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New products from the recording world.

Harris Professional have recently released the P92 Noise Gate. This small, battery operated unit is primarily intended for use by guitar and keyboard players but is equally at home in the budget-conscious studio. Four front panel controls are provided covering input level, attack time, hold time and decay time, as well as a footswitch for bypass or effect mode. An LED provides gate status information and two external trigger modes are available, Ext Key and REM. Information from: JJC-AV Research Ltd, (Contact Details).

Electrospace Developments proudly announce the Spanner, a versatile automatic panning unit available in either a mono or stereo input format. Facilities include variable pan rate from 1 pan every 12 seconds up to 6 pans per second. A variable symmetry feature permits such effects as slow panning from left to centre followed by a pan over to the right but at a much faster speed. Further features include an intelligent trigger input which counts beats allowing you to pre-programme the beat you want the pan to trigger on. The stereo version of the Spanner may be used to cross pan any stereo signal for additional effect. Details on both the mono and stereo units from: Britannia Row Productions, (Contact Details).

Gripmate, from Kemplant, is an ideal little tool to make the job of soldering wires onto jack plugs simplicity itself. The Gripmate clamps onto any table top and comes with four grip arms as standard. There's also an optional magnifying glass for detailed work and magnet for specialised applications. Details from: Kemplant Ltd, (Contact Details).

Ross Electronics have introduced a range of budget microphones for the musician. The range includes four dynamic and two electret condenser microphones all of which have a low impedance 600 ohm output. An example from the range is the model RE-336. This is a lightweight general purpose mic finished in black which comes complete with a two metre cable and offers a cardioid pickup pattern with a 50Hz to 16kHz frequency response. Details from Ross Electronics, (Contact Details).

Uher Sales & Services have announced a new range of Visonik David speakers. Known as the Visonik Convection Series, the new range includes three different models all of which use a three-way speaker system enclosed in a choice of either walnut or black finish cabinets. Technical specification. Convection 1: 60 watts RMS, 28Hz to 25kHz. Convection 2: 80 watts RMS, 23Hz to 25kHz. Convection 3: 100 watts RMS, 18Hz to 25kHz. Further details from Uher Sales & Services Ltd, (Contact Details).

Marquee Electronics have announced new additions to their range of Eventide products. The H969 Pro Pitch Harmonizer utilises 16 bit PCM coding giving a 16kHz bandwidth and incorporates the latest digital splicing algorithm for glitch-free pitch transposition. The front panel has two large displays to show pitch and delay information along with presets for six values of delay and twelve pitch intervals. A maximum delay time of 1.5 seconds is available at full bandwidth.

The Eventide SP2016 is an Audio Effects Processor/Reverberation unit and comes with the latest Generation 2 software. The SP2016 can create a variety of reverb environments ranging from plates to rooms and includes three special programs, 'Whirlverb', 'Tunnelverb' and 'Retroverb'. Pre-delays up to 250 milliseconds and decay times of 15 seconds are just some of the many features of the unit.

The SP2016 can also be used for loop effects of up to 3.2 seconds length plus many of the usual effects found on digital delays such as flanging, chorus and multi-tap echo. As the software exists on ROM, further updates are simply added by exchanging ROM chips. Further information from Marquee Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).

Rauch Precision have developed a new amplifier as a result of research carried out amongst dealers and users of their Rauch X-FET amps. The new Rauch DVT 250S amplifier delivers 525 watts into 4 ohms, stereo, and 1000 watts into 8 ohms in the bridged mono mode. A lower powered DVT 125S is also available rated at 260 wafts into 4 ohms. Both amplifiers have electronically balanced inputs and are housed in a 3U rack-mounting case. Special attention has been paid to chassis construction which is of rigid steel secured to a heavy duty 8mm thick front panel providing a suitably strong construction to withstand 'life on the road'. Details from Monitor Systems Technology, (Contact Details).

Otari have introduced a new series of multitrack tape recorders designated MX-70. Available in 8, 16 and 24 track formats, the MX-70 series offers a full microprocessor controlled transport system, full function remote session controller and an optional autolocator with memory storage plus search and repeat shuttle operation. All machines can run at 7½ and 15ips or 15 and 30ips with +4dB or -10dB signal level operation making them compatible with both professional and domestic equipment. The MX-70 series will be available from January 1985. Further details from Turnkey, (Contact Details).

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Home & Studio Recording - Jan 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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