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What's new in the world of the Micro Musician

Cost-effective Editors

St Albans-based Poke Systems have just launched a range of budget synth Editor/Librarian packages for all the popular four operator FM synths namely the Yamaha TX-81Z, DX-11, DX-21, DX-27 and the DX-100.

The range of packages offer full menu-driven editing facilities, voice randomisation and storage, all for just £50.

Each program uses base level screen drivers so they'll work on just about any PC compatible with an MPU-401 MIDI interface or equivalent.

Needless to say we'll be reviewing one of these editors in the next issue.

For further information contact Poke Ltd, (Contact Details) or Computer Music Systems at the their new address (see separate news item).

Free Tapes!

If you are a BBC Micro owner who is contemplating the purchase of a Music 5000 or Junior package from Hybrid Technology but want to know what it sounds like before you shell out then Hybrid have the answer in the form of a short tape featuring extracts from the cream of the last years submissions from AMPLINEX - The independent AMPLE disk mag and AMPLE DCT — their online Database.

The tape has a wide range of musical styles on it ranging from Classical cover versions to original rock/pop compositions.

The tape costs £2.95 and is available from Hybrid direct, however if you're one of the first 30 people to send them a stamped addressed envelope (stating where you read about it!), they'll send you one for Free!!!

Just Contact Micro Music Tape Offer, Hybrid Technology Ltd, (Contact Details)

Euro Trade Show

April saw the first European Computer Trade Show held at the Business Design Centre in London. It has to be said that I was duly underwhelmed at the size of the show and the level of attendance, but then again I shouldn't be too harsh as it's the first one. Of interest to us was the Micro Illusions stand where I was shown the complete version of Music X - the Amiga sequencer to end all Amiga sequencers as seen in the last ish. The good news is that finished product should be available by the time you read this. Eidersoft (from Power Computing) were showing their Amiga MIDI interface/Software/Master Keyboard package plus sampling software for both the Amiga and the ST.

Clares gave us a sneak preview of Amadeus, a front end for the Armadillo Archimedes eight bit sampling podule, which, at first glance looks at least as good as Armadillo's but has the advantage of being fully RI5C OS compatible.

Hybrid Arts - The Next Generation

A few weeks ago I spent a pleasant day at the offices of Hybrid Arts and was shown some stonking good stuff for the Atari ST.

On the hardware side there was the new ADAP II direct to disk sampling system which should give - at one end of the spectrum many of the dedicated hardware samplers food for thought and at the other should give the mighty Synclavier a serious run for it's money.

ADAP II combined with Hybrid's own 760 (that's right 760) Mbyte Hard drive gives the user a good six hours worth of compact disc quality stereo recording.

Several US studios have already got ADAP systems are are using it for adding sound effects. A prime example being The Cosby Show.

Hybrid are now offering rackmounted STs configured to the users requirements. The Megastation can have up to four megs of RAM, MIDI IN, OUT and THRU plus any other bits and pieces you need or can afford.

On the software front there is Gen Edit, billed as the only Editor/Librarian package you'll ever need!

For the first time user Hybrid are also planning an exciting all in one package. We're not allow to go into too much detail but it will consist of a six voice FM sound source on a cartridge combined with simple note editing and mixing software all for about £70!!!

Stay tuned for full reviews next issue.

Erato Alpha Test Success

You may recall we mentioned a highly sophisticated notation package from Erato Software based around a graphics tablet in our Frankfurt Report last issue.

The Music Manuscriptor has just been put through its first in-house Alpha Testing, and the results were very encouraging indeed.

The test was conducted using David L. Newman's new score for the silent movie Sunrise by German expressionist filmmaker F.W. Murnau in 1929.

The tests certainly served their purpose as several new features were implemented as a direct result of a field test such as this. Both Newman and the Utah Symphony Orchestra were reportedly very pleased with the speed/ease of use and the quality of the laser output respectively.

Final product should be with us by late summer. Stand by for a review in a couple of issues time.

Contact Erato Software Corp, (Contact Details)

All Systems go for EMR

Acorn Arc owners can look forward to some choice goodies from the EMR Arpeggio range.

Studio 24 Plus version two should be ready for the British Music Fair and will allow the inclusion of pictures from the ray tracing package Render Bender from Clares plus, more importantly, SMPTE time coding compatibility in conjunction with the soon-to be released SMPTE podule. Version One owners will be offered an upgrade path and new owners will be expected to pay £150.

Also in the pipeline is Rhythm Box - a grid-based drum editor which utilises eight internal sounds. The price, £40.

Contact Electromusic Research Ltd, (Contact Details)

Changes of Address

Computer Music Systems have just recently moved from Teddington to hip and trendy Camden Town. The new address is as follows... Computer Music Systems, (Contact Details)

The new premises allow CMS to expand their range of services to include a Laser Bureau service for music printing based around PC and Mac systems and demonstration facilities for products like the Yamaha C-1 Music Computer.

Incidentally in case you haven't read the flannel panel on the contents page (and let's face it who does!) Micro Music have moved into larger premises in Hemel Hempstead, (just six miles outside the Twilight Zone!) The new contact details are... Micro Music, (Contact Details)

This address is good for Editorial, Advertising, and Services Departments. However don't worry if you've just recently sent something to the old Golden Square address as communications are being rerouted.

Next article in this issue

Moments In MIDI History

Micro Music - Copyright: Argus Specialist Publications


Micro Music - Jun/Jul 1989

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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> Moments In MIDI History

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