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Warren Cann's Electro-Drum Column (Part 4)

Part Four of our electro-drum column, written by our consultant drummer Warren Cann of Ultravox, continues with some more examples of beats useful to the modern percussionist. As always in this series, the patterns shown are suitable for both the acoustic kit player and the programmer.

"This month I'm introducing far more variation into the high-hat part by using both closed and open positions. In the last two examples the bass drum part becomes more demanding for acoustic players, and the hi-hat can be at any speed you like. It's all a matter of practice for the acoustic player, or for the programmer a case of developing a feel for rhythmic pattern which will stand you in good stead throughout your musical career."

17. 2 & 4 on the snare drum, syncopated bass drum, and a high-hat part that departs from the usual 'closed' mode and opens up.

18. 2 & 4 on the snare, 1 & 3 on the bass drum, and syncopated 16th on the high-hat.

19. Off-beat ¼ notes on the high-hat with a quick 16th sneaking in near the end of the measure. 2 & 4 on the snare drum, bass drum on the down-beat (the '1') and on the '2 and' and '3'.

20. A variation of 18.

21. High-hat can be ¼ notes, ⅛ notes or if you're feeling energetic try 1/16ths. The snare is on 2 & 4, the bass drum a bit busy compared to the beats scored so far, but a very good rhythm and one with many uses.

22. A variation of 21.


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Warren Cann's Electro-Drum Column

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