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Urban Cookie Collective

Rohan Heath of The Urban Cookie Collective

'Tease me, tease me, tease me' sing Chakka Demus & Pliers. All in good time, gentlemen, all in good time. First of all, let Rohan Heath of the Urban Cookie Collective face the fax.


Although 'The Key, The Secret' - which has recently peaked at No.2 - is Rohan's first hit, he's been a part of the Manchester dance scene for some time. Last year, Urban Cookie released two singles on Phonogram, 'Pressin' On' and 'Lucky Stars', before the name change and a move to Pulse 8 Records. This followed stints for Rohan with Together - 'Hardcore Uproar' reaching No. 12 in 1990 - and A Guy Called Gerald. Session keyboards for Yargo complete the impeccable Manchester credentials, but he's just returned from an extensive US tour at the keys with reggae legend Eek-A-Mouse. A follow-up to 'The Key, The Secret' is due mid-October, and in the meantime the Urban Cookie Collective have started work on their debut album.

1 What was the first synthesiser you ever played?


2 Who is your favourite musical pioneer?

"George Clinton/Funkadelic/Parliament."

3 What's the difference between Take That and Stravinsky?

"Take That don't appeal to me. Stravinsky was a genius."

4 What's the difference between a drum kit and a drum machine?

"You can fit one in your pocket. Guess which."

5 Playing live: why bother?

"It ensures you keep your ability up and keeps you on your toes."

6 Which record says most to you about music technology?

"Brian Eno and David Byrne: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts."

7 What does the phrase 'multimedia' mean to you?

"Don't know!"

8 How do you react to hearing a sample of your music on someone else's record?

"Great! It shows they liked what you originally did."

9 What is the next piece of equipment you would like to buy?

"Roland MKS70."

10 Will technology become invisible?

"No, just smaller."

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Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Music Technology - Oct 1993

Donated by: Ian Sanderson


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