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I should imagine that most of you are reading this issue of Sound On Sound during some sort of Christmas break. Putting your feet up, arguing over whether to watch The Eagle Has Landed for the 17th time, receiving totally useless presents... and other such seasonal delights. Of course, this is also the time of year at which we tend to look ahead, and draw up lists, mental or otherwise, of resolutions, and reflect on how we'd like the coming 12 months to be different to the last (you know the sort of thing... global warming to create a Mediterranean climate across the UK now, all supermarkets and video rental shops to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and for the next person who lifts that loop from 'Funky Drummer' to spontaneously combust).

Personally, apart from finding some way to compensate for having missed an entire season of Road Movies at the National Film Theatre (all double bills!), my main wishes for 1991 are that I should have more time to produce this magazine every month, and more time to write music. The appearance of the second series of Twin Peaks wouldn't be bad either. Quite where all the time in every month goes I have no idea, but somehow we seem to end up with two weeks to produce each issue instead of four. Weird.

My other SOS-related wish is that you will continue to write in with your comments, ideas and suggestions, whether they be about the magazine in particular or about hi-tech music in general. Unfortunately it is not always possible to reply to your letters (especially if they concern problems with specific pieces of equipment) as that takes time, and producing the magazine always takes precedence. (Incidentally, if you do have problems with any of your equipment, it's always worth phoning the UK distributor of a troublesome product before you try anyone else — 9 times out of 10 they'll be able to help.) Nevertheless, correspondence plays an important role in keeping us informed about what you think of Sound On Sound — which articles you like, which you're less keen on, what you'd like to see more of, and so on. So keep those letters (and faxes) coming, on any subject you have an opinion on, and please accept my apologies in advance if I'm unable to reply.

One subject, however, is totally out of bounds, and letters dealing with it are most certainly not welcome — that of who killed Laura Palmer. I'd far rather have Agent Cooper reveal all in his own (damn) good time. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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Sound On Sound - Copyright: SOS Publications Ltd.
The contents of this magazine are re-published here with the kind permission of SOS Publications Ltd.


Sound On Sound - Jan 1991

Editorial by Paul Ireson

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