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Fender Dual Showman Reverb

Test Report on: Fender Dual Showman Reverb
Date: July 1975. £357.50 Ex VAT

The Fender Valve Amplifier has been part of the group scene since the very early days of 'Electric Bands'.

The Dual Showman Reverb Amplifier keeps this, now well established, tradition alive.


Using a large wooden cabinet, covered in vinyl and fitted with large 'mounting screws' to hold it onto its loudspeaker box, it has a very solid and reliable appearance. The bottom corners of the box are protected by metal corner caps and the handle on top is strong and well made - but could have been placed better for carrying convenience.

The well marked front panel is both convenient and pretty, being of satin-silver finish, placed along the top edge of the front of the cabinet.

One peculiarity is that the amplifier chassis is mounted upside-down, with the valves hanging from their valve-bases. The amp. comes with a loudspeaker lead and a very nice mains cable wired directly into the unit.

Power Output 200w RMS @ 10% total harmonic distortion Rated power is 100w
Therefore remarkably high output
Distortion 1.8%
@ 100w. RMS
@ 70w. RMS
@ 1w. RMS
Very good for this type of valve amplifier
input via normal channel, tested at 1 KHz
Sensitivity 31mV (-28dBm)
60mV (-22dBm)
26mV (-29.5dBm)
54mV (-23dBm)
Normal input 1
Normal input 2
Vibrato input 1
Vibrato input 2
Satisfactory for guitar
input to give 100w out, master set to max & tone controls set for best square wave response
Tone Control Range Normal Vibrato
14.5dB 13.5dB
9.5dB  14.0dB
40.5dB 44.5dB

Bass @ 50Hz
Middle @ 1KHz
Treble @ 10KHz
Open Circuit Test O.K. Full drive @ 1 KHz
Short Circuit Test O.K. Full drive @ 1 KHz, 2 mins. of short circuit One valve anode got red hot but it worked after the test
Capacitive Load Test Good 1uF and 4ohm load
Reverb Works well Very pleasant sound
Vibrato O.K. Has staccato sound due to vibrato waveform used A Fender sound
Fuzz Satisfactory - and reasonably easily controlled
Bright/Normal Switch This switch works well when the channel is low but when the volume is turned up it becomes less effective.

Electrical Construction

An all valve design using 10 valves altogether. Silicon rectifiers and components of top quality, together with choke smoothing and transformers of adequate size should give this amplifier a good working lifespan but we found one small electrolytic and several resistors loosely mounted.

The soldered joints were all good and the thick, correctly coloured mains cable, mains fuse and output sockets (2) give no qualms.

We thought it a little unusual that the mains voltage selector switch had no knob on, but this was probably an oversight, it also has an Off/On switch and a Standby switch for convenience.

The wiring was O.K. but not particularly tidy and the wire ended electrolytics of an unusual type were mounted under a large metal cover.


This amplifier was obviously intended to maintain the Fender Valve Amplifier tradition and is not very different to the amplifiers which made the Fender name famous 15 years ago. The unit is very large for a 100 watt system but it will give a great deal more power-out than this.

The actions of the volume and tone controls are all dependent on one another.

The mid-range control has such a wide pass-band that it behaves more like a volume control, a little confusing, but the amplifier does give the recognised FENDER sound.

Many imported amplifiers which we have tested in the past have had incorrectly colour coded mains leads. Fender have fitted a correctly coded lead for use in this country even though the unit was made in the U.S.A.

The quality of construction is very fair and the appearance is good.

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International Musician & Recording World - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


International Musician - Aug 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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