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Welcome to The Mix

Article from The Mix, December 1994

Although the Internet has been around for quite a while, it's only with the introduction of front-end systems such as the World Wide Web (WWW) and Mosaic, that it's become accessible to the majority of computer users. Add to that the arrival of budget service providers such as Demon, and you're onto the next big step in worldwide information exchange. And it's no longer limited to text, with animation, stills, video, sound, and software, making it the largest resource centre the world has ever known. Whatever your area of interest, be it llama breeding or indoor speleology, you'll find all the information you want on the net. There's even a little about music... well, quite a lot actually - and every day there are more record companies, artists and manufacturers piling onto the net, keen to exploit its incredible potential.

But what are the implications for the musician? On a basic level it can be a source of information for as many facets of music production as you can think of - studios, producers, artists, gear prices, secondhand gear, info about specific products, and so on. But then go beyond that. For many musicians working at home, it's the perfect medium for interacting with other musicians anywhere in the world. They can write a piece of music, dump the MIDI files or samples onto the net, and wait for collaborators on the other end send back a different version, and so on. It's interesting to see established artists such as Yello putting samples of their latest tracks on the net for anyone to use. And it doesn't end there. With the imminent arrival of software which allows the realtime transmission of audio, the musician now has a way of getting their music anywhere he or she wants. Think about the implications of this. No longer will you have to spend a fortune in pressing some records or CDs in order to sell your music. No longer will the large record companies have a stranglehold on the music marketplace. Much in the same way that small labels have prospered in the last few years, even smaller ones will be able to survive and prosper using the inexpensive method of information transfer that is the net.

The explosion of the net also has implications for magazines such as The Mix. Obviously it's the perfect way of getting feedback to the magazine and communication in general. But there's a hell of a lot else we can do, and will be doing. Our first 'The Mix on the net' page (p13) gives an introduction to the net, along with a list of music sites where you can find almost any music-related information you require. Every month you'll find more and more stuff from the mix on the net, with information, interviews, samples, MIDI files, reviews and tutorials being made available through our own homepages. Eventually, we might even be able to dispense with the CD on the cover (and save you some money, too), once enough readers are netted-up, and I'm sure one day in the not-too-distant future you'll be able to get your monthly fix of The Mix entirely down the phone line. We're obviously excited by the prospect, but we are particularly interested to know what you want to see on the net, so do write, phone, fax...hell, even e-mail us on (Contact Details).

Well, it's been an eventful and exciting first six months for us here at The Mix, and hopefully for you too - just remember while you're scoffing your turkey and Christmas pud, we'll be kicking ass in 95, bringing you the best in interviews, news, reviews and tutorials!

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Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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The Mix - Dec 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Editorial by Chris Kempster

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