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Music Maker Equipment Scene


The M.E.T. range of stands and accessories includes two professional stands - a four tier and a two tier keyboard stand which are both adjustable in height and angle, taking synths like the Prophet 5, the Juno 6, electric pianos and organs.

Also from the range are single keyboard stands, speaker stands, heavy duty boom stands (available in chrome or colours) Mic stands (both boom and mic stands are with attached folding legs so no more lost bits!).

New to the range is the add-a-boom arm enabling two booms to be used on one stand (£10.70) and the add-a-script holder, where you can keep your music or your sound effects (£10.70). Completing the new line up from M.E.T. is a low level boom stand and a professional three tier keyboard stand.

The M.E.T. range of stands and accessories is distributed in the U K. by Sola Sound Ltd., (Contact Details).

Heron Electronics are to distribute the York 1KO 859, a portable dual stereo cassette machine with 3 band stereo radio facilities. One of the cassette decks is for play only, the other for play or record from tape, radio or an external source.

Power is from mains or batteries and retail price including VAT is approximately £89.95.

Further details from Heron Electronics Ltd., (Contact Details).

Rosetti are to import a new range of inexpensive cymbals from Germany. Meinl Streamers are claimed to give exceptional sound and durability for their price range, for example, with a pair of High-Hats at £24.95 or a 14" Crash Cymbal at £12.95.

The range also includes 14" High-Hats, 15" Crash, 16" Crash and Thin Crash, 18" Crash Ride, 20" Thin Ride, 20" Medium Ride, and 20" Ride.

Further details from Rosetti. (Contact Details).

Hamer have introduced the radical new Phantom A5 guitar, featuring a unique pickup system claimed to offer more sounds than two conventional guitars. Developed by Hamer and Police guitarist Andy Summers, the A5 features a Lubritrak nut, permanently impregnated with a lubricant which reduces tuning problems, one 'Slammer' humbucking and two 'Slammer'1' single coil pickups, mahogany construction, Schaller 'Hamerlock' tuners and a wide choice of possible colours.

Further details from Hamer, (Contact Details).

Audio-Technica release the Sound Burger, a portable disc player using line or headphone outputs. It plays at 33½ or 45 RPM, has two headphone outputs, a double belt drive system, battery or mains adaptor power, a choice of red, yellow or silver finish and a dual magnet cartridge.

It's highly portable with an integral carrying strap, and can easily be connected to a hi-fi amp. A pair of collapsible headphones is provided and retail price including VAT is £89.95 recommended.

Further details from Audio Technica, (Contact Details).

Multivox have extended their Big Jam range of effects pedals. The Delay-2 offers up to 400mS, twice the maximum of the previous model. The Tuner has an illuminated VU meter plus red and green LEDs to indicate sharp and flat. Guitar pitches and A440 are audible as reference. The Parametric EQ has Gain, Frequency, Band Width and Level controls. The Volume Pedal is an active electronic design which is silent in use, and like all the other pedals works off a nine volt battery, or the 9V supply from the new SECX System Case designed for 4 pedals.

Further details Multivox, (Contact Details).

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Electronics & Music Maker - Apr 1983


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