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Eno: Thoughts, Words, Music and Art - Part 2

Sound On Sound, Feb 1989

Part 2: Mark Prendergast continues his in-depth look at the formation of Eno’s new record company, Land Records, and the use of electronics in his music.

The Miller's Tale

Topic: Music Business | One Two Testing, Jan 1983
Mute Records

Daniel Miller, the force behind Mute, Depeche Mode and Yazoo, discloses the secret life of an A and R man.

South Of A Parable

One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Making up chords with the Gretsch collector.

Robinson Studio

Making Music, Jun 1986

Uncle Tom gives studio advice, from a Portastudio to a great big 24-track.

Penthouse and Statement

One Two Testing, Nov 1982

DATA: Martyn Ware/new album/Synclavier keyboard/digital technique... HARD COPY

Kaja Who's-Who

One Two Testing, Nov 1983

Is there life after Limahl? Yup. The four shy boys take turns to explain how they do it, and what they do it on.

Clarke Techniques

Making Music, May 1986

Computers have made Vince Clarke a different Keyboardist. And you'll never guess why.

The Glass Bead Game

Making Music, Jul 1986

The man the man who the man who makes the man who the man who the man who makes repetitive music.

Hula Loops

Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jul 1985

Northern tape manipulators

A Touch of Glass

Sound On Sound, Mar 1989

Philip Glass is best known for his work as a minimalist classical composer, but recently he's been completing work in fields as diverse as opera, piano recitals, film and synth ensembles. Mark Jenkins talked to the minimalist maestro during a fleeting visit to London for his latest opera, 'The Making Of The Representative From Planet 8'.

Ballet Pumps

One Two Testing, Jan 1983

John Keeble is in two minds about drumming for Spandau - an acoustic one and an electric one. Read about his treatment.

Hard As Nils

Making Music, Apr 1986

Tales of harmonic Strats as Nils plays with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and even his own band

Manzanera Memories

Topic: Instrument Tuition / Technique | Making Music, Jun 1986

The guitars behind five Roxy Music classics, plus a Skill Centre special as Phil shows you the chords to 'Love Is The Drug'.

Brian Eno: Thoughts, Words, Music and Art - Part 1

Sound On Sound, Jan 1989

Mark Prendergast begins a two part in-depth appraisal of the thoughts, words, music and art of one of the most influential artists of the last decade: Brian Eno.

Guitars Made Simple

One Two Testing, Jan 1983

Wee chap and guitarist-person Charlie Burchill lifts the kilt of his guitar, amp and effects set up.


One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Bassist Sara Lee and guitar player Andy Gill discuss sonic invention and positive discrimination.

A Date With The Cramps

Making Music, May 1986


Sound On Sound, May 1989

He's big in Japan, massive in America, and beginning to conquer Europe with his own brand of ethereal synthesized 'mood music'. Mark Jenkins talks to the phenomenon that is Kitaro.


One Two Testing, Nov 1983
Paul Young's Royal Family

Guitarist Steve Bolton and bass player Pino Palladino explain the importance of being a Swedish Chef.

Banshee Banter

Making Music, May 1986

"Tinderbox" talk with Severin, Budgie, Carruthers. New album, new chords.

Simply Said

Making Music, Jul 1986

A chat with keyboard person Mick MacNeil about technology, touring and techniques.


Sound On Sound, Feb 1989

Paul Ireson converses with 50% of Switzerland’s most exciting export since milk chocolate - Dieter Meier of Yello.

Clocking On

One Two Testing, Jan 1983

The Lexicon Of Strings

One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Anne Dudley rearranges the alphabet.

Heaven Spent

Making Music, Jun 1986

Martyn Ware talks about money and the musician. Make £50,000 without playing a note.



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