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On this month's RE:MIX mixed-mode CD...

Article from The Mix, October 1994

The words behind the sounds on this month’s CD and CD-ROM

About re:mix

Re:Mix combines normal CD audio with software readable by a computer's or sampler's CD-ROM drive. The software will not harm your CD player, but it may make an unpleasant sound. So if you value your speakers, don't play Track 1! Most modern CD-ROM drives can also play audio CDs, so computer users get the best of both worlds. And don't worry about compatibility. Your CD-ROM drive - Mac, PC or Atari - will simply recognise compatible files and allow you to open only those files.

Track by Track

Software section


Sound Edit 16
To accompany Ian Waugh's direct-to-disk feature on page 28, here's a demo version of Sound Edit 16, the recording software with multimedia options.

Twiddly Bits
Some excerpts from the Twiddly Bits library of useful instrument riffs, licks and chords. With these disks you'll never need to program a guitar strum again. Read the review in Toolbox.

Yamaha SY35 Sounds
Improve the sound of your SY35 with this collection of new patches in SMF format.


Software Audio Workshop
The PC contender in our direct-to-disk feature. Read the review on page 28, then try the demo.

Twiddly Bits
Same MIDI files as above, this time for PC.

Yamaha SY35 Sounds
Same sounds as above, for PC.


Mozart's Dice
Create a waltz with the throw of a dice - it's easy with this entertaining program. See Toolbox for a more detailed description of the software.

Delay Calculator
An invaluable accessory if you're into customising your effects and delays, designed to run alongside your sequencer. See Toolbox for a more detailed description of the software.

Avalon Samples
Two Emulator III string samples from the vast library at Four Minute Warning for you to use in Steinberg's Avalon sample editor.

Audio section

The ghost of MC Magnus lives on...

Rob Green talks to the Italian remixers on page 94. Listen to one of their original tracks in freezone style.

Industrial dance rhythms featuring the virtuoso violin playing of Vylinda, in an exclusive mix for Re:Mix. Read all about this distinctive brand of bowing on page 116.

Last month's track, invigorated with a BPM injection. Owing to some silly errors on the part of our CD mastering people last month, this exclusive mix was somewhat marred. Sincere apologies to all those concerned.

Stomping futurist techno from Sheffield, let these bleeps boost your sense of wonder!

Another of our stunning voice-overs with a track all to itself! A sterling introduction to the sample section.

Urban Flavour samples with the emphasis on urban grooves. An assortment of loops to whisk a breath of fresh air into your drum breaks. Read the review in Toolbox.

18-37 A2D2 Sample selection
A CD full of retro sounds from monster analogue synths like the ARP and Korg DW8000, which squidge, bleep and blurp. Plus a small range of studio test tones. For a full appraisal, see the review in Toolbox.

38-45 D-Zone's Loopisms Volume Three
Another collection of extended drum loops in the Loopisms tradition plus individual strings and organ hits. Sample the loops, then read the review in Toolbox.

Introducing the selection of sounds to use in Nigel Lord's On The Beat tutorial - back with a vengeance, meatier and beatier than ever!

47-66 On The Beat Samples
A collection of percussion sounds from Nigel's own library. The samples are in the same order as listed in the patterns in our tutorial on page 148. Use them to re-create the grooves, or to inspire some new ones of your very own.

Don Coreleone Goldstein, Godfather of the The Mix, returns with an introduction to the equipment demos section.

68 Alesis Quadraverb 2 Demo
Sounds awash with reverbs, delays and multieffects patches. Read what Quadraverb 2 can do in the review on page 20, and then hear the results.

69 Quasar Demo
A hybrid synth featuring three types of synthesis techniques. Listen to some of the sounds that it's capable of, and then read about it on page 70.

Another voice over! This one is to introduce this month's batch of unsigned readers' tracks. And very nice they are too.

Drawn from their Urban Surfing album, 'Ruthless' demonstrates Vivid's distinctive handling of rock rhythms, and demonstrate that there is life beyond dance (but not as we know it, Jim).

This Big Rhythm is Trevor Naylor from Nottingham. Recorded on a Tascam 244 and proof that great work can be done with a modest set-up, these are ethnic trance rhythms to tantalise and uplift you. Everybody put your hands in the air! (and wave 'em like you just don't care! - Ed)

Well, it's goodbye for another month. But rest assured, we will be back next month with a fresh selection of samples, new and exclusive mixes, tutorials and instrument demos. 'Bye for now then.

Theme and incidental music written and produced by Nigel Lord at: The Incident Room Studios, (Contact Details).

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Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

The current copyright owner/s of this content may differ from the originally published copyright notice.
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The Mix - Oct 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Chris Needham, James Perrett

Re:Mix #4 Tracklisting:

02 Introduction
03 Rapino Brothers: Hibernation 412
04 Vylinda: Cazerine
05 Janson & Barbieri: Beginning to Melt
06 Bleep & Booster: Wonder of the World
07 Voiceover for samples
08 Urban Flavour samples - 1
09 Urban Flavour samples - 2
10 Urban Flavour samples - 3
11 Urban Flavour samples - 4
12 Urban Flavour samples - 5
13 Urban Flavour samples - 6
14 Urban Flavour samples - 7
15 Urban Flavour samples - 8
16 Urban Flavour samples - 9
17 Urban Flavour samples - 10
18 A2D2 samples - 1
19 A2D2 samples - 2
20 A2D2 samples - 3
21 A2D2 samples - 4
22 A2D2 samples - 5
23 A2D2 samples - 6
24 A2D2 samples - 7
25 A2D2 samples - 8
26 A2D2 samples - 9
27 A2D2 samples - 10
28 A2D2 samples - 11
29 A2D2 samples - 12
30 A2D2 samples - 13
31 A2D2 samples - 14
32 A2D2 samples - 15
33 A2D2 samples - 16
34 A2D2 samples - 18
35 A2D2 samples - 19
36 A2D2 samples - 20
37 A2D2 samples - 21
38 Loopism Volume Three - 1
39 Loopism Volume Three - 2
40 Loopism Volume Three - 3
41 Loopism Volume Three - 4
42 Loopism Volume Three - 5
43 Loopism Volume Three - 6
44 Loopism Volume Three - 7
45 Loopism Volume Three - 8
46 Voicover for On The Beat samples
47 On The Beat samples - 1
48 On The Beat samples - 2
49 On The Beat samples - 3
50 On The Beat samples - 4
51 On The Beat samples - 5
52 On The Beat samples - 6
53 On The Beat samples - 7
54 On The Beat samples - 8
55 On The Beat samples - 9
56 On The Beat samples - 10
57 On The Beat samples - 11
58 On The Beat samples - 12
59 On The Beat samples - 13
60 On The Beat samples - 14
61 On The Beat samples - 15
62 On The Beat samples - 16
63 On The Beat samples - 17
64 On The Beat samples - 18
65 On The Beat samples - 19
66 On The Beat samples - 20
67 Introduction to equipment demos
68 Alesis Quadraverb 2 demo
69 Quasar demo
70 Introduction to readers' tracks
71 Vivid: Ruthless
72 This Big Rhythm: Raise your hands
73 Farewell voiceover

This disk has been archived in full and disk images and further downloads are available at - Re:Mix #4.


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