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No IM, No Comment

OSC Go Soft

The Oxford Synthesizer Company has been appointed official UK distributor of the Steinberg Research range of professional and musical software. The range includes the PRO16 fully polyphonic real and step time sequencer (£90), the TNS scorewriter and music editor which transcribes and prints complex music in standard music notation (£120), the SES sound editor for Yamaha's DX7 and TX modules (£70), COSMO sound editor for the Casio CZ synthesizers and the WAVE sound editor for Korg's DW6000 (both £70). The Piano Partner and the Guitar Partner combine aural and visual feedback to show all the chords and their inversions and to depict their relationships to scales (both £35). All the software is disk based and runs on the Commodore 64 computer. The sequencer, scorewriter and DX7 editor can also run on Apple II and IIE computers.

Also available from Steinberg via OSC are three items of hardware, namely: the MMI MIDI interface, the SYNC for syncing drum to tape and drum machine and the INT deluxe MIDI interface and synchronizer (£40, £35 and £135 respectively).

For further information contact OSC, (Contact Details).

More PPG tips

PPG Plus

PPG, who are now exclusively distributed by Turnkey in the UK, have announced a series of upgrades and add-ons including MIDI retrofits, 2.2 and 2.3 updates, an expanded sound library, new operator manuals and a generally more user-friendly approach. The new PPG system now offers 16 bit resolution, 42kHz sampling rate (21K bandwidth), auto-looping and merging plus levelling, sustain and decay and up to 13 seconds sampling time. A further improvement to the system is the ability to mix up to four sampled sounds and re-save as one new sound, thus conserving voices and creating track space.

Further details are available from Nick Williams on (Contact Details).

From the left, the ZZ, Ironman and RS Wildcat

Aria Additions

This month sees the Aria Pro-2 area expand with three new models. The Ironman available in Black, White or Candy Apple Red, features an extra flat neck and wider frets for faster and more comfortable playing and includes in its design the new Act-Plus locking tremolo with a fine tuning system. The ZZ Bladerunner is endowed with the Smooth Kahler tremolo and Hot Blades pickups and is available in black and interesting white. The third is an addition to the Wildcat range. The RS Wildcat Plus also features an Act-Plus locking tremolo with fine tuning system and is available in Black or Candy Apple Red.

Prices are £269, £379 and £269 respectively. For further details contact Gigsville, (Contact Details).

Kids Wanna Rock Shop

Jack Brand and Ed Jones give it the thumbs up

There should be plenty of fireworks in Camden this November as the London Rock Shop celebrates five years in the malicious minefield that is the music trade.

The shop who have never referred to their clientele as 'punters' will be giving away free plectrums and various other memorabilia throughout the month of November and free champagne may not be completely out of the question. The other good news is that the Rock Shop will be open again on Sundays from November through to January when you'll be able to pop along and try out the latest ranges in between going to church and visiting Camden Market. The London Rock Shop is to be found at (Contact Details).

Ears To You

John Hornby Skewes have a new range of budget headphones aimed at the home recording market. The GE600T feature tone controls on each padded ear piece and nine foot of coiled lead (£13), the slimmer CH302E comes with volume controls and a nine foot coiled lead (£11). The GH569 and GH609 models are collapsible earphones designed in a light 'Walkman' style featuring foam padded ear pieces and cassette-type carrying case and come complete with four foot of straight lead (£3.95 and £4.95 respectively). All four units come with standard jack plugs.

Further details are available from JHS, (Contact Details).

The Lynx — an eccentricity

Mini the Lynx

Who but Tannoy would think to introduce the joys of the dual concentric loudspeaker to live sound? This eccentricity brings scientifically the advantages of dual concentricity found implicitly in the more terrifically aurifically pernickity studio monitors... to the world of public address, indeed, to the world of Rock'n'Roll.

Such companies as Malcolm Hill and Court Acoustic have benefitted from the idea in the past and more recently Tannoy themselves have launched their very own Wildcat range of dual concentric PA systems. But now, as if that wasn't enough, they have introduced a new, more compact version of the same called the Gelded Moggie. In fact nothing so vital has been omitted, but rather the new system, called the Mini Lynx, is based on the recently developed 8" dual concentric drive unit as used in the DTM8 studio monitors. The system consists of two of these drivers mounted in two MDF cabinets. The Mini Lynx can be used individually or as a 2x8" angle fronted high power unit.

For further details contact specifically Felicity... er sorry, Claire Davies, on (Contact Details).

More Delay from the Dod Squad

American company Dod, who recently launched a range of digital floor effects, continue the line with the PDS 2000 digital sampler. The creamiest features of the PDS 2000 are that it features a two second delay, full bandwidth and infinite repeat. Now the guitarist, bassist, keyboard player and electronic drummer can all benefit from the unit's ability to sample and layer a full two seconds of music to infinity. Like Wow! The full sampling capacity of the PDS 2000 is released either by a self-contained footswitch or by external trigger source.

The PDS 2000 digital sampler is available now from Rhino Music Spares, (Contact Details).

Enough to blow your head off

Drum Amps Boom

The market for live electronic percussion amplification widens with Trace Elliot's Electronic Percussion Amplification Systems (EPAS). For a good live sound, wide frequency response, a massive dynamic range and robust speakers are a must and Trace Elliot believe they have come up with the goods. There are two amp heads available and three different speaker configurations.

The EPAS 400 consists of a 400 watt stereo amp head (200 plus 200 watts into 8 ohms) and a pair of 1018 cabs which feature a 1x18 bass speaker, a 1x10 mid/high and a professional bullet tweeter for extremely high frequencies. The EPAS 800 has two modes of operation. The first is in the mono bi-amp mode delivering 400 watts of mid/high into the 2x10 crossfiring speakers and a high power slot tweeter and 400 watts of bass through 2x18 bins). The second alternative is the full stereo range mode putting out 800 watts into 4x1018 cabs.

Both amps feature mono/stereo switching, high and low eq, master volume on each channel, line output and transformer-balanced DI output, which is switchable pre or post eq, plus fan cooling and stereo headphone output.

For prices on the various configurations contact Soundwave, (Contact Details).

Off with its Head

Part & Parcel now have available a full kit of hardware for headless or would be headless basses. The demand by customising guitarists and guitar builders alike has produced a full kit of parts for radical conversion of standard basses and for the construction of modern headless basses. The kit comprises the main bridge tailpiece unit, complete with four spindle tuners, the clamp nut string retainer for the end of the neck and the Allen key for string removal. The bridge section allows for intonation and height adjustment. All pieces are finished in a fetching black chrome.

The complete kit costs £99.95 and details are available from Part & Parcel, (Contact Details).

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