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Just a few of the choice items that will be competing for your money in the near future.

Quad have just launched two new power amps; the 510 and the 520 that they have designed in 19" rack format. The 510 is a single channel amp with a power rating of 100 Watts and will deliver into any load from two to 100 ohms. The 520 is a two channel version with a rating of 100 Watts per channel into eight ohms or 150 Watts into four ohms and optional balanced inputs. Both use a refined version of the current dumping technique pioneered in the Quad 405. Further information is available from Quad Electroacoustics Ltd, (Contact Details).

The latest Soundcraft desk - the Series 200B was launched at the APRS show last month. This is an upgraded version of the Series 200 and will be available from September. Compared to the Series 200, the Series 200B features improvements in routing, a talk-back facility and an oscillator. Several different versions will be available, in 8-, 16- and 24-channel versions. Further information available from Soundcraft Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).

New microphones from AKG were in evidence on their stand at the APRS show, including the D321 the latest in their 300 series of dynamic mics. It features a newly designed capsule and is designed for both stage and studio use. Also on show was the new LSM50 monitor and a new condenser mic; the C535EB, again originally designed for studio use but now being used for live work as well. Further information can be obtained from AKG Acoustics, (Contact Details).

New from Soundtracs comes the T series of expandable consoles designed for 4-and 8-track recording as well as PA work. Their facilities include a 3-band EQ, four auxiliaries with 2-band EQ, phantom powering, 1kHz oscillator and talkback. The basic 16-4-2 console can be expanded by linking the plug-on group or input expanders to the mixer up to a maximum capability of 32-8-2. Another range; the MR Series has acquired two new consoles; the 24-8-16 and 32-8-16. These feature 48v phantom powering, 4-band EQ, six auxiliaries, 1 kHz or 30Hz oscillators and talkback facilities. Further information is available from Soundout Laboratories Ltd, (Contact Details).

A new synchroniser has come out from Applied Microsystems; the CM250 - originally called the CMX50. It can be used to synchronise two tape recorders, either of which can use audio or video tape. It uses SMPTE code for the fine accuracy in syncing. It is compatible with all U-matic recorders as well as professional VHS recorders. Interfaces will be available for many audio machines, but at the moment it can sync with all Tascam machines except for the 38, the Otari 5050 and MX70, the Fostex B16 and most Soundcraft models. It retails at £3200 (ex.VAT). Further information is available from Applied Microsystems Ltd, (Contact Details).

Marquee Electronics have announced two additions to their Series 2600; the Adams-Smith System 2600 Event Executive and its controller. These can be used to provide high precision audio editing of audio tape when linked to the System 2600 time code and sync equipment. It is accurate to 1/100th of a TV frame and can be controlled by an external computer by adding the 2600SI RS232 interface.

Another product from Marquee with this facility is the 2600AV audio/video editor. This is now available, and can be linked to virtually any video tape, audio tape or cassette recorder without the need for using any interfaces and its software can be stored on either hard or floppy discs. Further information can be obtained from Marquee Electronics, (Contact Details).

Platinum announce a range of modular in-line consoles. Main frame sizes available for these are 16-8-16, 26-8-26 and 34-8-34 and each channel's features include a 4-band EQ, solo buss, LED metering, four aux returns and full mixdown and tape return. Further information available from Platinum, (Contact Details).

Beyer Dynamic have introduced a new ribbon microphone; the HM560. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a figure of eight polar pattern. The mic can be attached to an accompanying headband. Further information is available from Beyer Dynamic Ltd, (Contact Details).

Two new combos have been announced by Vox. The Concert 502 uses two Fane-designed 80 Watt speakers and the Concert 501 one speaker of the same kind. Both can drive external four or eight ohm speaker arrays and are switchable between 240 or 110 volts. They have two inputs each (one high and one low) and feature valve EQ, reverb and send and return circuits. Further information available from Vox Ltd, (Contact Details).

The world's smallest yet portable compact disc player has been unveiled by Technics. The SLXP7 is due for release in the UK market in November. Its small size and light weight are mainly due to the fact that Technics have developed a fine focus laser pickup. Its frequency range is 4Hz to 20kHz and its dynamic range stands at over 90dB. Any further enquiries should be addressed to Panasonic UK Ltd, (Contact Details).

Two new studio monitors have been announced from Tannoy. These made their debut at the APRS exhibition. The DTM8 is a small 8" monitor intended for close range monitoring and the FSM Studio Monitor is a 15" addition to their SRM Series. Further information can be obtained from FWO Bauch Ltd, (Contact Details).

The Institute of Acoustics, in collaboration with the AES, the EMAS, the ASCE and the APRS will be holding an Autumn Conference at the Hydro Hotel, Windermere from the 1st to the 3rd of November. There will be opportunities to present or hear reports and demonstrations of any sort on the subject of reproduced sound. There will be a mixture of technical and social activities and any relevant offers of technical contributions will be considered. Information on the conference is available from Dr Lawrence, (Contact Details).

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Home & Studio Recording - Aug 1985

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