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The Big Ten

The Big Ten - 1980

Article from International Musician & Recording World, March 1985

"Despite Margaret Thatcher's dire predictions for the upcoming economic state of this country, Ray Davies has solved the problem."
Barbara Charone (Jan)

"Nobody would contemplate seriously sitting down at a completely synthesized drum kit to do a gig."
Mike Jackson of Premier (Jan)

"I think musically West Africa is soon going to be contributing enormously to the world of music."
Ginger Baker (Jan)

"When the record company discovered that I didn't want to go on Top Of The Pops we had to get something to use on television. So someone suggested a video."
Gerry Rafferty (May)

"I hope that my kit will last as long as it will stand up, or as long as I make it."
Topper Headon (Jan)

"The music of the Twentieth Century cannot be played on age-old instruments."
Ralf Hutter (Kraftwerk) (Feb)

"I've been assured by several straight faces, that the Japanese component is actually a copy of the American one."
Review of the Aria RS850 guitar (Jan)

"Introducing The Spyder digital micro-computer sequencer! Wow it never worked but it sounded terrific"
Ad (Feb)

"It just is."
Review of Hammond B3000 (Jan)

"G is OK, G Sharp's a bastard."
Don Weller (June)

"It's fun to dither — that's my Zen-ness."
Steve Hillage (June)

"The Stooges had it, you've got it. It doesn't matter how technically proficient you are on crap like that. I'm so glad this article is in this magazine because when all these 'guitar players' read this they're gonna go berserk and shit their pants with hatred because they think you're not a musician."
Lester Bangs interviewing The Ramones (Jan)

"What is 'The Touch' guitar synthesizer?"
Ad (Feb)

"It's hard to tell these days if a group is a Punk spinoff or a band."
Alan Parsons Ad (Feb)

"I think we need more bands like Fiddlers' Dram."
Paul Ashford (Feb)

"SPL 124.5dB @ 200w @ 4ft (Manufacturer's rating) 123dB (A) @ 200w @ 1m pink noise (Test result)... so you pays your money and takes your choice."
Ken Dibble (Feb)

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Publisher: International Musician & Recording World - Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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International Musician - Mar 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

The Big Ten


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