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Andy McCluskey manoeuvres his way around our questionnaire

Milky Way well be the snack you can eat between meals. But MTease is the questionnaire you can fill in between recording sessions. And who better to provide the proof than OMD's Andy McCluskey...

Out on manoeuvres

During December, OMD hit the road for the following dates: Glasgow, SECC (4th); Sheffield Arena (6th); Birmingham, NEC (7th); Manchester, G-MEX (8th); Cardiff, Wales National Ice Rink (10th); Bournemouth International Centre (11th); Wembley Arena (12th). This year, the latest album Liberator reached 14 in the album charts - Andy's second without Paul Humphreys and other founder members of OMD.

1 What was the first synthesiser you ever played?

"A Korg Micro-Preset, bought from my Mum's mail order catalogue."

2 Who is your favourite musical pioneer?

"Ralf Hütter - Kraftwerk."

3 What's the difference between Take That and Stravinsky?

"Stravinsky had better string samples."

4 What's the difference between a drum kit and drum machine?

"Some drummers play better after a couple of pints, most drum machines don't."

5 Playing live: why bother?

"What constitutes 'live' these days? It's louder than in the studio... It's a great way of losing money... You don't get groupies at the back door of a studio."

6 Which record says most to you about music technology?

"They are both old now, but 'Warm Leatherette' by The Normal and 'Trans Europe Express' by Kraftwerk changed my whole world."

7 What does the phrase 'multimedia' mean to you?

"It usually involves people with some money, few ideas and no talent."

8 How do you react to hearing a sample of your music on someone else's record?

"I've never heard one yet. I would have no problem if someone sampled OMD..."

9 What is the next piece of equipment you would like to buy?

"A MIDImoog."

10 Will technology become invisible?

"It is already - most record buyers have no idea that most records are made using computers and samplers."

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Music Technology - Dec 1993

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