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The Shape of Things to Come

Your chance to find out what new goodies will be appearing in your local music store over the coming months.


State of the art speaker manufacturers B&W Loudspeakers, have upgraded their 100 Series units, which now offer a more powerful and sensitive performance characteristic with an improved bass frequency response. This makes the speakers especially suited to near-field monitoring work.

Price per pair £119 inc VAT. Details from B&W Loudspeakers Ltd, (Contact Details).


From Vesta Fire comes their latest multitrack cassette recorder, the MR-10 PRO, which features double speed tape transport for improved sound quality.

Other aspects of the unit are identical to the existing MR-10B model and these include dbx noise reduction, pitch control and a comprehensive input/output section.

Price £360 inc VAT. Further details from UK distributors: (Contact Details).


From the creators of the Synclavier system comes a new standalone direct-to-disk multitrack digital recorder. New England Digital will launch this mouthwatering new product as part of their 10th birthday celebrations at the upcoming New York AES Convention in October.

The new D-T-D Multitrack marks an important step for the development of tapeless recording technology and will offer a 100kHz sampling rate, 16-bit resolution recording system that may be configured as either a 4, 8 or 16-track format with a maximum record time of three hours.

As a standalone unit, it will operate in a similar fashion to the more traditional tape recorder. However, as no physical tape is involved, editing is more flexible and is achieved via simple point-and-dick mouse commands. This means that dozens of different edits may be stored in memory for instant recall.

Price N/A. Details from NED distributor: Harman UK Ltd, (Contact Details).


Available shortly from Klark Teknik are two new rackmounted parametric equalisers. Both units feature the same five-band parametric circuitry which allows for 100% overlap of all five bands anywhere across the 20Hz-20kHz audio bandwidth.

Each of the five filters offers a gain control with a +15/-25dB boost and cut range, variable bandwidth from one twelfth to two octaves and a frequency range control which operates across three switchable ranges. In addition to these facilities, an overall high and low pass filter are included. The parametrics come in two configurations: the DN405 1U five-band unit and the 2U DN410 dual five-band unit.

Prices to be announced. Information from Klark Teknik pic, (Contact Details).


Two new products were introduced by Soundcraft at the APRS. The FAME automation system has been developed for use with the Soundcraft TS12 mixing console. An acronym for Fader, Auxiliary switching, Mutes and Equaliser in/out, the FAME system is a disk-based software program which allows all TS12 fader movement and switching to be logged. Ten complete mixes can be stored per 3.5" disk and each mix is synchronised to tape via SMPTE/EBU timecode for realtime operation. A colour monitor shows the position and status of both fader levels and routing of all 24 channels. Price N/A.

Also from Soundcraft came further evidence of the new digital direction which they are taking in the form of the Digitor stereo audio editor. Soundcraft have developed this unit to compete directly with the more upmarket 'leading edge' products such as the Synclavier and AMS Audiofile, which are being used for digital editing work.

The basic concept is to offer a CD quality stereo editing system. The Digitor can store up to six minutes of sound in its massive dynamic RAM. Once sampled the sound can be edited and inserted back into the music in perfect sync by the use of the onboard timecode system. The concept of the Digitor as a temporary storage and manipulation device means that samples are not actually stored for future use, instead only the edit information is saved to disk for later use. The edited sound is always returned to tape after each operation.

Price N/A. Further details from Soundcraft Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).


We briefly mentioned last month that the entire range of DigiDesign Macintosh software has been rewritten so that it will run on the Atari ST computer. We can now tell you that this range, which includes the Softsynth program, will be available in the UK from Take Note Ltd. The same company also distribute Dr. T products and Roland D-50 owners may like to know that Dr.T have just released a software editor for the D-50. It is rumoured that it will even allow you to edit the D-50's internal effects - something not possible with Roland's own PG1000 programmer.

Details from Take Note Ltd, (Contact Details).

Mark Of The Unicorn's software sequencer Performer for the Apple Mac (reviewed in SOS November 86 issue) has been updated to Version 2.0. New features include: multiple tempo changes within a song; a new edit command list; independent track looping; new control windows with autostop, rewind and memory shuffle; triple SMPTE/real-time/measure display; plus many other useful additions.

Details from UK distributors: Argent's, (Contact Details).

Also from Argent's come their very own MIDI interface units for the Apple Mac computer. Two versions are available: the MIDI Communicator (as seen on this month's front cover) is a device which sits neatly under the Mac and allows access to the usual printer and serial ports at the same time as using the computer for MIDI work, for which it offers two MIDI inputs and eight MIDI outputs.

A budget version called the MINI MIDI Communicator is also available from Argent's and this offers one MIDI In and four MIDI Out sockets. Contact Argent's for prices (see address above).


A strange name perhaps for Tascam's latest portastudio, but a logical one when you think more about it...

The Porta 2 was an upgraded version of the popular Porta 1, so when Tascam came to introduce a really low-level budget portastudio that doesn't quite have the facilities of a Porta 1, the name had to be something a little less than one - hence the Porta ½ or 05 in decimal.

The Porta 05 offers the classic 4-track format on cassette, though you can only record on two tracks at any one time. It includes built-in dbx noise reduction, a return-to-zero function, pitch control, plus a pan and effects send on each channel.

Price around £330 inc VAT. Details from TEAC UK Ltd, (Contact Details).

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Sound On Sound - Oct 1987


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