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Frankfurt 1975

Frankfurt Fair Preview

Never before has there been a more determined British contingent at Frankfurt. Never before has the British musical instrument industry had so much to offer the world and never before has the world had so much to offer the industry.

Staggering advances in the design of amplification have taken place within the last 12 months and British designers and manufacturers have led the way. British manufacturers need the revenue that is still largely unexploited around the world and the combination of inspired supply and great demand could be explosive.

There'll be a great deal to see round the stands, but the drama will be playing out in the soundproof booths, The Intercontinental and round the Frankfurter stands.

Never before has it mattered so much to the British, never before has it mattered so much to the world.

Everyone's optimistic. The cold front that's supposedly advancing has shaken most into wakefulness and the end result is better products than ever before. An interesting trade fair!


Hawk Amps by Boosey & Hawkes

Hawk solid-state amps will be one of the main focal points on the Boosey and Hawks stand. They're proudly offering a wide range of B&H lines which include the well established Laney amps, Beverley Drums, and musical accessories.

Hawk is a new range of amps, but they're constructed from components that have been tried and tested in field conditions over many years. Power ranges are 5½ watt, 15, 25 and 50 watts.

Alongside Hawk, B&H are showing Laney amps. This range includes 60 and 100 watt amps with the special 'Klipp' controls and the range includes P.A. columns and reverb units. Equally well known is the Beverley drum range and in addition to the full percussion range there's a special "Executive" range of cymbals, snare drums and hi-hat stands.

The more traditional side of B&H's exports are represented by Sovereign Bb euphonium the Edgware 564 concert flute and the Edgware 'Sonorite' clarinet. Boosey and Hawkes occupy stands 50752 and 50235.


Carlsbro's Mini Bin

The good news from stand number 50251 this year is the Mini Bin, Carlsbro's newly designed folded horn full range bin. 20in x 20in x 35in, it is only half the size of conventional bass bins and is powered by an Eminance 15" loudspeaker plus two Celestion MF 1,000 H.F. horns. With a 100 watt output, the Mini Bin retails at £113 plus V.A.T., which includes covers and leads.

The Stingray twin channel 130 watt guitar amplifier, with bright and normal inputs on each channel will also be displayed. In addition to volume, presence, treble, middle and bass controls, the Stingray and all the high power guitar amplifiers include a sustain effect controlled by a foot switch. The Stingray Super also includes reverb and tremelo controlled by the foot switch.

Both Stingrays are available as combination amps fitted with two heavy duty 12in loudspeakers. Like all Carlsbro solid state amps, they have a rear panel fitted with two speaker, two slave and one pre-amp sockets, as well as leads, covers and foot switches.

The Marlin 1042, a 130 watt P.A. amplifier with reverb providing four dual inputs — each with volume, treble and bass as well as reverb and effects switches are also on display at Frankfurt. A matching Slave amplifier, which boasts less than 0.05% distortion at 130 watts into 4 ohms and a power band with 10.5 db 30Hz-15kHz.

Rounding out the Carlsbro display are their wide range of loudspeaker cabinets, horns and bins for all purposes, and their valVe amplifiers.


Once again, it will be C.M.I. amplification that is the main feature at Cleartone's stand number 50254. But this year, there is a difference.

A new, comprehensive range of solid-state amplification units, including 5, 10 and 15 watt practice amps, 50 and 100 watt Lead and Bass amps, a 50 watt P.A. amp and a 100 watt Master P.A. amplifier, 100 and 250 watt slave amps and an eight channel mixer, are all on display for the first time this year.

Cleartone's range of cabinets will also be on show, among them the 1x18, 2x15 and 4x12 (both of these are available in Lead and Bass versions), the 2x10, 2x12, 4x10, and 6x10 columns. This last item is suitable for both P.A. and lead guitar.

With the exception of the practice amps, the new range is fitted with auto-transformers which allow them to be used with almost any cabinet or combination of cabinets of any impedance, still producing the maximum output.

An added bonus with the 50 and 100 watt lead and bass amplifiers is the opportunity to purchase them in combination form, with the speakers and amps in the same cabinet.

Both the CMI line of electric guitars and accessories will also be on display. This later assortment includes Sound/Light units. Graphic Equalisers and Autowah pedals.


The mighty CBS/Arbiter company spreads itself across three stands at this year's fair.

Stand 50447 has the largest display where Henry Gilbert and CBS Musical Instruments, Fullerton and CBS/Arbiter GMBH, Marburg combine to present their many well known kinds which include Fender Guitars and Amps, Rogers Percussion and Rhodes. Many new items will be unveiled on the stand.

Arbiter Amplification is the centre point on stand 51329. The range includes amps with solid-state, valve and battery-driven designs ranging from 10 to 100 watts. Particular attention will be paid to the new portable carry amp which has an output of 10 watts plus reverb.

Also of great interest on this stand will be the Arbiter Classic, Jumbo and Electric guitars as well as the many instrument accessories from the company.

On Stand 50164 there's a range of musical toys and preschool instruments which must be one of the widest ranges of these type of instruments available. The range includes guitars, drums, disco units, tuned percussion, ukes and harmonicas.


The Pianotron Piano-Plus, the new touch sensitive electronic piano with a 7¼
octave keyboard from Compton-Edwards, will occupy pride of place at their stand in Frankfurt, number 50143.

The Piano-Plus features the standard piano tone, as well as harpsichord and synthesizer tones, and also includes automatic tuning and automatic transposing.

Compton-Edwards will also be exhibiting their full complement of church organs, from the Partita de Luxe, with its computer capture setter action, through the mid-range Canoza, to the compact Minuet.


So convinced are the people at Dubreq that they have a winner in the Stylophone 350 S that they are devoting virtually all their space at stand 50154 to this mini-synthesiser.

The 350 S offers the user the whole range of orchestral sounds — woodwind, string and brass instrument sounds are all available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 ft lengths. The monophonic keyboard has two electronic styluses and also offers reiteration. The keyboard includes decay and vibrato controls, and allows control for tuning within a tone.

Perhaps the most noteworthy statistic of the 350 S is its price. Dubreq are retailing it for under £50, and believe it to be ideal for situations varying from rock gigs to the family's sitting room.


It is with considerable pride that Electronic Music Studios will be exhibiting two new models of synthesisers. The most recent addition to the Synthi range, the Synthi-P is an improved and updated version of the Synthi-A, and E.M.S. are sure that it is both the smallest and most versatile portable synthesizer on the market today.

Joining the Synthi-P at stand number 50149 is E.M.S.' new Synthi-E. The Synthi-E is designed for educational purposes, and its low price puts it well within the budgetary limitations of school systems, while its credentials as a synthesiser are impeccable. It offers both a full set of standard controls and a touch-strip method as well.

A Quadrophonic Effects Generator, a device which permits the user to move sound between four loudspeakers, automatically twisting or spiralling an electronic signal between its four speakers. This can result in a number of effects, including explosions and other doppler-type sensations.


It is the Picato range of guitar strings, and especially the completely new Picato bass guitar strings, which will be on show at Frankfurt this year by General Music Strings. This new bass string will be available in both long and medium scale, and joins the existing range of bass strings already offered by Picato.

All the brand name musical instrument strings manufactured by G.M.S. will be on display at Frankfurt, including the Monople, Ambassador and Red Dragon ranges.

Stand number 50358 will be shared by G.M.S. and The Peter and Nicholas Engineering Company Ltd., who will be exhibiting a number of new lines of disco unit stands, high level speaker stands, table top model microphone stands and a range of goose necks, as well as their established lines of microphone stands and accessories.


An amplifier claimed to belong to "a new generation" of amps is introduced by HH Electronic at this year's fair. Based on stands 50153 and 50151, the company also boast several other new products for the fair. These include an echo unit, a mixing console, a dual concentric column and an add-on horn.

The new amp has been the result of development in circuitry techniques and HH say that it reacts (via an audio signal processing circuit) to lead, bass, organ or synthesiser sounds in a very new way.

The echo unit offers single or repeat delay and this is controlled by a slide fader and the signal is governed by a limiter/compressor.

Despite gloomy forecasts on the economic situation, HH inform us that they are increasing production by 40 per cent in the next two months and obviously these new items will be of prime importance in their production schedule.


Produced especially for introduction at this year's exhibition is the new range of Herald guitar strings by Hornby Skewes & Company. Colourfully packaged and mounted on eyecatching showcards, the Herald strings are available for Classic, Electric, Bass, Folk, Country and Western and 12 String Guitars, in complete sets only.

HS will also be showing their range of school glockenspiels. 8, 12, and 13 note diatonic models, as well as two 21 note chromatic models will be available. The 13 note diatonic and one 21 note chromatic are fitted with dampers.

Chime Bars, a recent addition to the Hornby range will be on display as well. Individual Glockenspiel-type notes comprising a tuned metal bar mounted on a special resonator tube, the Chime Bars are available in a range of 25 individual notes, and also in sets of 13 or 25 notes.

Hornby Skewes range of Miles Platting competitively priced amplification equipment, from guitar and organ to P.A., amplifier and loudspeaker units, both in 50 and 100 watt output ratings, will be displayed. They are the conventional valve type, and are fitted with Celestion speakers.

A comprehensive range of amplifier and musical instrument accessories, such as Zenta model reverb and mixer units, microphones, drum sticks, amplifier leads, loudspeakers, conductor's batons, guitar and recorder bags, and the Hornby model guitar straps, kazoos, miniature bagpipes and other musical novelties round out the Hornby Skewes stand, number 50248.


The new line of Rotosound Super Bass strings will be exhibited by James How Industries at stand number 50247 in Frankfurt. Specially designed to offer the musician extra band width for increased power, but without surrendering harmonic control, the Super Bass strings will complement the established line of Rotosound Swing Bass Strings. The latter are included in the Rotosound Custom Gauge, which will also be displayed at Frankfurt.

A number of "goodies", among them the Rotosound Tee-Shirts, will also be on show at the How Industries' stand.


Orange Graphic Valve Amp

The Graphic Valve Amplifier is the good news from Orange on stand number 50256 at this year's Fair. Encased in high-density marine plywood, which in turn is covered in vynide, and sporting a carry handle which is tested at 150 lbs., this amp features high and low inputs, frequency analysing control, bass and treble controls, boost, echo send and return and a slave output.

This is not the end of Orange's goodies for Frankfurt. The Super Power Combination, available in either 80 or 120 watt R.M.S. set-ups. The aforementioned is coupled with two heavy-duty 12 inch speakers, and is available with or without built in reverberation and the price includes a waterproof cover.

Orange's Custom Reverb Unit, a self-contained unit designed to be used with any amplifier, is equally effective when used directly with an instrument or with the echo send and receive units of a P.A. Together with the Custom Reverb Twin, which is designed primarily for use in a studio and houses two 12 inch speakers, the Custom Reverb Unit rounds out the Orange exhibition quite nicely.

Orange will of course also be offering their proven range of cabinets, columns, P.A.s, mixers and disco units.


Stall number 50164 at Frankfurt will frame the improved range of musical toys and pre-school instruments offered this year by Playsound. Playsound boast that if it can be rattled, strummed or thumped, it will be on this stand. Guitars, a new and improved junior drumset, ukuleles, harmonicas, as well as tuned percussion instruments and disco units will all be displayed.

Playsound have worked in conjunction with CBS/Arbiter to upmarket their entire range of goods. They will also be represented at stand number 51329.


Products of particular interest at stand number 50158 will be the new Dave Simms Disco-Units, and the Liquidator II Effects projector, which has created the most excitement at the Project Electronics pitch.

The Liquidator II is designed so as to allow independent use of the large (6 in.) effects wheel and the smaller effect cassettes.

Coupled with the Project "Add-on" units, which readily fit the Liquidator, the user has a large number of projected effects and variations at his fingertips. The 2,000 hour halogen lamp allows the Liquidator to be used for either portable or fixed installations.

The August range, Project Electronics' budget priced amplification equipment will also be on display. Chief among this range are the 100 watt R.M.S. P.A. amplifier, with four microphone inputs, featuring individual volume controls plus master bass, middle and treble controls and an overriding master volume control.

Coupled with the August 2x12 in. P.A. columns, this P.A. amplifier presents a compact and economically priced P.A. system.


Stand number 50160, Reslosound's pitch at this year's exhibition, will be featuring the latest Reslo Radio Microphone Cabarets, as well as the latest range of Dynamic Microphones.

The completely new range of communication microphones, currently being installed in London taxis, and a wide range of radio transceiver module equipment will also be on display.

Marshall Solid State Amp


One of the most exciting displays in Frankfurt this year is the new range of Marshall solid-state amps. Jim Marshall has kept his lab team busy for eight years trying to develop a transistor amp with the "Marshall Sound" and it is only now that Jim is happy with the result. The range is naturally on display on the Rose-Morris Stand, number 50255 along with the many other well known Rose-Morris items.

The Marshall 100 watt amps (both lead and bass versions are available) boast all the usual and well loved Marshall features such as a front panel with master input and volume control combining both channels, a treble boost switch for overdrive and distortion effects. The back panel has a slave output, a direct injection output for feeding a mixing desk, and an echo socket.

The 100 watt transistorised bass amp has all the advantages of the transistorised lead amp, except the treble boost and studio switch.

A compact 8x8 in. P.A. speaker cabinet, capable of handling 60 watts through its eight Rola Celestion P.A. speakers will also be displayed. This sports a double-angled front panel offering bidirectional output distribution. Sold in pairs, the combined impedance of the cabinets is rated at 4 ohms.


Four new amplifiers from Simms-Watts will grace the Rosetti display at stand number 50244. The P.A. 100 watt 4-channel amp; an all purpose 100 watt amp with built-in fuzz control; a 100 watt P.A. amp with Hammond fuzz control.; and a special design, so new that nothing is being said until the unveiling in Frankfurt. All the amps are solid-state.

The introduction of compact units fitted with high-frequency horns suitable for use with guitars, P.A. or discos extends the current range of speaker cabinets, and foremost among this new range is the H100, which is fitted with an R.C.F. 15 in. 100' watt speaker plus four high-frequency horn units. The engineers at Simms-Watts are rather pleased with this last item, which they believe will meet the demands of musicians, vocalists and D.J.s.

The existing Simms-Watts Disco range will be on display and there will be demonstrations of all equipment in a soundproof booth.


Three completely new models from Sharma will catch the spotlight at stand number 50145.

The smallest of these new speakers is the 650, which features the new Audio-Max speakers. Next in line is the Sharmette Professional, with revolving horns and 100 watt Goodman bass speakers.

Showpiece of the range is the 5,500 from Sharma. The 5,500 boasts 2 x 100 watt Audio-Max speakers, and 2 x 50 watt pressure horns.

Sharma will also be displaying their new Combo De Luxe, a foot controlled pre-amp, as well as their usual range of equipment.


An entirely new range of solid-state amplifiers, with outputs of 15 to 100 watts (R.M.S.) will be the focus of attention at Selmer's display represented by the American firm Norlin (parent of the Gibson Group). Selmer's new series is lead by the Super Reverb 30 Combo Amp. Featuring two channels (four inputs), a specially designed reverberation unit and two heavy duty speakers, this new amp is equally suitable for stage or studio.

The introduction of the 15SS amplifier was Selmer's answer to the musician s demand for a small but efficient unit which can also double as a stage or studio amp. It was designed especially to eliminate "white" noise and electronic hum, and sports a single channel with a 13in x 8in elliptical speaker and a power output of 15 watts.

The latest range of Kentucky organs, including the 101 Adventurer, the 201 Challenger and the 301 Explorer, all of which feature automatic rhythm rhythm, are on display for the first time ever in Frankfurt.

Selmer's Melody Maker range of low priced brass and woodwind instruments will be on show as well. New additions include the Super Melody Maker Trumpet Outfit and the Super Flute Outfit which will make their debut at this year's exhibition. The full range of Saxon guitars and Sellond Latin Percussion instruments will also be available for trial and demonstration.


Three Phaze units which offer additional effects previously obtainable only in the recording studio are the centrepiece of Larry Macari's Sola Sound Stand.

Chief among these is the Coloursound Phaze Pedal 4 Segment Phaze unit. In this unit, the phase effect is speeded up with the action of the pedal, while straight sounds are actuated by a foot switch.

The Doppletone Five Segment Phaze Unit boasts two circuits with phaze and bubble. The speed of the phaze is variable, with the use of a slider pot. The second circuit bubble is also controlled by a slider pot, and provides an accentuated phase sound plus a distorted ring modulation sound.

Larry Macari's Supaphaze Pedal

The Supa Phaze, a seven segment phaze unit with a wider range of phaze than either of the two above-mentioned models, will also be at the forefront of the Sola Sound Stand. In this unit, the speed of the phaze is controlled by the pedal's angle.

All of the above units may be used in conjunction with the electric guitar, electric organ and pianos or P.A. vocal units.

For use with electric guitars, basses, pianos and organs, the Chuch-A-Wah, housed in a steel pedal case, provides a novel effect. It is a special type of sound filter which is triggered by the volume of the instrument. The switch is foot operated and the greater the input signal, the greater the effect.

Sola Sound will of course also be displaying their wide range of amplifiers, especially the new Mighty Atom 5 watt practice amp, microphones and mixers, and the complete range of Colorsound Effects.


A new, rugged and extremely durable power amplifier with an output of 180 watts rms is the newest exhibit at Soundout Laboratories stand, number 50249. This complements the existing range of discotheque consoles, speakers, amplifiers and accessories, which includes the Series III disco console, available in either mono or stereo.

Soundout's recently developed a full range exponential horn enclosure, specifically designed for the Disco/P.A. market, and this will also be on display.


Tuff-Nail, a concentrated liquid for strengthening the finger nails of guitarists and improving their natural resistance to damage, will attract a good deal of the attention at stand number 50243, the pitch belonging to Terry Gould International.

Terry Gould's workshop will also be displaying their complete series of elastic Capos, with models designed for the banjo, six string, curved fingerboard, twelve string guitars, as well as an extra strong Super Capo for continuous professional use.

English Saddlers Leather has many uses, and Terry Gould have found an ideal application for it in their various range of guitar straps and slings, varying from standard to extremely soft leather, with brass buckles, and adjustable wooden toggles.


Focal point of the Vitavox display at stand number 50156 will be the new 4kHz. This new horn provides for the first time the ability to create horizontal sound dispersion from a vertical horn, making a sound previously available in a complex of horns available in one horn for the first time. Designed for use with the S3 Pressure Unit from Vitavox, it is ideal for use in the upper audio ranges.

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International Musician - Mar 1975

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