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All about eavesdropping: Scanner make music from overheard telephone conversations

Robin Rimbaud is Scanner, the phonetapping ambient maestro with a combined sense of mischief and pathos. Robin makes records out of overheard phone conversations plucked out of the air by his cunning little device, which we shall examine for evidence in a later issue of the mix. Scanner gigs frequently involve live telephone feeds into the PA of conversations taking place within a short radius of the club, usually mixed with the simultaneous DJ program, and providing a startling new meaning to the phrase 'local venue'.

In case this sounds like a cheap gimmick to you - and wash your ears out with soap and water if it does - consider that Robin is winning many admirers who would like to incorporate Scanner events into their own live appearances, including Black Dog, Orbital, Mixmaster Morris and The Orb's Alex Paterson.

Furthermore, two Scanner albums are available on Robin's own label Ash International, as will be an album of material generated by members of Locust and Seefeel. There's also a Scanner track on 110 Below - Volume 5 of Beechwood's New Electronica series, so named by the imposition of a maximum 110bpm throughout the entire compilation - plus Scanner soundtrack sequences on Warp's Motion video and a forthcoming X-Mix video from Berlin. So watch out.

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The Mix - Aug 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

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News by Phil Ward

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> Partridge in a pair

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