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Readers' own synth patches for Yamaha's CS40M and DX7S make up this month's Patchwork. If you've a favourite synth, why not submit a patch of your own and make it a star in Patchwork?

Music Technology's monthly look at library patches and samples, and readers' own patches. If you're still waiting to see your particular synth featured in these pages, then why not submit some sounds of your own?

If your work is published, you'll receive a free year's subscription to MT with our compliments.

Send us your favourite sounds on a photocopy of an owner's manual chart (coupled with a blank one for artwork purposes) accompanied by a short demo tape (don't worry too much about classic performances and impeccable recording quality; just present your sounds simply and concisely and convince us you're the best of the bunch). Include a decent-length description of your sound and its musical purpose in life, and write your full name and address on each chart. And remember, edited presets are all very well, but an original masterpiece is always preferable. OK?


Terry Kellings, London

An authentic bouncing bass from one of Yamaha's oft-overlooked CS-series synths, this patch utilises the power of both of the 40M's oscillators; warm, rounded and full as a bass sound, a full clockwise turn of the brilliance knob transforms it into a useful lead sound with more of a cutting edge.

(Click image for higher resolution version)


Tim Waters. Lemington Spa

Staying with Yamaha, but coming much more up to date, this patch from Tim (aka Patchwork regular TP Waters, I suspect) is a breathtakingly glossy and transparent bell, delicate for lead lines, warmer and more atmospheric when used for chords. Tim suggests that if the sound rings on too long for your liking, operator 4's EG rate could be changed from 14 to around 28.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

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