks is designed to make the on-board automation a doddle to use. The software provides at-a-glance indication of the position and activity of all the channel faders and the channel, monitor, auxiliary master and effects return mutes on the console. Designed to run on Microsoft Windows, the package also simplifies loading and saving of mixes, and provides a MIDI timecode display and a MIDI activity meter. It can be configured to any size of Solo Logic, and requires only minimal hardware configuration and an MPU-401 compatible MIDI interface.

The new software is included with all new Solo Logic consoles on a self-installing 3.5" floppy disk.

More from: Soundtracs (Contact Details)

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Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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The Mix - Jun 1995

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman


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