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We take a look at all the latest happenings in the world of Micro Music

Who's in the Mouse!

Some years back, Atari released their own Trak-Ball for use, primarily with their own 8 bit games systems and computers.

Now, this controller has been been given a new lease of life thanks to Hard Edge Connections and their ST retrofit.

These re-tweaked controllers can replace the mouse on an Atari ST (any model). The advantage of this is that the Trak-Ball takes up far less workspace which makes a lot of sense for ST owner both in the home and studio.

The Atari/Hard Edge Trak-Ball is available mail order for £28.95 including VAT and Delivery.

Contact Hard Edge Communications (Contact Details)

For the Muso on the move

Applied Systems Developments Ltd have launched a new portable printer. The Personal 80 printer can be run from rechargeable battery or mains operation and includes charger and car cigarette lighter adaptor. It weighs 1.5 Kgs including paper and is very quiet.

The printer features a speed of 80 cps, full column width and graphics capabilities. It has no ribbons to wear out and uses thermal paper. The retail price of the Personal 80 is £159 plus VAT.

Contact: Applied Systems Developments Ltd (Contact Details)

Technics Synthesizer Keyboards

Technics have introduced two synthesizers to their range of products, the SX-AX7 and the SX-AX5. The new system used in these is called PCM squared. This treats a musical instrument sound as having two parts, an attack (related to its articulation and non-periodic elements) and a body (related to its overtone spectrum.) To create a sound you choose an attack and combine it with a body from another. It is also possible to arrange your own rhythm patterns and add automatic accompaniment. The SX-AX7 will retail for £949.99 and the SX-AX5 for £1199.99.

Contact: Panasonic Consumer Electronics (Contact Details)

Panel Beaters

Signex have announced the launch of two new products, Universal Panels and the N-Case System. The Universal panel has been designed to allow users to create customised connector panels using any combination of components which feature the standard Neutrik 'D' flange. The panels feature a bracket which provides exceptional rigidity and also allows the connectors to be retained using a single screw and keeps the front panel free of fixings.

The N-Case System goes a little further with an N-Case modular housing system, the user can create a huge variety of enclosures for mounting standard 19" rack panels. The cases are robust and can be used for free standing applications or wall mounted applications.

Contact: Isotrack (Contact Details)

The Latest news from Ampsound

Ampsound say that their newly introduced scheme of equipment leasing is working very well. The leasing scheme spreads your payments and at the end of the payment time the equipment is yours. If you are interested in this idea Ampsound have a list of example systems priced.

Ampsound have also announced two Infra-Red Remote Switches. Used for remote selection of monitors and amplifiers, levels and mutes. Type 1a has remote selection of up to 4 monitor-pair outputs, VCA mute switch, gain control and optional bar graph level display. Type 2a has remote selection of up to four amplifiers, VCA control of gain, level (balanced in and out) and optional bar graph level display.

Also, Ampsound have a system of the new format, 24-track on 1" tape, the Tascam MSR-24 up and running in a studio environment, ready for demonstration. Demonstrations of !Inspiration, Cubase and Creator are also now available from them.

Contact: Ampsound (Contact Details)

Gajits announce distribution of the Sequencer One

Gajits Music Software have announced that their new 32 track sequencer for the ST, Sequencer One, will be available soon from music and computer shops nationwide. Sequencer One is being distributed by Hugh Symons Music Division. For details of the features incorporated in Sequencer One see our review feature later in this issue of Micro Music.

Gajits have also announced a new range of Sound Development Programs which multitask with Sequencer One. The products run on the Atari ST as either normal programs or accessories and an Amiga version will be available soon. The first two programs cover most of the current range of Roland gear instruments and will retail at £99.

Contact: Hugh Symons (Contact Details) OR Gajits Music Software (Contact Details)

Midistudio price reduction

Ladbroke Computing have reduced the price of MIDIstudio, their fully featured MIDI sequencing package. Originally the package cost £99.99 but has now been reduced to £49.99.

Ladbroke Computing can also fit 512K, 2Mb and 4Mb upgrade boards, which work on all ST's, and are supplying a kit to upgrade any ST to 2.5Mb. The kit costs £60 unpopulated and £249.99 populated.

Contact: Ladbroke Computing Int (Contact Details)

A new look from HHB

At a special press conference HHB clarified its dual commitment to customers in both the broadcast and music recording industries and also previewed their major refurbishment and expansion programme at its Scrub Lane premises.

Included in this 'new look', is a 1,500 sq. ft. demonstration facility to showcase music technology and a further 700 sq. ft. demo area for broadcast equipment. The 24 hour emergency service for major customers has also been improved, with additional service equipment and expertise. In addition to these changes HHB have increased their staff headcount by 25% in less than 12 months.

DAT is the key area for HHB in relation to their new products. They are now the sole dealers of the Sony DTC-1000ES. They have also taken responsibility for pro-audio distribution for the ATC range of studio control monitors. Currently this range comprises of five models. In the Broadcast area HHB has been appointed major London dealer for Soundcraft and has more involvement with Soundtracs and Focusrite and are also enjoying extended relations with Panasonic.

Contact: HHB Communications Ltd (Contact Details)

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