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New From PAIA

2 New Modules

4720 VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR (Shown above - right)

We've been working on and off for about 2 years on up-grading VCO designs. After taking a short time out to incorporate some of what we'd learned in the 2720-2A we're now ready to introduce the 4720 VCO. This oscillator offers Range, Linearity and features that place it at the high end of the performance scale while still being low in cost.

4720 Voltage Controlled Oscillator - Preliminary Specifications

Power Req.: ±9v. @ 20 ma.
Range: 16 Hz. to 16 kHz.
Outputs: Ramp
C. V. /Freq. response: Linear
Features: Front panel control sets initial pitch of oscillator. Internal Pulse Width Modulator. Wide Range - Exceptionally linear.

When this oscillator appears in our 1976 catalog the selling price will be $34.95. But for a limited time we will be offering it to past customers for $29.95. This offer applies to pre-release sales only and will expire on the anticipated shipping date of the first units, Dec. 1, 1975.

4730 MULTI-MODAL VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER (shown preceding page - left)

The biggest single weak point in the 2720 series modules was the filters. The 2720-3L and -3B weren't bad for the price but we certainly couldn't have sold them for any more than we did. Now we have the 4730 Multi-Modal Bi-Quad (transfer function quadratic in both numerator and denominator) Voltage Controlled Filter. Like the 4720 VCO, this unit is high in performance and low in cost.

4730 Multi-Modal VCF - Preliminary Specifications
Filter Type: Voltage Controlled bi-quad; state variable

simultaneously available

16 Hz. - 16 kHz.

Max Q:

Power Requirements:

front panel init. freq. control
front panel Q adjust
extremely linear keyboard tracking

1976 catalog price will be $37.95 but on pre-release orders we are offering a special price of $32.95. Offer expires on anticipated first shipping date of December 1, 1975.

...and 2 for the ROAD!

The Pygmy Amp taught us how to build vinyl covered cases, so now we introduce the 4761 Wing Cabinet and 4762 Keyboard Case.

The 4762 Keyboard case features slip hinges on the keyboard cover and a hinged top for tuning access. Includes instructions for retro-fitting your 2720-8 innards and a now power supply for these electronics. All necessary hardware included.

The 4761 Wing Cabinets have space for 13 single width modules and includes power buss rods, special single width interface panel for power distribution and all hardware. Buy two and we throw in hinges, latch and carrying handles (NOTE: two cabinets shown above.)

#4761 Wing Cabinet $16. 95 $2.50 shipping
#4762 Keyboard case $34.95 $3.00 shipping

Sorry - no packages available with these cases at this time. But if you have special requirements write and let us quote.

The Road Cases Are Ready!

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Polyphony - Copyright: Polyphony Publishing Company


Polyphony - Jun 1975

Donated & scanned by: Retro Synth Ads


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