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Kraftwerk - Arts & Krafts

Music Technology, Dec 1992

Ralf Hutter: This year's model

Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk Revealed

Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1981
An interview with Ralf Hutter
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Juan Atkins - Future Shock

Music Technology, Dec 1988

Co-founder of the techno movement, Model 500's Juan Atkins discusses yesterday's technology and influences, and tomorrow's music. Technospeak: Simon Trask.

Bomb the Bass - Bass Studies

Music Technology, Oct 1988

In his career as disc jockey, audio engineer and pop star Tim Simenon has called upon musical influences as diverse as Rick James and Kraftwerk. Tim Goodyer talks tech with a DJ who intends to take cut-up records on the road.

Propaganda - The Ministry Of Propaganda

Music Technology, Jul 1990

In 1985 Propaganda produced a seminal electronic music album - then they vanished. Five years on they've returned to pick up where they left off. Michael Mertens talks to Tim Goodyer about technology and the German tradition.

Kevin Saunderson - The Techno Wave

Music Technology, Sep 1988

Techno music, the true successor to late seventies synth-pop, translates the desolation of post-Motown Detroit into electronic dance rhythms. Simon Trask listens to the programmer's tale.

John Foxx

Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1983

Founder of Ultravox, John Foxx talks here about his new projects, new album and his return to the live stage.

Arthur Baker - Disciple Of The Beat

Music Technology, Sep 1989

Dance music should be about more than 'moaning samples and ecstasy' claims producer Arthur Baker. Simon Trask talks to the man behind 'Planet Rock'.

Depeche Mode

Electronics & Music Maker, May 1982

In contrast with the main feature we take a look at one of today’s modern commercial, electro-music bands.

Ian Boddy - Ian Boddy: Phoenix

Sound On Sound, Dec 1986

The story of how one of this country's lesser-known synthesists took the bold step of forming his own record label to independently release his fourth album 'Phoenix'. Paul Gilby documents the process.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - News Of The World

Music Technology, Jul 1992

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a founder of the YMO before becoming one of David Sylvian's favoured partners. Now, fresh from a Japanese and a series of film scores he tells Tim Goodyer about his latest LP.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Stranger in a Strange World

Music Technology, Aug 1987

Japan's most respected technopop pioneer has recently finished an album that breaks new ground for him - it involves live musicians. He discusses his new LP and his other projects with Paul Tingen.

Vince Clarke - In Clarke's Shoes

Music Technology, Aug 1992

Unbitten by the digital bug, Vince Clarke only drives analogue.

Beloved - Loved

Music Technology, Jan 1990

From indie rock to sampled success - this band have used technology to change their sound and get themselves into the charts. David Bradwell talks technology, samples and football to Beloved people.

OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1981

We report on this top chart group.

Pascal Gabriel - Made in Heaven

Music Technology, May 1989

After producing artists ranging from Bomb the Bass and S 'Xpress to Bryan Ferry and Wet Wet Wet, Pascal Gabriel is about to begin his own career as a recording artist. Tim Goodyer discovers a Lovechild.

Paul Dakeyne - Remix, Remake, Remodel

Music Technology, Jul 1987

Are record producers losing their touch now they've regained their influence? Are DJs better-equipped to make music that moves? Simon Trask gets the answers from an objective source - one of Britain's top remix DJs.

Richard Pinhas

Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1982
The Man and his Music

We feature one of France's most fascinating Electro-Musicians, and look at the man, his music and the philosophy behind his composition.

Simple Minds - Guitars Made Simple

One Two Testing, Jan 1983

Wee chap and guitarist-person Charlie Burchill lifts the kilt of his guitar, amp and effects set up.

SPK - Metal Beat

Electronic Soundmaker, Feb 1985

SPK began by hammering away at anything from the scrapyard but now generate their metal beat on the Fairlight. We investigate the method in the mayhem.

Thomas Dolby - The Dolby System

Music Technology, Jun 1988

Four years on from the successes of The Flat Earth, Thomas Dolby has moved to LA for his follow-up LP, Aliens Ate My Buick. Tim Goodyer discovers that aliens have a lot to say.

Ultravox - Re-Vox

Music Technology, Mar 1993

Ultravox: New improved formula

Unique 3 - Dial 0274 For Bass

Music Technology, Feb 1991

Having helped to create Britain's Northern techno scene, Unique 3 claim it doesn't actually exist. Simon Trask listens to this and other enigmas from one of the country's most creative dance outfits.

808 State - The State of Technology

Music Technology, Nov 1989

England's North has consistently produced some of the most innovative electronic music. Simon Trask talks to a band set to take their place alongside New Order and Heaven 17.

808 State - The New Statesmen

Music Technology, Feb 1993

808 State - Absolutely Gorgeous



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