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Short takes

Article from The Mix, May 1995

The Mix's terrestrial bulletin board

Short Takes is THE MIX's very own bulletin board — this is the place for dealer information, recording courses, price changes and idle gossip

Audio Technology 85

The National Hall at Olympia, London, is to be the venue for, 'Audio Technology 95', formerly known as The APRS Show, where an array of audio-related technologies and services will be on show from 21st-23rd June 1995. The event's new venue, containing all the exhibits on the ground floor, together with the briefings and workshops programme, have drawn a positive reaction from a wide cross-section of companies.

In addition to regular exhibitors such as Sony Broadcast, AMS Neve, DDA, Sennheiser, Amek and Dolby Laboratories, the show will have a strong complement of new companies — including Micropolis, Euphonix, Audio Toyshop and The Sound Network. Broadcast and post-production interests are also well represented, with Avid Technology, Calrec Audio, Studio Audio & Video and Pro-Bel all promising a strong showing. From mainstream recording, film, duplication and replication to live sound — Audio Technology 95 is the definitive guide to the latest and best in audio.

APRS will also see a big presence from THE MIX, with our popular seminars running on each of the days, plus our permanently-manned stand where you can come and meet us. So make sure you get your tickets in advance!

More from: APRS (Contact Details)

Competition Winners

The judging panel has finally convened for two of last year's competitions run in the pages of THE MIX. Nowadays we make you jump through hoops, but back then, all you had to do was answer a few blindingly obvious questions and get plucked front 'Fingers' Kempster's ten-gallon hat. Anyway, we are delighted to announce that Mr Mark Earwood of Southampton will be taking home the 'Dream Rack', from August's competition, well we'll be sending it to him actually, all five ART and dbx units.

September's Oktava mic competition, on the other hand, saw Sean Mason of Derry, Northern Ireland, win a pair of MK219 condenser mics (modelled here by Mr Pat Reid, of Rhythm magazine). The following runners-up will receive their KGB greatcoats and fur hats, just in time in the summer: Terry Delandro of London SE16, Alain Moussarie of Creteil (across the channel), George Shilling of Shipton-On-Stour, Chris Holland of Worcester, Dave Downs of Hull and Julius Aitken of Camberwell. Keep on winning with THE MIX! You know it makes sense!

Digital Recording Day At Syco

Following the popularity of its recent Sampler Experience Day, Syco Systems is holding another open day on Wednesday, May 10th. The Digital recording Day will enable potential users to assess many of the different digital recording formats available, and make an informed choice.

The event will be held between 10.00am and 9.00pm, and will feature Digidesign Pro Tools 3 and Session 8; Otari Radar, Alesis ADAT Akai DR4 and DR8; plus the Tascam DA88 systems. Representatives from all the above companies, and Syco technical staff, will be able to offer advice and information. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and a prize draw will be held for a Lexicon reverb.

More from: Syco Systems, (Contact Details)

Roland Moves Reef Operation

Roland UK Have moved their entire MI operation to their Swansea Distribution Centre. As from March, the Fleet sales office closed, and was replaced by a Digital Group showroom and meeting site in West London. Additional staff are currently being actively recruited, to fulfil a number of new job opportunities.

More from: Roland (Contact Details)

Wavedrum Making Waves

Korg's Wavedrum has been causing quite a stir on the international percussion scene since its introduction last year, with many big names using it for live and studio work.

Some of the people using it include Sheila E, Chester Thompson, UB40 and Living Colour. Living Colour's Will Calhoun said: "The Wavedrum is the 21st century tool for electronic drum usage. I eventually want to have a complete Wavedrum kit, with each drum programmed differently."

More from: Korg (Contact Details)

Enterprising New Brum Pluggers!

A fed-up Birmingham DJ has launched an exciting new company, aimed at boosting radio promotion for small specialist dance labels. Greg Hill was so frustrated at the lack of airplay when he worked for the Urban Hero label, that he decided to start his own service, Enterprise Plugging.

Although a plugging service promoting new material to regional radio isn't particularly original, Greg says Enterprise will be different.

"We'll be concentrating on plugging purely dance music, from independent labels to those specialist dance music stations. Larger plugging operations, although good, can indeed be very expensive, as well as unsympathetic to underground material."

More from: Greg Hill (Contact Details)

Smooth Moves

Soundtracs are pleased to announce a surprisingly smooth and successful move to their new premises in Epsom, Surrey. Potential chaos was largely avoided by good teamwork, and the company was back in full swing.

Other moves by Soundtracs include new distribution appointments in Australia, India, Argentina, Slovakia and the Czech republic. Syncrotech Systems Design of Chatswood, Australia, Sound Team of Bombay, India, Muzika of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Audiosales of Bratislava, Slovakia and Audiosales of Prague are now representing Soundtracs' extensive range of audio mixing consoles in their respective territories.

More from: Soundtracs Plc (Contact Details)

Stirling Package For George Michael & The Cure

Songwriter George Michael has just bought a complete multi-track studio package, as recommended by his producer Chris Porter, from Stirling Audio, for personal projects. Stirling have also supplied a complete mobile studio package to The Cure, who are using the system for their forthcoming album in a mansion near Bath.

The package has been custom-designed for the band, and integrated into nine specially-constructed flightcases. The centrepiece of the system is an Amek BIG console, with a 32-track ADAT system. The dynamics/EQ case has GML 8200 EQ, Klark Teknik DN 360, Tube Tech LCA2B, Urei 1178, DBX and Drawmer compressors.

The effects case houses 12 units, and includes Lexicon PCM80 and 70, TC2290 and Yamaha, Roland and Eventide units. The sampler case contains two Akai S3000s, two Akai S990s, and various hard disk storage systems. There is also a case for mic amps, including GML & Focusrite. There were over 9000 audio terminations in all, and the whole thing can be set up and ready to go in under one hour.

More from: Stirling Audio (Contact Details)

Newtronic Sampleware

Newtronic have just released their latest Sampleware Catalogue featuring some interesting CDs and CD-Roms, including the 'Best Drum Sample CD Ever', for which they took on exclusive distribution. It's now available at the lower price of £49.95. The catalogue also features CD products by Boo Records, Pure Technology and the 'State Of The Art' CD-Rom, available for Akai samplers and the new EMU E.S.I. Newtronic also released a huge range of sampling disks for vintage samplers such as the Roland 850/550/330/770 & W30, Yamaha TX16W, Akai S900/950/1000/1100, Casio FZ1 and Korg DSS1/DSM1.

More from: Newtronic (Contact Details)

National Music Day

National Music Day is an annual celebration of live music in the UK, which was set up by Mick Jagger and Timothy Renton M.P. It takes place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 1995. The aims of the day are as follows:

1. Focus on the identification and development of British talent.
2. Introduce new people to music.
3. Encourage people, particularly children to play instruments.
4. Participate — as a musician, organiser or member of the audience.
5. Explore different music genres.

Anyone can take part, by organising an event and registering it with National Music Day Events.

(Contact Details)

Spirit In The Manor

In a recent session at The Manor studios, the Absolute 2s were used during the mixing of Paul Weller's new solo album, and compared to the studio's existing Japanese-made nearfield monitors. In short, Spirit's new speakers sounded so impressive that Paul Weller, co-producer Brendan Lynch (the Lynch Mob) and engineer Max Hayes all immediately ordered pairs for themselves.

They commented: "We found the Spirit Absolute 2 to be a well-balanced nearfield monitor with a good punchy bass end. We were impressed with their handling power, and their compact and direct sound across the whole range of frequencies." A pair of Spirit Absolute 2s delivering 100W will set you back no more than £258.50 inc. VAT.

More from: Spirit (Contact Details)

SM 24 For Stone Roses

Six years in the making, the forthcoming Stone Roses' European Tour will feature monitor mixes provided by the Soundcraft SM 24 Stage Monitor Console. PA hire company Wigwam Acoustics, who are handling tour sound, chose the SM 24 after using a Soundcraft SM 12 desk for indie band Suede's European series of concerts.

"We were impressed with the SM 12, and had heard excellent reports of its big brother. We're looking forward to using the SM 24 this time out", comments Wigwam's Chris Hill. The Stone Roses' two month tour, with the Soundcraft SM 24, commences on 4th April and will conclude with a series of 'secret' gigs in the UK at the end of May.

More from: Soundcraft (Contact Details)

TL Audio Expand Distributor Network

TL Audio had an extremely successful AES show in Paris, with the appointment of distributors in new territories, including Portugal, Spain, Greece, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Switzerland and Israel, as well as the appointment of VW Marketing as sales and marketing representatives for the Asia Pacific region.

Recent sales of TL Audio products include a Valve Compressor to Plus Trente Studio in Paris, and a Valve EQ and a Valve Compressor to Carmelo Luggeri, who is writing and producing an album for Kiki Dee. The Compressor is being used in conjunction with an original AKG C12 valve mic to record Kiki Dee's vocals direct to tape, both at home and at The Mill Studios in Cookham.

More from: TL Audio (Contact Details)

Get a Record And Publishng Deal With D-Zone!

DZone Records are currently looking to sign artists, producers and writers covering all aspects of dance music. If you want your demos returned, send your tape with an SAE to: A&R Dept., (Contact Details).

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The Mix - May 1995

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