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Dave Gilmour - Pink Floyd

Interview | International Musician, Sep 1975

Dave Gilmour sheds varying degrees of light on himself and the band.

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

Academic Qualification

Interview | One Two Testing, Nov 1985

mixing classical with digital

The Art of Propaganda

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

Back in 1985, Propaganda made an astonishing debut with 'Dr. Mabuse' and the classic album 'A Secret Wish'. After years of silence, a split with ZTT records, and the departure of three-quarters of the original line-up, Michael Mertens is back with a new-look Propaganda, and feeds the party line to Nigel Humberstone.

The Sensual World of Kate Bush

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1990

Recording engineer Del Palmer has worked with Kate Bush for almost 13 years. Here he provides an insight into how this innovative lady works in the studio and the background to the recording of her hugely successful album, 'The Sensual World'.

Andrew Powell

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1983

This premier producer, conductor and arranger discusses his solo album 'The Best of the Alan Parsons Project'

Defender Rhodes

Interview | International Musician, May 1986

Boots No 7 or Fairlight Series 3? Tony Reed trades fashion tips with the Duran and Arcadia ivory-tinkler

Alan Parsons

Interview | Topic: Mastering, Restoration / Archival | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993
20 years of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Original engineer on the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' sessions, Alan Parsons, explains the 20th anniversary remastering of this classic album.

Read All About It

Interview | Phaze 1, Nov 1988

the great acoustic guitar revival

TinTin Adulation

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1985
Stephen Duffy & Stephen Street

cocksure ex-tintin ex-duran talks tech

Kit Wolven - Kit Wolven on Heavy Metal

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, May 1987

HM from the control room chair.

Kate Bush

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1982

Not only vocalist, composer, dancer, choreographer, but also producer for her new album 'The Dreaming', Kate talks about her approach to composition and her newly acquired Fairlight CMI.

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News | Making Music, Oct 1987

Nomad Axxeman

Review | Home & Studio Recording, May 1987

If you rely on the electric guitar in your recording but daren't annoy the neighbours, then this is what you've been dreaming about.

Tubular Balls

Review | Recording Musician, Jan 1993
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Preamp

This dedicated guitar preamp benefits from hybrid tube circuitry, an integral speaker simulator and the ability to impersonate four quite different styles of amplifier.


News | Making Music, May 1986

The musicians' gossip column. Stuff you wouldn't believe. (We didn't.)

Frankfurt: Guitars, Basses, Amps And Effects

Show Report | International Musician, Apr 1986

One man in search of perfection. Dave Burrluck gives his verdict on the state of the axe

News Xtra

News | In Tune, May 1986

New Themes, New Dreams.

Maths, Music & Motion

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Music Technology, Dec 1993

Expert tips on fine-tuning your effects in exact time with your BPMs.

Production Lines

Opinion | Sound On Sound, Jul 1993

Some words of wisdom from producer Alan Winstanley close the mag this month.

Stage Fright

Feature | Topic: Live, Performing | Making Music, May 1987

Do you suffer from the musicianly variety? Calm yourself down, turn to page 11, and feel lots better. OK now?

Roland GP8 multi-effects

Review | Making Music, May 1987

rack guitar effects


News | One Two Testing, Sep 1985

news from the equipment world

British Music Fair

Show Report | One Two Testing, Oct 1985
Show Reports

what we saw

Roland Boss SCC Sound Control Centre

Review | Music UK, Jul 1983

Computer Effects System wins by a knockout, our robot reports


News | Music UK, Nov 1983

All the stuff the Sun leaves out!



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