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Studio Diary

Who's been recording where

ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS... are pleased to announce that they now have two 24 track studios in operation... Cliff Richard has been producing Allan Shiers new single with Tony Clark engineering... Cliff Richard also working on his own album with Bruce Welch producing... The band Thingy are cutting a single, Peter Vince producing, Tony Clark engineering... Olivia Newton-John is laying some tracks for a new album, John Farrar producing, Tony Clark engineering... Magna Carta have been mixing a single with Ron Richards producing... Ann Mortifee is working on an album with Peter Bown engineering... Rinky Dink and the Crystal Set are producing a promotion tape for an album... Pink Floyd have been doing some overdubbing with Brian Humphries producing... John Leckie has been re-mixing the tracks recorded on Roy Harper's tour... Renaissance have been completing their album working with John Kuriander... Hollies working on tracks for their new album, Ron Richards producing and Peter Bown engineering... Disc cuttings... new Brian Ferry single, Linda Lewis album, Jack Harris single for Decca, all with Chris Blair engineering... Richard Langham cutting an album... Yin and Yan working on a new album... Eagles L.P. in the making

CBS STUDIOS... Singles being cut include Alan Love with producer Nicky Graham and engineer Dick Palmer... Eddie Buchanan for Dino Company, Nick Rici producing, Steve Taylor engineering... Barry Reynolds for CBS with Dan Loggins producing and Dick Palmer engineering... A new band called River cutting a single with Dan Loggins producing and Dick Palmer engineering... Another band, the Mister Men working on a single too... Johnny Nash has been in finishing bits off with Bernie O'Gorman engineering... Good Year Records working with a lady called Viola Wills, Mike Patto producing... Bugatti and Musker who have been on tour with Tammy Wynnette have been recording an album with producer Michael Gore and engineer Bernie O'Gorman... Vince Hill has been finishing off an album with Paul Phillips producing and Mike Ross engineering... Hudson Ford have been doing a recording for Granada T.V., Tom Allan producing, Bernie O 'Gorman engineering... Bill Lesage, a jazz pianist, was recording for Trick Films, Steve Taylor engineering... Johnny Nash's company, Joda Enterprises, booked time for artist Gene Chandler, engineer Bernie O'Gorman... John Williams has been cutting an album, Paul Myers producing and Mike Ross engineering... Trentdale Management booked time for Andy Fraser who was working on an album with Doug Bogie engineering... Mickie Most has been producing Arrow for Granada Television with Dick Palmer engineering...

CENTRAL SOUND STUDIOS... Marianne Faithfull is cutting an album with Simaen Skofield engineering and Derek Wadsworth producing... Ziggy of the Rocky Horror Show has been recording, Simaen Skofield engineering... Ernie Bush, has been doing some mixing... Carol Forbes has been recording with Michael Jacobsen producing and Simaen Skofield engineering...

IBC STUDIOS... had a big surprise when the Osmonds landed on them to mix tracks for Top Of The Pops, all booked discreetly incognito by Polydor, Mike Claydon engineering and Keith Bessey producing... Olivia Newton-John also laying tracks for Top Of The Pops... Chris Neal : cutting an album for Trinifold with engineer Hugh Jones,... Gary Benson doing some mixing for BNC Records, Dave Williams producing, Hugh Jones engineering... Peter Shelley has been recording for Magnet Records, Michael Claydon engineering... Status Quo with Quarry Productions doing some recording, Hugh Jones engineering... Manfred Mann's Earth Band were taping and overdubbing with engineer Andy Miller...

KINGSWAY STUDIOS... Roger Glover and Eddie Hardin are cutting a new version of "Strawberry Fields" on the Oyster label... Steve Hackett of Genesis is recording a new album... Andy Scott, of the Sweet, has been working on a solo single... Max Merritt and the Meteors have been overdubbing an album for Bell records, with Del Newman producing...

LANSDOWNE STUDIOS... Polly Brown has been in, recording with Gerry Shurry for A.T.V. music, John Mackswith engineering... The Pearls have been in cutting a prospective single with producer Phil Swern and John Mackswith... The Rubettes have been in with Wayne Bickerton producing, John Mackswith engineering... John Sinclair was in recording for Penny Farthing Records, with Larry Page producing, David Baker engineering...

MARQUEE STUDIOS... Work on a new Stephanie De Sykes album, Barry Leng producing, Geoff Calver engineering... Leslie Duncan's album, Moonbathing, engineered by Will Roper and produced by Jimmy Horrowitz, is in the shops now... Will Roper is also working on some new material with Art Garfunkel, Richard Petty is producing; should be released later this year on CBS label.

MASTER ROOM... New singles from David Essex, Jeff Wayne producing... G.T. Moore is producing his own... Jim Capaldi is cutting a single... as are Dr. Feelgood... Don Maclean is working on an album... Bunny are cutting their first album, Chas Chandler producing them...

PHONOGRAM... Peters and Lee have been cutting some tracks with John Franz producing and Peter Olliff engineering... Scotty recording an album with engineer, Robert Golding... Johnny Wheeler and John Hanson have both been in recording new albums... Campbell and Law doing some overdubbing for an album...

R.E.L. (EDINBURGH)... have a new engineer Chris Giles, working hard for them... Dillinger were cutting some demo tapes with Neil Ross producing and Chris Giles engineering... The same team have been working on some radio jingles with Bright Red Tandem... The mobile unit has been out recording the Scottish Baroque Ensemble with Leonard Faridman producing... The Sharon Taber Band have been cutting a single with Neil Ross producing...

ROCKFIELD STUDIOS... A Dutch band, Solution, have been in with Gus Dudgeon, Pat Moran engineering... Barry Melton of Country Joe and the Fish has been recording with Dave Charles engineering... Budgie have been working on a new album with Kingsley Ward engineering... Likewise Horslips, with Fritz Fryer engineering... Kierarr White has been recording with Dave Charles engineering... Hobo have been working with Pat Moran engineering... Jonathan Rowland has been producing Tim Rose...

TRIDENT STUDIOS... David Hentschel is producing a sound track for a film, Peter Kelsey engineering... Stephane Grappelli is cutting an album, Robin Lumley producing, Dennis Mackay engineering... Eddie Howell is working with the same team... Charlie have been in recording with producer Mike Stone and assistant engineer, Neil Kernon... Michel Polnareff has been working with Bill Schnee producing and Jerry Smith engineering... Starry Eyed And Laughing have been cutting an album with Dan Loggins producing and Mike Stone engineering...

SCORPIO STUDIOS... Procul Harum have been mixing and overdubbing with John Jansen engineering... Carl Palmer was in for an afternoon mixing and recording, Bill Schnee engineering... Howard Blake has been working on some classical sounds with Peter Hoskins engineering... Street Walker have been doing some remixing on an album...

WESSEX STUDIOS... Mike Batt and Vaughan Thomas recording... Warner Brothers have been in with a new band, Ritzi, working on an album...

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International Musician & Recording World - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


International Musician - Jul 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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