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Michael Nyman - Sound Of Movement

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1985

A contemporary composer drawing inspiration from the classics

Michael Nyman - The Composer's Contract

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1985

An ex-music critic turns prolific avant garde composer and finds himself in demand from the Time Out fraternity. Dan Goldstein talks to the man everyone calls a systems music composer—wrongly.

Michael Nyman - Musical Books

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jan 1992

Although Michael Nyman's name and music became known through Peter Greenaway's extraordinary films, Prospero's Books may see not just the peak but also the end of their creative partnership. But Nyman has other strings to his bow, as Mark J. Prendergast discovers.

Michael Nyman

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1985

Milton Keynes adman draws up Draughtsman's Contract

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Martin Rex - The Mechanic

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1990

In engineering and production - as in musicianship - flexibility and adaptability are precious qualities. Martin Rex has covered artists as varied as Neneh Cherry, Fela Kuti and Michael Nyman - Ollie Crooke listens.

Harold Budd - The Serpent and the Pearl

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1986

Don Goldstein talks to American composer Harold Budd about his past collaborations with such luminaries as Brian Eno and Michael Nyman and, more recently, the Cocteau Twins.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1984

From humble beginnings CC have grown into a major force in 80s music. Here, they explain their approach to writing and performing, and their rise to chart success.


Interview | One Two Testing, Nov 1984
Over The Tracks With The Big Express

making The Big Express and strumming guitars

Rebel Yell

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1993

Brian Eno - Eno Sense

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1988

His successful production of U2 has brought musical sage Brian Eno back into the public eye. John Diliberto finds out what's become of his oblique strategies and how he approaches the latest technology.

David Cunningham - The Lizard King

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Nov 1984

At home in the ice-house with Flying Lizard David Cunningham.

Harold Budd - The Sound-Painted World of Harold Budd

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1986

The Eno collaborator and leading exponent of American minimalist music, Harold Budd, discloses the fascinating background to his new solo album 'Lovely Thunder', his love of the piano and his strange union with the Cocteau Twins. Mark Prendergast attends the masterclass and takes notes.

Philip Glass - Glassworks

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Sep 1985

Category crossing contemporary composer cornered

Wim Mertens - Music For Piano And Voice

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1986

Upcoming systems music composer chats to Simon Trask about modern technology, Renaissance music and Belgian pop.


Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1993

In our exclusive interview, the great domed one himself waxes ambient on remixing, jazz, Sinatra, computers, the Eventide H-3000 and his own original definition of a new, environmentally sound music

Brian Eno - Eno: Thoughts, Words, Music and Art - Part 2

Interview Series | Sound On Sound, Feb 1989

Part 2: Mark Prendergast continues his in-depth look at the formation of Eno’s new record company, Land Records, and the use of electronics in his music.

This artist was mentioned in these other articles

New Electronic & Instrumental Music In The Late 1980s

Feature | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989
An overview

Mark Prendergast presents a general overview of record labels, artists, and recordings that make up the exciting area of new electronic and experimental music in the late 1980s.

On Stage

Music Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1984

Two sparkling summer concerts, by Ultravox and Michael Nyman.

Editions For You

Feature | Topic: Marketing / Promotion, Music Business | Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1985

Record label spotlight on the innovatory people who bring you Brian Eno and numerous others.

The New Age Music Conundrum

Feature | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987

What is 'New Age' music? Who plays it, and why is it apparently so popular? Our resident musicologist Mark Prendergast traces its development back to the work of 'new music' composers Arnold Schoenberg and Erik Satie.


Feature | Topic: Education | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1981

On Tape

Index Audio | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1985

History of Electronic Music - Part 7

Feature Series | Topic: History / Culture | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1982
Brian Eno

New Sounds

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1990
The Virgin Guide To New Music

Mega Smoke

News | Making Music, Dec 1986
Goes Chrimbo Crazy

A special seasonal waft of your favourite news and gossip column, this time drifting through the whole magazine and including mini-interviews with the likes of China Crisis and jokes from the likes of us. The fun starts here.



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