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One Two Tightened

Things people DID say that we didn't have room for elsewhere, plus Manufacturers and Distributors.

The bits that wouldn't fit... and the quotes you wouldn't credit.

"I don't really like pop music at all and never listen to it. I think it's very shallow when you consider other forms of music and I prefer to listen to stuff like jazz, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa..." Nick Beggs

Doc Kaufman, inventor of the motorised vibrato, wanted his guitar to sound "like the voice of Perry Como". He made seven.

Is the micro computer really just transcendental hang gliding for the lethargic, or just a solution in search of a problem... Honeybone on computer-sociology.

"Oh God, the Guns of Navarone again. I've never even heard the Guns of Navarone... how do they sound?" Stuart Adamson

It's like building a tunnel. If you possess a fixed number of bricks then you can only extend the length at the cost of reducing the height. Not all the signal squeezes through... Colbert attempts to explain digital echo.

"I've got a blonde Les Paul, I must stress it's blonde, not a Gold Top. It's natural blonde wood, get that right. I'm OFFENDED when people say 'Oh, I love your gold top'." Joan Jett

"Moog came to me about two years ago for some advice (on the redesigning of the Taurus bass pedals), and I said some things. It's a better quality one they've made, bigger range in terms of notes, but some people are so thick when they design gear. Now presumably, most people when they play bass pedals are playing them because their hands are busy. Always the attraction of the old Taurus pedals was that they had an octave switch operated with your feet, a couple of tones, and a decay on and off. Decay is so important — and the new one hasn't got it. They're gonna be in trouble, and it wouldn't cost much to do that. I can't see this one being much of an improvement." Mike Rutherford

"The reason we started Emulating the Steinberger in the first place was because in 'Mad World' I only play a small amount, so it became a real pain to carry a bass guitar around just for a few notes." Curt Smith

"I don't know how the Steinberger will look on me on stage. I'm quite big. It may be a bit odd, this huge guy and a tiny bass. If mine looks dumb I'll have some wood put on." Mike Rutherford

"I played with Zaine Griff and we did four gigs around town in one week — all we were doing really was rehearsing for the album — culminating in the Reading Festival on the Saturday. I was at Hans Zimmer's side of the stage, the other keyboard player was on the other side. So he had the MC8s — the cash tills — with the digital read-outs on. The first number was a half-time number, started off with an MC8 program — Zaine would sing over this whole sequence and the cash-tills would be going away One, dut-dut-dut, Two, dut-dut-dut, on the readouts. We came in on bar 19 with this really heavy riff: bass, guitar and drums. So I never used to count the bars cos I was right next to the cash-tills. I could casually look over, and when it got to 18 I'd sort of turn the volume up on my guitar, straight in, no problem.

"So, the Reading Festival. We're all ready to go on stage, keyed up, and the roadies said, 'There's something wrong!' All the codes were stored on a domestic cassette, and we had a ghetto-blaster to feed them in. But it just wasn't having it — turns out someone had it on radio, so it was being fed Capital Radio. Anyway, we go on stage, and I'm looking out — this is great, sunshine, loads of people. I glance down at the cash-tills — completely black. LED lights don't show up in bright sunlight. Course Hans didn't speak a lot of English: I'm going 'What...' and he's saying 'Very good group, yes?' I look over at the bass player and he nods at me, and I think right, this is the one. So I did this stupendous leap right in the air, and crashed out the riff — and they all stood there. It was the next bar." Steve Bolton

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One Two Testing - Nov 1983


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