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This month, owners of the Ensoniq ESQ1, Roland Alpha Juno 1, Casio CZ101 and Yamaha DX7 offer their sounds for public consumption and personal distinction. Have you submitted a patch yet?

If you're still waiting to see your particular synth featured in these pages, then why not be the first to submit some sounds?

Don't forget that if your patch gets published, you'll receive a free year's subscription to MUSIC TECHNOLOGY with our compliments. So send us your favourite sounds on a photocopy of an owner's manual chart (coupled with a blank one for artwork purposes) accompanied by a short demo-tape (don't worry too much about classic performances and impeccable recording quality; just present your sounds simply and concisely - and convince us you're the best of the bunch). Include a decent-length description of your sound and its musical purpose in life, and write your full name and address on each chart. And remember, edited presets are all very well, but an original masterpiece is always preferable. OK?

YAMAHA DX7 - Nobody Else

Ian Hunt, Middlesex

Yet another of many successful attempts to produce an analogue-type voice for a digital instrument. This one is a surprisingly warm, fuzzy patch, and "as the name suggests, nobody else is needed to generate a full sound for the soloist". Nostalgia rules.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

CASIO CZ101 - Superbass

Andrew Smith, Shipley

This is a very usable patch, which Andrew says is "ideal for sequenced basslines, and even (at a push) imitating slap bass styles. Setting the fine detune to -3 creates a flanged electric bass sound".

(Click image for higher resolution version)

ROLAND ALPHA JUNO 1 - The Juno Collection

J Dixon, Cleveland

Here are just eight of the 16 patches Mr Dixon submitted for our delight - no, if any of you were wondering, you don't get a free sub for each of 'em! We'll leave it to J to describe the charms of these Junoesque lovelies:

- Soft Tone (A): Ideal for slow backing, use in stereo for more depth.

- Synth Flute (B): Will cut through the mix without being too harsh.

- Seq One (C): A must for Vince Clarke impressions.

- Electro Bass (D): OSCar-type, warm, wide and fat.

- UltraBass (E): "Old-fashioned" bass as used by Ultravox.

- Japanese Piano (F): Delicate and warm, yet still brilliant.

- Bell Chime (G): Rich, bright solo sound.

- Emulator II (H): Cold, almost metallic; typical of Emulator strings.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

ENSONIQ ESQ1 - Violant

Glvn Wilcox, Walthamstow

Beautifully authentic viola sound, which, if played with the appropriate technique, will really have people guessing. Glyn suggests using the patch with lots of "wheeling" for expression, and for best effect play it in the two octaves above middle C.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

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