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Chris Hughes - Production lines

Interview | The Mix, Aug 1994
At home with Chris Hughes

The former Tears For Fears producer invites us in for a cuppa

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

The Art of Propaganda

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1990

Back in 1985, Propaganda made an astonishing debut with 'Dr. Mabuse' and the classic album 'A Secret Wish'. After years of silence, a split with ZTT records, and the departure of three-quarters of the original line-up, Michael Mertens is back with a new-look Propaganda, and feeds the party line to Nigel Humberstone.

Howard Jones - Mister MIDI

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989

Howard Jones was the first keyboard player to successfully exploit the new technology to the full by regularly performing solo concerts with nothing but MIDI instruments as his backing band. In this rare interview, Brian Jacobs talks to Howard about his music, recording, his decision to produce most of his new album himself, and his growing admiration for an instrument he once said he would never use.

Tears for Souvenirs

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jan 1985
Crying And Shouting With Bath's Finest

Messrs Smith and Orzabal explain how it can take a year to make two singles but only two months to make an album, among other things. Bits in between the chat by Dan Goldstein.

The Secret Of My Success

Interview | Sound On Sound, Apr 1991

UK chart success may have been elusive of late but Howard Jones' continued popularity in the States has brought its rewards — an SSL-equipped 48-track home studio. Interview by Paul Tingen.

Points on the Curve

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1984

An interview with this innovative three-piece on the making of their new album, Points On The Curve, the result of a year's work in the studio with Fairlight, PPG et al.

Tracks Of Our Tears

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1984

Roland Orzabal picks over the Tears' gear

The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Mar 1986

Chas de Whalley chinwagging with the man behind some of the best tracks by Toyah, Marillion, and Thin Lizzy — Nick Tauber

The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Sep 1986

Chas de Whalley talks to the other John Williams about his recent work with chart-toppers The Housemartins

Propaganda - The Ministry Of Propaganda

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1990

In 1985 Propaganda produced a seminal electronic music album - then they vanished. Five years on they've returned to pick up where they left off. Michael Mertens talks to Tim Goodyer about technology and the German tradition.

The Dalek I Love You Band - Record Talkback

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Dec 1983

Dalek, I Love You!

This artist was mentioned in these other articles

Track Record: Lean On Me

Feature | Topic: Classic Tracks | International Musician, Dec 1985

Jim Betteridge leans on producer David Motion

Mods Rule... OK?

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Electronic Soundmaker, Feb 1985
Modular synthesis

A plaintive request for a return to modular synthesis, what it means and what it can do for the creative musician.

Fact File

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1983

Richard Burgess, Roland Orzabal and David Lloyd

The List

Feature | One Two Testing, May 1984
Nick Feldman

Nick Feldman chooses eight great tracks

Studio Diary

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | International Musician, Mar 1985

A special 10th anniversary Diary hot from the lips of Adrian Deevoy


News | International Musician, Jul 1985

Up to the minute and down to the nitty gritty


Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1985
A Soft Touch

Jay Chapman discovers why this 16 track MIDI sequencer package for the BBC B micro, described as the musical equivalent of the humble word processor, is receiving so much acclaim from studio users.

Nicky Ryan - Enya - Watermark

Feature | Sound On Sound, Mar 1989



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