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UK Electronica

Please note that the ticket prices announced last month for the UK Electronica festival were in fact correct only for tickets purchased in advance. The full price list is as follows: Daytime - £4.00 in advance, £5.00 on the door (includes £1.00 food voucher): doors open 11.00am. Evening - £3.00 in advance, £4.00 on the door: doors open 7.30pm.

Also, we heard just before going to press that Computer Music Studios will be holding a day-long demonstration at the event, being held this year at Sheffield University Campus on Saturday, September 8.

Further details from the organisers: Inkeys, (Contact Details).

Ian Boddy - On Stage

Newcastle Media Workshops are playing host to Ian Boddy on September 22 at 7.30pm for an evening of electronic music. Ticket information from Newcastle Media Workshops, (Contact Details).

German Oddities

Conrad Schnitzler, founder member of Cluster, has made available (through Transmitter Cassetten) a box of 12 previously unpublished albums in cassette form. Container T1-T12 consists of six C90s worth of new material at a cost of DM600. Contact Transmitter Cassetten for further info and their current catalogue, at Medienexperimente, (Contact Details).

News has also reached us from Germany about a new music cassette from Peter Kaminski: Synthesis. A mixture of EM styles ranging from Bach fugues, through Tangerine Dream to modern rhythmic synthesis, acoustic instruments are nowhere in sight on the album, the music being performed mainly on MIDI synths (two DX7s, SCI SixTrak, and Roland JX3P) controlled by a Commodore 64 and run by software and interfaces designed and developed by Kaminski himself. Copies are available from Electronic Music Productions, (Contact Details). Cost to residents of European nations (inc. postage airmail) is DM13 (IMO or Eurocheque), Overseas DM15 or $6.

Computer Love

Due for release about now is a new film Electric Dreams, the plot of which centres around a home computer that 'falls in love' with the girl upstairs. Wait up, what's that got to do with E&MM? Well, it so happens that the film soundtrack features the likes of Philip Oakey, Culture Club, Helen Terry, Jeff Lynne (ELO), Giorgio Moroder, and Heaven 17. The film may not win any Oscars, but the soundtrack - combined with some impressive Tron-like computer graphics - saves the day. We especially liked the part where the (home?) computer composed high-tech pop totally unaided, yet with the sound capabilities of a Fairlight, DX7, and Drumulator combined: and not a MIDI link in sight - strange... The original soundtrack is etched on Virgin Records, V2318.


Alternative Linn

Alternative percussion sounds are now available for the LinnDrum from Syco Systems, who've set up a special demonstration computer program to play any of the 100 available sounds on demand. Prices range from a single chip at £35.00, two at £45.00 and four at £65.00 (all prices plus VAT). An expansion board to increase the maximum number of steps per song (from 99 to 250) is also available.

Further information from Syco Systems, (Contact Details).

Tubby Synth

The Tubby Drum Company have come up with a nice idea in the shape of their Tubby Synth percussion synthesiser. Tubby Synth comes complete with eight Tubby Drum mic pickups, one of which is placed inside each drum shell or under each cymbal of an acoustic drum kit, an eight-channel stereo mixer, and a drum synthesiser section incorporated into each channel.

Each input channel allows the user to balance the levels of acoustic and synthesised sound and create the desired synth drum effect, and also offers an input sensitivity control and a pan pot for placing the drums in a stereo mix. Eight XLR input and output sockets are provided (as well as master L and R outputs), so that the drums' sounds can be given further individual EQ and treatment at the main mixing desk. A headphone socket and volume control will no doubt prove useful, while a Sequencer input socket on the back panel allows the Tubby Synth to be controlled by any sequencer with a Centronics D output socket.

The Tubby Drum Synth carries an RRP of £695.00 (inc. VAT) and further info can be had from the distributors, Musimex, at their new address (Contact Details).

Judging was recently completed for the Carlsbro Competitions, featured over four issues of E&MM earlier this year. Details as follows:
January '84 Competition: Winner D W Fox, Leicester Prize Scorpion Lead Dealer Carlsbro Sound Centre, Leicester.

February '84 Competition: Winner Jerry Cameron, Southend-on-Sea Prize Cobra 90 Keyboard Combo Dealer Honky-Tonk Music, Southend.

March '84 Competition: Winner Tim Williams Prize Marlin 6-150 PA Mixer Amp Dealer R & T Music, Cumbria.

April '84 Competition: Winner Mark Duffield, London Prize Cobra 90 PA plus two 2x10 150W Speakers Dealer Rose Morris Ltd, London.

Congrats again to the lucky winners...


DX7DUMP (E&MM August '84)

The *SAVE command for the machine code should have been as follows: *SAVE MC CA3 D00

You can thank an error in the Watford DFS manual for that one - but the rest of the DX7DUMP errors are all the author's (Chapman hangs his head in shame!). He's also set the keyboard links on his BBC Micro so that the beast boots up in screen MODE 3 - if you haven't, you might like to add the following line to DX7DUMP: 10 MODE 3 Finally, alter the lines below to read as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.


In order to ease the problem of obtaining the opto-isolator for this project, the magazine specified a different opto-isolator from that used in Jay Chapman's prototype. Unfortunately, the Maplin opto-isolator does not seem to be fast enough for the job, though at least one reader has succeeded in using this device by changing the values of R2 from 15K to 470R, and R3 from 220R to 100R. To solve the problem once and for all, we're arranging to supply an opto-isolator with the right specification at the amazing price of only £2.75 (inc. p&p). Please send orders to Mail Order Dept, E&MM, (Contact Details), making cheques/POs payable to Music Maker Publications Ltd, and allowing 28 days for delivery.


September 28 sees the release of The Complete Synthesiser Handbook, written by Michael Norman and Ben Dickey. A preview of the contents looks mighty impressive, with chapters ranging from synths (equipment and techniques), to electronic percussion devices, interfacing, synths in the studio, and interviews with leading exponents of synthesiser music. This 160-page publication will be available from Zomba Books, price £4.25, and a full review will follow shortly in E&MM.

Markk Lomas has sent us details of a new agency he's formed aimed at eliminating the expensive promotion stage that many bands have to go through on their way to the top.

The list of facilities on offer includes a musicians' contact service, promotion of bands to record companies, photography, video, preparing demos and leaflets, mailing, and so on, all at reasonable prices. For further info and rates, send an SAE to: Markk Lomas Agency, (Contact Details).

The Hi-Fi Show, Heathrow Penta Hotel, Heathrow Airport - September 6-9 (6-7 Trade Only).

Seventh Personal Computer World Show, Olympia 2, London - September 20-23 (£3.50 Adults/£1.50 Children).

Second APRS Digital Seminar, BAFTA Theatre, Piccadilly, London - October 29.

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