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Inner City - Inner Space

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1992

Confronting the "difficult third album" syndrome has presented fewer problems for Inner City mentor Kevin Saunderson than the "more of the same" second album syndrome. Simon Trask discusses musical ideologies, pop trends and advancing technology.

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Kevin Saunderson - The Techno Wave

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1988

Techno music, the true successor to late seventies synth-pop, translates the desolation of post-Motown Detroit into electronic dance rhythms. Simon Trask listens to the programmer's tale.

Mixing up the motor city

Interview | The Mix, Apr 1995

Simon Harris - The Bassment Tapes

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1989

From the chart success of 'Bass (How Low Can You Go)' to an album and a 24-track studio in his lounge - Simon Harris talks sounds and samples with Tim Goodyer.

Order of the Day

Interview | Phaze 1, Apr 1989

why drummer stephen morris prefers programming computers to bashing skins

Taking the Biscuit

Interview | One Two Testing, Jun 1986

Burlesque bourbons and funny folk

Future Sound of London - Past, Present and Future

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1992

London Calling

Juan Atkins - Future Shock

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1988

Co-founder of the techno movement, Model 500's Juan Atkins discusses yesterday's technology and influences, and tomorrow's music. Technospeak: Simon Trask.

New Order

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1989

Making their presence felt in the singles charts once again, New Order are celebrating eight years together with a new album and forthcoming tour. David Bradwell and Chris Williams investigate the Order of things.

S' Express - A Night In The Studio

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1989

Their '88 acid house hits took Britain's clubland by storm, but now S' Express are taking their sampling a stage further. Tim Goodyer enjoys the trip.

Terry Hall - Big In Vegas

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1992

It's a knockout with Stewart/Hall

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Throat Votes

Feature | Topic: Performing | One Two Testing, Jul 1985
The World's Best Singers

nominated and described by Sade, Anne Pigalle, Helen Terry, Tracy Thorn (Everything But The Girl), Julie Roberts (Working Week)

Earth beats

Feature Audio | The Mix, Apr 1995

We profile three of the hottest production teams in jungle

Central Control

Editorial | Music Technology, Jan 1987

Why doesn't Britain, home of so much that is good in modern music, have a central institute for music technology development?

Total Recall - Part 13

Feature Series | Topic: Vintage Instruments | The Mix, Sep 1994

including The A-to-Z of Analogue

How to Build...

Feature | Topic: Construction / Build, Humour | One Two Testing, Oct 1984
A Gibson / A Fairlight

so simple even an Australian could do it


News | Phaze 1, May 1989
People, Gear, Events, Gossip

happening people, gear, events, gossip

Works Outing

Feature | Topic: Humour | Making Music, Jan 1987

Strange goings on at Recycled Goods plc.

Fair Games

Feature | Topic: Humour | One Two Testing, Aug 1985

puzzle page entertainment

The Worst Job I Ever had

Feature | Topic: Humour, Live, Performing | One Two Testing, Dec 1985
Gig Tactics

famous names relate horror stories

Total recall - Part 19

Feature Series Audio | Topic: Vintage Instruments | The Mix, Apr 1995

...Including the A-Z of Analogue



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