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What's Hot - Not What's Not!


C-Tape's newly launched APT system looks bound to appeal to drummers who want to use electronic and acoustic drums simultaneously. The APT system (it stands for 'Acoustic Percussion Trigger') comprises internally mounted C-Tape mikes and signal processing to provide both audio and simultaneous trigger pulses. With the system connected between an acoustic kit and any 'percussion brain', normally triggered by pads or externally triggered drum machine, the whole gamut of sounds from Simmons, Pearl, Dynacord, UP, Linn etc, becomes available to the acoustic drummer, who can mix and match these sounds with his normal acoustic sounds.

Separate audio outputs allow the real and triggered sounds to be mixed in any proportion and, in the studio, an extra use of the APT could be to allow overdubbing of triggered voices from real drum sounds on recorded tracks.

The APT system is available in either 2 or 5 channel versions and is expected to be with selected retailers later this month. Prices for the 2 channel version are £245 inc VAT and £389 for the 5 channel model.

C-Tape Developments Ltd can be contacted at (Contact Details).

IT Comp Winners - We Name the Guilty Men!

Apologies to IT readers wondering who won the great competition prizes from IN TUNE issues 2 and 3, a PRO-AMP VOODOO 75 watt combo and a YAMAHA SG1300T guitar. We did intend to run details last month but space ran out at the last moment Here, at last are the crucial answers - and the names of the winners!

A PRO-AMP VOODOO 75 watt combo, worth £249, went to IN TUNE reader Steven Cassidy from Northwich, Cheshire. Steven already owned a Pro-Amp Demon (a smaller model than the Voodoo) and was particularly delighted with his prize as he tells us that he loved the sound from his Demon but really needed a bit more power. He'll certainly get that from the Voodoo!

For all you IT readers still burning-up brain cells on the questions posed in our PRO-AMP competition, here are the correct answers:

1 - Pro-Amp's 15 and 45 watt practice combos are called 'Demons,' (Answer C).
2 - the Pro-Amp Voodoo 2x10" model uses two Celestion G-10-50 speakers (Answer True).
3 - The Voodoo uses MOS-FET devices (Answer True).
4 - Celestion speakers are made in Gt Britain (Answer A).
5 - Pro-Amp's top of the range 'hybrid' models are called Vipers (Answer True). So now you know!

No messing around with cheap guitars when IT offers a competition prize! The beautiful YAMAHA SG1300T, worth some £550, offered in Issue 3 went to reader Mark S. George, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Mark, a university student, cites recording and studios as his main interest (apart from winning Yamaha guitars, that is!) and the SG1300T should make the perfect partner for his Yamaha MT44 home studio system!

Here are the answers, for those of you still wondering!
1 - Yamaha's U.K Musical Instrument Division has its headquarters in Milton Keynes (Answer B).
2 - Yamaha's MSX Music Computer System is called the CX5M (Answer A).
3 - The Yamaha SG1300T has a bound ebony fingerboard (Answer True).
4 - The Yamaha SG1300T is fitted with a coil tap (Answer True).
5 - Humbucking pickups are (normally) Twin coil devices (Answer A).

Congratulations to both these two lucky IN TUNE winners! Our thanks meanwhile, go to Pro-Amp, Rosetti and Yamaha, as well as to the many hundreds of you who entered both competitions. Don't worry if you haven't won anything yet - we've lots more great prizes on the way!


Those lucky devils at Manson Guitars have just moved home to a new workshop in Crediton, glorious Devon.

Andy, Hugh and the Manson team have upped sticks - they say because of greatly expanded business and the need for larger premises, but we reckon it's all that 'scrumpy' that's lured them!

IT readers looking for either Manson acoustics or one-offs can reach the lads at Manson Guitars Ltd, (Contact Details). British High-Speed Telecom have even managed to get their 'phone connected (just!) - and you can call them on (Contact Details).

Trade distribution of Manson electrics is by Musimex, (Contact Details).

Tascam Make (More) Tracks

As if the new 4, 8 and 16 track recorders and mixers launched by Teac/Tascam at the recent APRS show (see our report in this issue) weren't enough, yet another Tascam model has just been announced, the 34B 4-track open reel recorder.

The 34B appears to be aimed primarily at the Audio-Visual market where Tascam's previous A3440 has been a market leader for some years, but it may have other applications outside of the A/V world. Claimed to combine the flexibility of the A3440 with the model 34's sophistication, the 34B uses the 34's 'advanced head design' with the same close-tolerance transport system plus mike input input/output level controls and 'phones monitoring per channel. An anticipated retail price will be around £1,350.

Details of all Teac/Tascam products from Harman (Audio) U.K Ltd, (Contact Details).


IT readers looking for the best in leads, stageboxes, PA multiway systems etc should be first in line for copies of the brand new catalogue from specialists Musicable. Musicable's 'Alright Jacks' 11 page brochure details their full range of products (all available via mail order) including the 'Super Heavyweight' noiseless instrument leads, which now come with a very generous 3 year guarantee. Other items include their Multi-Link stagebox/multiway cable systems, with complete PA multiway systems and studio wall connector boxes. Also featured is a range of phono, jack and XLR type connectors, mike, instrument, speaker and multiway cables.

You can get your copy from Musicable at (Contact Details).


A fascinating exhibition, In Tune With Design (a happy coincidence, we assure you!) is currently being featured at the Design Centre, in London's Haymarket. The show highlights British musical instrument technology, ranging from the most traditional instruments to the latest High-Tech innovations.

Featured among the exhibits are instruments from such luminaries as Chris Eccleshall, Premier, Simmons, SynthAxe and many others. The show is running in London until September 1st, and then transfers to the Design Centre's exhibition premises in Glasgow from September 24th through to October 26th. You can get more details for the Design Centre's London press office on (Contact Details).


Fancy winning £1,000 and getting a top quality Shure mike in the process? Well now's your chance, because all purchasers of Shure's SM58, SM57, PE66 or PE86 will find a special registration form inside the box, giving them chance to win one of several £1,000 cash prizes!

Boxes containing the offers carry a special flash identifying them, and every 250th card received by Shure's U.K distributors H.W. International will win £1,000 - not bad, eh?

The competition offer stays open till the end of September, and you can get more details from any Shure dealer or direct from H.W. International at (Contact Details).

Para from SED Programmable

An adventurous 'programmable parametric equaliser' has just joined the range of gear being handled by newcomers SED (Studio Equipment Distribution). Called the Stage Accompany SA PPE-2400, the new unit provides 4 bands of 2-channel parametric Eq., visual displays of input gain (with adjustable sensitivity), Boost/Cut 'Q' factor, Centre Frequency, Output Level and Programme in use. 64 separate settings are storable in memory, accessible from the front panel keyboard, and can be carried by an optional remote control to another PPE-2400 for use in different locations. Computer link-ups and studio automation are also possible options.

What are we bid for this new unit? £10,000, £5,000, £2,500? No, the SA PPE-2400 will probably sell for around £1,500. Queues of anxious customers can form outside SEDs premises (who can supply full details of this newcomer) at (Contact Details).


Good news for bassists hunting for a British craftsman-made fretless at a very affordable price is the launch of a fretless version of the excellent Gordy 'Blueshift' bass. Also new from Gordy is the option of a Kahler trem system on the equally impressive Gordy Redshift guitar (both reviewed in IT Issue 1).

These newcomers expand the ever-increasing line of gear from Keith Hand's Formula One Music Ltd. which now includes Gordon Smith, Fylde Acoustics, Canary mixers and amps, numerous cases leads plugs sockets and more. Gear hunters can reach Formula One at (Contact Details).


Rosewood, ebony, koa, mahogany, cedar - curiously, legendary acoustic guitar makers C.F. Martin have never used maple for their instruments throughout their 152 year history - until now, that is.

1985 sees a revolutionary change with the launch of a new range of maple Martins. Available in Jumbo (J-65M, J12-65M or 'Grand Auditorium' M-64 and MC-68) sizes the J-65M and its 12 string sibling have tortoise-style binding, heelcap and pickguard, ebony fingerboards and bridges plus gold machines and pearl buttons. The J-65M also has a scalloped brace top and low profile neck. The 'M' size models also feature scalloped bracing similar low profile necks and the 'tortoiseshell' details. The 'Venetian cutaway' MC-68 also features scalloped bracing the low profile neck and a mother-of-pearl headstock inlay.

Simultaneously, Martin have developed a new bracing pattern for their 12 string acoustics. All Martin 12 strings now have a new, lighter bracing and a large maple bridgeplate. According to Martin, the lighter bracing allows the guitar's top to move more freely, and increases volume without sacrificing the physical strength of the guitar's top.

IT readers can get details of C.F. Martin products from the Dreadnought Guitar Co., (Contact Details).

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In Tune - Copyright: Moving Music Ltd.


In Tune - Jul/Aug 1985

Donated by: Gordon Reid


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