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ATC IS a rare bird. It's a new company set-up specifically to manufacture and sell high quality driver units and that's unusual.

The company is housed in converted laundry premises at picturesque Strand-on-the-Green, Kew, beside the tidal Thames in an operation headed up by a German salesman and Australian scientist. This unlikely combination has been together for a year or so and since January this year the company has been producing a limited number 12 inch speakers.

"We are producing very high quality 12 inch speakers for applications, where quality rather than economy is the main requirement. There is considerable research behind the launch of our driver and I'm delighted to say that many companies who manufacture sound equipment are either already installing our speakers as standard or as an optional extra," says marketing director Hans-Gunther Freytag.

The development brain is Bill Woodman. Before starting ATC (Acoustic Transducer Co.) he was on R & D with Goodmans who have been known to produce the odd driver, and he has brought his experience to bear in producing a speaker he believes to be something special.

The 12 inch units produced by ATC are rated at 75 watts RMS for standard and bass application with a hi-fi speaker rated at 100 watts. It is in the design and winding of the coils that ATC claim their major advantage. The coils are bonded edgewise round copper ribbon wire, twice treated to ensure their ability to withstanding the great heat long usage at high volume can produce.

The company is still young and Hans and Bill are excited by the initial response to their driver. In the days of multi-national corporations producing everything from traffic lights to hi-fi systems it is refreshing to find a company who are putting all their resources into a single 12 inch speaker.

Chingford Cabinet

CHINGFORD ORGAN Studios are excited about a new amp and speaker system they are importing from Germany.

Called the Solton,the cabinet is a two-speed rotary speaker system with brake and it has an unusually high power output of 130/160 watts. Two inputs for connection to an organ or instrument are provided and Chingford are offering free delivery of the system anywhere in the U.K.

New Pace

PACE ELECTRONICS are a new amplifier/equipment manufacturer based in Cambridge. The company is producing a wide range of items for group use.

Headlining the Pace range is a P.A. mixing desk. This is a 12 channel desk with full monitoring and EQ facilities. To match this desk, Pace produce a 200 watt slave amplifier, a P.A. bass bin which is offered with either a Celestion 100 watt speaker or a Gauss 150 watt speaker. Also available are Radial and Sectorial horns, monitor speakers and accessories such as a compressor and a digital delay line/automatic double track.

Leslie Push

BECAUSE THE NEW Hammond portables are expected to meet high demand, Leslie speakers under the management of Ray Hammond, are gearing up to supply two tone cabinets along side the Hammond X5 and X2 portables.

Despite the fact that supplies of the Hammond will be comparatively limited until autumn, most organists are expected to opt for either the 825 or 760 Leslie rotary cabinet to compliment the organ, so Leslie have been promoting the cabinet to dealers who are stocking the Hammonds.

Marathon Record

TONY SANTOS, the DJ who has built a career for himself by breaking marathon playing records, has recently chalked up another marathon success at Gullivers Club in London's West End.

The DJ ate and slept during LPs and managed to play over 700 hours of nonstop dancing music.

Throughout the marathon, Tony used Soundout disco equipment exclusively and apart from changing the cartridges once, no other maintenance was necessary.

New Address

SOUNDCRAFT ELECTRONICS have recently moved to a new address. They are now at Soundcraft Electronics Ltd., (Contact Details).

Hamilton Pre-Amp

HAMILTONS OF Teesside have recently introduced a new product which provides a quick and simple way of connecting Sharma or Leslie Tone Cabinets to portable electric keyboards. The Interface Unit A pre-amp features independent volume, bass and treble controls, and provides three inputs, which will receive a wide range of signals, including the output from organ headphone sockets. A speed change switch, speed indicator lamps and a footswitch socket are also provided.

Dynelectron Guitars

DYNELECTRON GUITARS are now distributed by Rosetti and Co. The guitars have been available in the U.K. for around 18 months and they have quickly gained a following due to their highly distinctive shape.

Of particular interest is the four and a half octave, 31 fret neck and the body shape allows good access to all frets. The guitar has twin pick-ups and the volume pots also act as tone controls by a pushpull operation.

Models available are a six-string guitar, bass guitar and a fretless bass. The price of all three models is £149

Rosetti Promotions

EMI RECENTLY announced a number of promotions within Rosetti House of Music. Michael Hunka has been made executive chairman of the company. A principal shareholder in Rosetti on EMI's purchase of the company in 1969, Hunka will continue to supervise the company's operations and developments on a full time basis.

Michael Cowan, formerly Assistant Managing Director, becomes Managing Director, supervising the day-to-day activities of the company. Former Director of Administration Richard Watt becomes Assistant Managing Director.

Two new Directors have joined the Rosetti Board. Pete Tulett becomes Sales Director, and John Thompson becomes Director of Special Projects.

WMI Expansion

George Osztreicher

WMI LTD. have acquired British Music and Tennis strings from the recently collapsed Dallas Musical Instruments Empire.

The group will be adding BMTS to their Cardiff Music Strings organisation and it is hoped that the many well known brands of string that BMTS marketed will continue to appear in the shops.

At a London reception to market the acquisition, George Osztreicher WMI's boss said, "We are delighted to have acquired this well established string manufacturing company and we are certain that we can build it up in conjunction with our existing products to provide a real service to both dealers and players alike."

Vocalist Competition

ENTRIES FOR the International Club Vocalist Of The Year Competition that is sponsored by Beyer Dynamic and Club Mirror in association with International Musician have been arriving en masse at our office.

The competition final is to be held at Belle Vue in Manchester during September and the winner gains an inscribed professional microphone, and a recording test. For entry details see the announcement elsewhere in this issue.

George Osztreicher

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International Musician - Jul 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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