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Hans Zimmer - No Presets Allowed

Sound On Sound, Aug 1986

Hans Zimmer is the complete antithesis of the serious German synthesist - he smiles a lot for a start! As co-founder of Lillie Yard studio and the proud owner of a surviving Moog Series 8 modular synth, his approach to sound synthesis is a refreshingly traditional one eschewing the very thought of ever using an unmodified factory preset on any of his work! Ralph Denyer explains why.

Hans Zimmer - Ronny's Electro-Music Cabaret

Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1982

European singer Ronny makes her U.K. concert debut with Warren Cann and Hans Zimmer and the trio talk about their musical adventures.

Hans Zimmer

Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1983

Music composition for films and Helden

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Bob Williams - The Collector

Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, May 1993

Bob Williams has one of the finest collections of analogue synthesisers in the world, and cherishes them with a care that would make the Science Museum blush. Peter Forrest crosses hill and dale to Cornwall to take a long, loving look, and uncovers a whole network of Moog and Mellotron devotees. Whatever next - 'The Antique Rhodes Show'?

Larry Fast - Sounds of Metropolis

Sound On Sound, Apr 1987

Mark Jenkins pins down the expert synthesist/programmer best known for his work with Peter Gabriel, and discusses the release of his eighth solo album - 'Metropolitan Suite'.

Steve Rance - Clocking On

One Two Testing, Jan 1983
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Hans Zimmer - Yards Ahead

Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Nov 1986
Lillie Yard Studio

Where can you find a complete audio-video recording system, a Fairlight a separate programming suite and the biggest modular synth in the world? Matthew Vosburgh discovers heaven off the Earl's Court Road.

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Concert Review

Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1983

Helden, Laurie Anderson, Fad Gadget, The Enid

Electro-Music Goes East!

Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1982

History By Numbers

Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Feb 1987
A Re-Review Of The Roland MC4 Microcomposer

...But let us not forget what went before. Steve Howell again, on the machine that introduced the world to recording music by punching in a set of numbers. It's still usable today.

Book Review

Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983

Books 1983

One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Shop now for Christmas.

Digital Diversity

Electronic Soundmaker, May 1984

Logical priorities

Paris Music Fair

Sound On Sound, Nov 1986

Our roving reporter Mark Jenkins takes a look off the beaten track at some of the more interesting French equipment shown at last month's Paris Music Fair.

One Two Tightened

One Two Testing, Nov 1983

Things people DID say that we didn't have room for elsewhere, plus Manufacturers and Distributors.

News and Events

Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1983

Turbo Charged

Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

John Renwick takes an internal sound chip synth program for the Atari ST for a test drive

Studio Scan

Topic: Recording Studios | Electronic Soundmaker, Sep 1985

Exclusive guide to recording electronic music



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