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The Big Ten

The Big Ten - 1981

Article from International Musician & Recording World, March 1985

"Pepper (Adams) and I were sharing a flat back in our batchelor days. Pepper was starving to death because he couldn't cook."
Elvin Jones (March)

"Have you heard the one about the Englishman, the two Irishmen and the American?"
David Lawrenson interviewing Thin Lizzy (March)

"We went out there and we really kicked ass."
Scott Gorham (March)

"That looks great! What is it?"
Jim Rodford reviewing Dynacord's BS412 bass Combo (March)

"The word is out."
Opening line Tony Horkins Jet Black feature (March)

"The word is out."
Opening line to Tony Horkins Mick Karn feature (May) '82

"We get a lot of feedback from our fans, from Dead heads."
Gerry Garcia (May)

"The first three Can albums had tracks which were frighteningly Funky."
Andy Partridge (August)

"So, along comes this big guy, Meat Loaf, like some gargantuan messenger from the Gods."
Jim Steinman (Aug)

"People know that they can come and see us and they don't have to think about"
Dennis Greaves of Nine Below Zero (April)

"I'm no Rick Wakeman."
Gary Kemp (April)

"Hugh Cornwell's vocals became a series of loud rasping noises not remotely resembling voices at all! I mentioned this to Garry Bradshow on the desk who said that this always happened but did not know why."
Ken Dibble — Stranglers PA Column (April)

"Baker Street was done in the toilet at Chipping Norton."
Raf Ravenscroft confesses (April)

"It's debateable how relevant the Moody Blues are to the music of 1981."
Tom Stock comes to a startling realisation (May)

"Now let's get one thing straight. I'm not wealthy."
Stevie Winwood (Jan)

"There is a new music emerging which is linked to social revolution."
Patrick Moraz (May)

"U2's first two singles Out of Control and Another Day recorded hastily with Chas de Whalley in 1979..."
Locks of Chas's hair are available in the foyer (Jan)

"Robert Nesta Marley 6th April 1945 — 11th May 1981... Bob Marley's untimely death last month in Miami robbed the music world of one of its most passionately sincere and articulately influential personalities."
Editorial (June)

"We're not standing up and saying computers should be replacing musicians, what we are saying is that there are a lot of jobs in music that basically a computer can do as well."
Landscape (June)

"Things go better with ASS."
Ad (Aug)

"A close encounter of the Frunt kind."
Ad (Feb)

"I know I'm a jazz guitarist. I'm just trying to figure out how to play Rock & Roll."
James Blood Ulmer (June)

"You ask Cozy and he'll tell you Bonham was the best. You ask Carmine Appice and he'll tell you that him and Bonham are the best..."
Roger Taylor (June)

"The cat who really took me out was Captain Beefheart. Oh man, when I heard that, I peeped where a whole lot of stuff has been coming from. Beefheart's got that other sound; he's not talking about coming out of one culture, but out of the shelf. I mean there's something else happening in his music that wasn't in the original recipe. Like he didn't so much remind me of a singer as a lead voice — that cat in Public Image too."
James Blood Ulmer (June)

"Oh, I puke and make a mess on my chest but I've always been a conservative."
Iggy Pop (August)

"Basically (Simmons drums) have done for drums what what synthesizers did for keyboards. It's the first real progression in drums in years."
Barriemore Barlowe (Jethro Tull)

"I don't do interviews. I know I'm the best. When I'm playing, man, nobody can play like Jaco. Yeah, I use the Fender, fretless. Come on, man. I took the frets out myself. I invented the goddam fretless bass."
Jaco Pastorius (Jan)

"Oh... no... (long silence)... no... no..."
Mark Knopfler upon being asked if he's the new Eric Clapton (Feb)

"There is a magic ingredient which we always call the seventh member of the band, or Mr Steeleye — who is only present when we are all together."
Steeleye Span (Jan)

"I mean, try to imagine what it would be like to play an entire gig without once referring to your cymbals."
Bob Henrit (June)

"The biggest drawback that I can't understand is why sighted people can be so blind... spiritually blind."
Stevie Wonder (Sept)

"Unfortunately I just snapped the neck off the Charvel Strat with the sparkle red finish. I find they break real easy if you jump on them a few times."
Gary Moore (Sept)

"Santana views the the pickups as having distinct personalities and purposes. He is one of the few soloists who constantly switches between them. When asked why, to explain he responds, 'There's something haunting about Miles Davis playing with a muted trumpet. Those soothing things are the neck pickup. The hard edged one is when I step on the wah. It means you're going for the eyes or the jugular. There is anger there. Sometimes as much as your mother loves you, she must be stern with you. That's the bridge pickup. So there's the justices and compassion pickup."
Carlos Santana (Sept)

"A lot of the girls who used to go to our shows in the Sixties, now turn up with their 16 year old daughters. Right now I'm interested in their daughters."
Keith Richard (Nov)

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Publisher: International Musician & Recording World - Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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International Musician - Mar 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

The Big Ten


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