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On The Net

Article from The Mix, February 1995

More news from cyberspace

Put this in your PIPE and smoke it!

Always at the forefront of new technology, usually tinkering in a decidedly anarchic fashion, multimedia bods NTone/Ninjatune, Hex and Coldcut have recently announced the birth of a brand new On-Line presence codenamed PIPE. Pipe is Hex/Coldcut's World Wide Web site, accessible using Web Browser software like Mosaic or Netscape. Pipe uses the InterNet World Wide Web and is a matrix of linked hypertext html files incorporating information, graphic art, and sound files.

Pipe is intended as a future media webzine, an interactive info/entertainment library centered round the work and interests of Hex, Coldcut and NTone/Ninja including these areas:

Music especially electronic, dub, cut-up, techno, hiphop and funky jazz.
FEVA (Freaky Electronic Video Art) and computer graphics.
NuMedia interactive software, artificial Life, AL Complexity Theory, the Post Human Condition, Slack.

Once within Pipe you can for example access a gallery of cyberdelic pictures from Hex and others. There is also info on Coldcut including playlists from their highly rated Kiss show 'Solid Steel' and the official samples listing and stories behind their tunes like 'Say Kids' and 'Paid in Full'. Pipe includes an interactive NTone/Ninja database/discography linked to details about their artists such as DJ Food, 9Lazy9, Drome and Journeyman, with pics of album sleeves and also 'taster' samples of tracks which can be downloaded and played.

There are also contributions from The Idler (mag for Slackers) and links to other WWW sites of interest. Documents are linked, so expect references to range from Philip K. Dick to Photoshop to Post-Humanism to Politics and Phuture Media - all part of Pipe.

Pipe is being expanded continually; some forthcoming attractions planned to be OnPipe soon:

'Mind Food' Ambientzine by OpenMind/Telepathic Fish
'Dan's Tangental Toy Shop' Funky software Toys by Wild Tangent.
'SoundPipe' - a collection of audio samples inc. more NTone/Ninja tracks and library of Coldcut Audio bytes.
'PipeTV'- a collection of Hex FEVA and other video/animation clips (QuickTime), with sound.

Pipe can be found at:

The Southern site also houses the Mixmaster Morris and Convulsion magazine Web pages.

email: (Contact Details)

Check out this 20 second Quicktime Movie as downloaded from Pipe with it's accompanying music, Glass.

North London Noise Makers

It's not all faceless techno bollocks on the net. The eponymously titled NW2 Noise comes beaming at ya out of leafy Cricklewood and includes info and sound files from the likes of Huggy Bear, Bumgravy, Cornershop, Headbutt and Fabric.

The scatologically challenged Bumgravy are supposed to be Colchester's answer to Take That!, if that makes any sense, and NW2's roster is certainly eclectic. Fans of original indie music should check them out on:

A Spanner On the Net

The Black Dog, mystical anarchists and intelligent techno artists maintain an interesting BBS for those of us who grow weary of the majors' product plugging sites. This is more of yer classic Bulletin Board site, reflecting The Black Dogs interest in paganism, UFO's and alternative culture. There are a variety of interesting files available for downloading, online conferences and links to MUD, an on line text-based role-playing game.

The Black Dog BBS was amongst the first cyber sites in this country and is still one of the most interesting. Dial up the BBS on: (Contact Details) or e-mail the members individually at: (Contact Details)


Talented ambient slacker Richard James has a packed site featuring a full discography of his and other Rephlex releases. Although he is signed to Warp, the Aphex Twin still releases untried and underground product on his own

Rephlex label and this site is an important guide to all that as well as some of the most original Celtechnic graphics around.

Log on to:

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Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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The Mix - Feb 1995

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman




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