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Welcome to the biggest issue we have ever published!

We had so much to say this month that we couldn't fit it all into the standard size magazine. So we upped the page count and set the type small in an effort to squeeze everything in. Even though we've increased the new products section to five pages, we still had to leave out some of the more interesting new products seen on our recent trip to the Frankfurt Music Fair. Not to worry, you will be able to read all about them next month.

Down to business, and the first thing I'd like to say is "WOW!". We never expected so many of you to respond so enthusiastically to our announcement of The Music Network, but you did - in droves! Our regular postman (get well soon Kevin) is now off sick with a hernia, poor chap.

Although we have a good idea of who most of our readers are, I am constantly amazed at the broad range of professional people who read the magazine. Since announcing the launch of The Music Network, we have been contacted by film and television companies, both in the UK and abroad; trade associations and music publishers; some top-notch studios; the Association of Professional Composers; and a mixed bag of very well-known musicians and record producers. On top of that, there has been plenty of enthusiastic response from our hardcore legion of 'not quite famous yet' readers and the music industry in general. Thanks for the strong support.

To keep readers abreast of activities, we will be devoting a page a month to The Music Network commencing with this issue (see page 103). We feel it is an important and logical step forward, and one which promises to be of genuine benefit to users at all levels. Stay tuned.

On a different tack, let me clarify the situation regarding Free Classifieds in this magazine. We receive huge numbers of free ads from readers throughout each month but we only have a limited amount of space available to publish them. It really is the luck of the draw as to which get printed I'm afraid, so please don't ring up and hassle our poor secretaries. Just send your ad in again (it is a free service, after all). Those ads we don't have room for each month we will now chuck away, to prevent a backlog forming and to stop out-of-date classifieds from appearing. This way at least those that do appear will be current.

Talking of Free Classifieds, you'll never guess who sent us one recently. None other than keyboardist extraordinaire (and one of my all-time great heroes), Rick Wakeman. There's an interesting story behind the ad, which goes something like this...

Rick was avidly reading his regular copy of Sound On Sound whilst sunning himself on the beach in Monserrat during a break in recording at Air Studios. He's over there along with Jon Anderson and other members of the newly-reformed band that can't be called Yes for legal reasons (but is nevertheless comprised of most of the original group), laying down tracks for a forthcoming album. Rick, having flogged his old synths many moons ago, decided that what the album needed was a touch of the old classics. So he sent us a fax asking if we knew anyone with a Prophet 10 and MiniMoog for sale; and if not, could we place an ad for them in our Free Classifieds section? Notice how megastars don't like paying for anything! Only kidding Rick, we're glad to be of service (just send the freebie tickets for the band's first gig and we'll call it quits, right?!!). So, if you have a Prophet 10 or MiniMoog you want to dispose of, there's a good home waiting for it. (See p68 for contact details.)

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Sound On Sound - Copyright: SOS Publications Ltd.
The contents of this magazine are re-published here with the kind permission of SOS Publications Ltd.


Sound On Sound - Mar 1989

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

Editorial by Ian Gilby

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