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New Products

Expected on these shores within the next couple of months or so, the Korg Super Section PSS-50 is a new programmable rhythm composer and is seen as a valuable assistant for the composition, practice and recording of backing tracks.

The PSS-50 allows you to programme a backing pattern made up from a choice of the following instruments: three types of piano, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, brass, synthesiser, organ and strings.

An eight-piece drum-kit comprising bass drum, snare, open/closed hi-hat, low/high tom and handclaps concludes the instrument line-up.

The Super Section is divided into two compositional parts, one containing 48 pre-programmed rhythm patterns (disco, reggae, ballad, rock etc.) and the other containing 16 memory locations for user programs. Up to eight songs may be stored internally and played back automatically, and a tape interface allows further song programs to be stored on cassette. All drum sounds are digitally sampled.

Further information from Rose Morris, (Contact Details).

M&A have informed us that recent research has shown that as well as the K2 all-in-one-stand format, there is a need for their Percussion Synth to be available with individual pads.

Custom kits with individual pads are now available, and allow drummers to have any set-up they wish. The user can specify the sounds he requires on the presets and build up a kit comprising up to a total of eight pads and link them to the eight-channel analogue electronics unit.

Details from Magic Music, (Contact Details).

An interesting new loudspeaker design has been announced by Wilmslow Audio. It uses four high-power 8" drive units by Peerless of Denmark in an unusual reflex configuration supplemented by a bullet tweeter. Power handling is 250 watts RMS and suggested applications are: public address, overhead speakers for disco and side fills on large PA rigs. The speakers are available in kit form at £189.95.

Details from WilmslowAudio Ltd, (Contact Details).

Monitor Systems Technology have been appointed sole UK distributors of Rauch Precision Power Audio products. MST are a new company set up by ex-HH Head of Sales Jerry Mead. New ranges of products will be introduced throughout 1984, the first of these being the X900/FET power amp. This is an 800-watt MOSFET amp which can be used in mono or stereo mode. Specifically designed for PA and studio use, the X900 features XLR connectors on all inputs and outputs, 5Hz-to-50kHz frequency response, -100dB hum and noise rejection, substantial mechanical construction and a forced-air cooling system.

Monitor Systems Technology, (Contact Details).

Connectronics have recently introduced the 'Stand-Off' range of shock isolated microphone mounts manufactured in the USA. Stand-Off units come in a variety of configurations and suit both vocal and instrumental use. Neoprene foam shock isolators ensure that only minimal vibration is transmitted to the microphone, making them particularly suitable for use on drum-kits.

Further information from Connectronics Ltd, (Contact Details)

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