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The readers’ synth sound page. This month, ever more resourceful patches for the Yamaha DX7 and Roland Jupiter 8 polysynths.

More details of synth patches and how to get the best from them...

ROLAND JUPITER8 - 'Japanesque'

Wendy, Birmingham

An Oriental-style patch falling somewhere between conventional brass and string sounds in application. Most usable over the upper two thirds of the keyboard, it's best suited to slower chord progressions or the odd bit of lead work. Pitchbend can also be used to add expression if required.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

Available files:

  Japanesque JPV3.mp3 (371 KB)

Interesting pitch bend
Tomás Mulcahy | 22nd Apr 2021 | Downloads: 8

Arturia Jup-8 V patch
Tomás Mulcahy | 22nd Apr 2021 | Downloads: 11

Zipped Arturia Jup-8V3 preset
Tomás Mulcahy | 15th Apr 2021 | Downloads: 10

YAMAHA DX7 - 'Funk Bass'

Paul Wiffen, London

Freelance synth programmer and occasional E&MM author PW has put together a punchy bass guitar sound for the Yamaha's FM best-seller. It's ideally suited to sequenced parts and to complimenting a lower-pitched bass line - the latter is only necessary because real 'bottom' is still quite difficult to achieve on the DX, even for a man of this experience. Not surprisingly, the patch sounds at its best in the lowest second and third octaves of the keyboard, while harder key strikes and aftertouch introduce rapid vibrato.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

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