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Here's the first 4700 series package, a system configured by John for his own use. It's module complement is selected to provide the capabilities of two synthesizers in a single case. The left hand cabinet is intended to be used primarily with the keyboard controller and features two 4720 VCO's, a 4730 VCF, 4711 Quad Stereo Mixer, 4740 Envelope Generator and 4710 Balanced Modulator/VCA. The right hand cabinet can be thought of as a Sequencer based synthesizer system and includes a 4780 twelve event Sequencer, VCO, VCF, Envelope Generator, Balanced Modulator/VCA as well as a 4712 Reverb Module and Control Oscillator/Noise Source. The system includes three of the 4770 Watt Blocks.

If all of the modules, cases, keyboard, etc. were purchased separately, the ticket would come to about $575.00 but as a system we can offer it at the price listed below.

4700/S Synthesizer $499.00 40 lbs.

PAIA/De Amend Pedal Volume Control

We've made special arrangements with Rowe/De Armond to sell their model 1600 as a PAIA/De Armond foot pedal. If you're familiar with this pedal you know that it's one of the toughest made and is an industry standard.

We will be offering some special effects goodies in this cast housing before too long, but for now we're making it available in a volume control/expression pedal configuration for use with synthesizers, guitars, or whatever you've got. De Armond's recommended list price is $54.00 but to Polyphony subscribers we're able to sell it for $29.95.

PAIA/De Armond Foot Control #*1600 $29.95 plus $1.50 postage & handling


Fully described in "How to" article on page 8. If you're not up to rounding up the parts yourself or wiring them together, send us $1.50 and we'll send you a complete kit with circuit board, parts and a step-by-step instruction sheet.

#1710 Preamp kit $1.50 postpaid.

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Polyphony - Feb 1976

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