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808 State - The State of Technology

Music Technology, Nov 1989

England's North has consistently produced some of the most innovative electronic music. Simon Trask talks to a band set to take their place alongside New Order and Heaven 17.

808 State - The New Statesmen

Music Technology, Feb 1993

808 State - Absolutely Gorgeous

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A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Chile

Music Technology, Apr 1990

You can't discuss the Manchester dance movement without A Guy Called Gerald. Simon Trask talks success and setbacks to one of Britain's most influential young artists.

A Guy Called Gerald

Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

Vie Marshall asks who is A Guy Called Gerald?

Bob Williams - The Collector

Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, May 1993

Bob Williams has one of the finest collections of analogue synthesisers in the world, and cherishes them with a care that would make the Science Museum blush. Peter Forrest crosses hill and dale to Cornwall to take a long, loving look, and uncovers a whole network of Moog and Mellotron devotees. Whatever next - 'The Antique Rhodes Show'?

Derrick May - Techno Rhythim

Music Technology, Nov 1990

Now making a huge impact in the north of Britain, Detroit's techno music owes its roots to a handful of far-sighted pioneers - amongst them Derrick May. Simon Trask discusses the future of electronic music.

Jesus Jones - The Gospel According to Jesus Jones

Music Technology, Jan 1990

The use of samples is often frowned upon by rock audiences, but Jesus Jones have made them the basis of some of the most aggressive and innovative rock music around. Nigel Lord talks to Jesus.

LFO - Deep Vibrations

Music Technology, Aug 1991

Turning their backs on pop notoriety to meet electronic experimentation head on, Sheffield's LFO are taking dance music into new areas. Simon Trask gets a new perspective on nostalgia.

Man Machine - Machine Head

Music Technology, Jul 1991

The line between man and machine is blurred; today there exists an entity whose purpose is to make music. Simon Trask discovers that its sights are locked on the dance charts and it absolutely will not stop.

Rhythmatic - The Rhythm Method

Music Technology, Jan 1992

From the Midlands' techno culture comes the hardcore sound of Rhythmatic. Simon Trask investigates one of the bands on the ground floor of Britain's fastest-growing musical movement.

Sub Sub - Sub Culture

Music Technology, Jul 1993

Forsaking guitars and drums for a wall of keyboards and racked modules, Sub Sub turned a home studio into a hit factory. ‘Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)’ peaked at Number 3 and took everyone by surprise - except Phil Ward, who heard the single pre-release and contacted the band immediately.

The Grid - On The Grid

Music Technology, Apr 1990

When Soft Cell disbanded, Marc Almond quickly established himself as a solo artist, but what became of his keyboard-playing partner? David Bradwell talks to David Ball about his latest project.

The Orb - Tune In, Turn On, Chill Out

Music Technology, Jun 1991

Riding the ambient house wave, The Orb have released a concept album that mixes dance beats with new age textures. Tim Goodyer tunes in to Alex Paterson and Thrash as they chill out with technology.

The Prodigy - The Lone Raver

Music Technology, May 1992

The drug culture of the rave scene continues to attract the attention of both the pop charts and the tabloid press. Tim Goodyer talks Ecstasy, agony and technology with one of the genre's heroes.

Ultravox - Re-Vox

Music Technology, Mar 1993

Ultravox: New improved formula

Unique 3 - Dial 0274 For Bass

Music Technology, Feb 1991

Having helped to create Britain's Northern techno scene, Unique 3 claim it doesn't actually exist. Simon Trask listens to this and other enigmas from one of the country's most creative dance outfits.

Kraftwerk - Arts & Krafts

Music Technology, Dec 1992

Ralf Hutter: This year's model

Orbital - The Magic Circle

Music Technology, Jun 1993

Phil and Paul Hartnoll are Orbital, and their pioneering brand of user-friendly electronic dance music is a lot more fluid than the traffic on the motorway that prompted the name. So Phil Ward avoids the M25 and heads straight for the heart of the P&P music factory

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Incoming Data

Music Technology, Nov 1992


Music Technology, Aug 1991

If you were stranded on a desert island with only a solitary keyboard to occupy your time, what would be the instrument of your choice? The professionals make theirs in this anniversary feature.


Music Technology, Feb 1993



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