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mixed-mode CD tracklist

Article from The Mix, January 1995

Your guide to what's on the CD and CD:R0M this month

About re:mix

RE:MIX combines normal CD audio with software readable by a computer's or sampler" s CD-ROM drive. The software will not harm your CD player, but it may make an unpleasant sound. So if you value your speakers, don't play track 1! Most modern CD-ROM drives can also play audio CDs, so computer users get the best of both worlds. And don't worry about compatibility. Your CD-ROM drive - Mac, PC or Atari will simply recognise compatible files and allow you to open only those files.

Software Section

Track 1 CD-ROM


The Pianist
A demo version of the musical library software from PG Music.

Another collection of WAV samples for you to do with as you please

Dream Sequences
The MIDI files from Roger's tutorial are here to spur your remixing efforts on.


Sounds Terrific CD-ROM data
A selection of samples, MODs, and MIDI files from this vast library of musical data for the Amiga.


Samples in A VR and SPL formats
What is this? More samples. You'll have them coming out of your ears before long.

A working demo version of some direct-to-disk recording software for the ST and Falcon. soundchip, and then save them as samples.

Replace your tired system bleep with a sample.

Make some more odd squidges with the ST soundchip.


Guitar Tuner
Make sure your playing doesn't sound like next door's cat using the Mac microphone and this program.

Sound Builder
Construct yourself some noises from samples, even from the PC's own WAV file format.

Sound Trecker
Now you can play all those wonderful MOD files on your Mac that your Amiga-owiring friend has been teasing you about.

Sound Machine & Sound App
Two more sample manipulation programs for you to make squidgy noises with (or maybe not... )

Dream Sequences
The MIDI files from Roger's tutorial for Mac users.

Audio section

Track 2
Intro Music

Track 3
MC Dan flexes his tonsorial muscles on another introductory opus.

Track 4
Tunnel Vision: 'Encounters'
Ambient Teutonic Techno from the heart of south London in a journey to the other side. Kinki Roland describes an out-of-body experience in an exclusive remix from his new album O.B.E.

Track 5
Alien Sex Fiend: 'Inferno '
Games music is no longer just 8 bit squeaks and blidges as games developers take advantage of the CD fidelity afforded by 16 bit games machines and computers. Alien Sex Fiend have produced the soundtrack to Ocean's new game. Inferno and a jolly good job they did too. Mr and Mrs Sex Fiend put on their leather gear and whipped up this exclusive remix just for you.

Track 6
MC Dan again, with a funky intro to Roger's Dream Sequences tutorial and Nigel's On The Beat drum kits.

Track 7
Roger 'James' Brown gets behind the mike and comes over all instructional in this, the second in his Dream Sequences series, and the first interactive tutorial! You in the back row. sit still!

Track 8
The sounds used by Roger are included here for you to sample and make your own intro track to 'Re:Mix', using the MIDI files on Track 1. Get Mixing!

1. 808 Boom Kick
2. 909 Kick
3. 808 Rimshot
4. 808 Hihat 2
5. Hi-Q
6. WorldBandVox
7. Yello Bass
8. Sy.Solo 11
9. Dr Bonky

Track 9
The first drum kit for On The Beat...

Track 10
On The Beat drum kit number two...

Track 11
And finally. On The Beat kit three.

Track 12
MC Dan gets down and toasts this month's sample palette.

Track 13
Drum loops from Charlie Morgan's Master Drums 2 sample CD.

Pattern 1. Entire 16 bars followed by six part edits including Start. Stop, Loop and three Fills.

(This is the same format as the CD-ROM section of Charlie's sample CD). Pattern 76. Another 16 bar loop.

Track 14
Get your see-through blouse and satin trousers out and sample the licks from this selection of guitar licks and riffs.

Track 15
A selection of Phunky Phat loops from X-Static Goldmine, to inspire your hip hop and acid jazz grooves.

Track 16
Tribal, a Jungle Loop from Loopisms Volume Four.

Track 17
DanceHall, breakbeats from Loopisms Volume Four.

Track 18
Huh? Even more hardcore drum and bass from Beavis and Butthead.

Track 19
Boom, a workable loops from the Producer series.

Track 20
Underworld, the workstation concept gives us another usable loop.

Track 21
Raiders, another usable loop from the Producer series.

Track 22
Finally a sample from that modem classic, the JD800.

Track 23
Ruff vocalising from MC Dan again, this time he's talking in the demos of Roland's Super Sound Canvas and Digitech's Vocalist II.

Track 24
Danny McAleer gave his Atari a break from ray-tracing long enough to record this demo using the new SC88.

Track 25
He even found the time to record a few one-shot samples from the track, so you can kid your friends you own one.

Track 26
Roger, meanwhile had to be restrained from putting his version of 'You Can't Hurry Love' on Re:Mix as a demo of Digitech's Vocalist II, coming up with this quotation from Pachelbel's Canon to demonstrate the Vocalist's harmonising prowess.

Track 27
More from MC Dan with an introduction to this month's selection of readers demos.

Track 28
Picasso: 'Heryelamy.'
A number from Picasso's blues period, as the band weed out the dyslexics amongst us with this catchy title.

Track 29
Paradox: 'Fun Up There. '
Ambient trance techno from this contradictory project with a drifting, spaced kind of feel.

Track 30
MC Dan toasts us out until next month.

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Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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The Mix - Jan 1995

Donated by: Colin Potter, Chris Moore

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman


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